Thursday, February 23, 2017

Disneyland 2017

For Christmas my parents surprised all the grandkids by announcing they were taking all of us to Disneyland! Woo hoo! I was so excited to take my boys. Plus I hadn't been since I was really young and then Jake and I went there for our honeymoon and I ended up puking the entire time so it didn't count. My parents got a house for all of us to stay in (my siblings, their spouses, and children). We drove down to save money, and got to the nice place we were staying.
I am going to do the High's and Lows of each day to keep this simple and to the point
Day 1-
*It was still "Christmas" which is so freaking cool at Dland
*I was prepared this time and brought a medication called "Bonine" 
which is basically Dramamine without the drowsiness and it changed my life! 
Seriously no sickness at all on any rides!
* Seeing my boys excitement about everything

*The lines, we went at one of the busiest times
*The people we rented the house we were staying at 
were CRAY

Day 2-
*Riding on Grizzly Rapids with my mom and laughing SO hard
* Jake letting me enjoy every single ride
*Going with people who knew how to do Disneyland the right way
* Cheddar Jalapeno Pretzels

*The 'Cars' Incident :(
*Leaving the park early 

Day 3-
* Our adorable group matching attire
*My favorite day of the three
* Riding on Space Mtn 3x in a row
* Finally getting to ride matterhorn (fav ride)
*The Light parade and fireworks
*Seeing the castle lit up with Christmas Lights

*Last Day :(
* Getting stuck on many rides, one for 45 mins
*Feeling obese from all the food

CU #6 Christmas Eve and Day

CU #5 Christmas Mini Sessions