Sunday, September 30, 2012

The latest and greatest.

I have 3 things I have wanting to post for awhile but its been a crazy week! So here goes:
First of all I want to thank EVERYONE! Who reads my blog and commented on my last post, it was a time when I needed people most and I sincerely felt the love from all of you so THANK YOU muchly! I am feeling much higher than I was that day.

But since I talked about Chlomid so much I want to explain what went down this past week having experienced Chlomid for the first time. I started my period Sunday and than took my first dose of Chlomid till Saturday (yesterday). Wowzers! It was definitely an interesting experience. I have heard from different people what they experienced, some didn't have any side effects some had a few, I on the other hand experienced every stinking one. Which I expected since, I even struggle with the hormones in birth control.
Anyways Tuesday was like any other day no symptoms.
Wednesday: Nausea and a pounding headache, this is when I started to question if I could already feel symptoms so soon, I looked it can. Than by 4 that night is when it got worse. I can't explain it, but I get high anxiety, hot flashes, and the only other way I could explain it to Jake was that I don't feel comfortable in my own skin. It felt like I was making these decisions in my head so slowly and than my body would go along with this decision 3 mins late. It was so weird. And I looked it up it is definitely a symptom. I shall call it the "out of body symptom".
Thurs: In the morning still a pounding headache that lasted through the day. Than at 4 o clock once again, "out of body symptom", ULTRA anxiety, and hot flashes.
Friday: In the morning anxiety and hot flashes, that night I was just dull and numb to living basically. Just didn't want to think about anything or do anything.
Saturday: Hot flashes throughout the entire day. Nausea every so often, no weirdness HURRAH!
Sunday (today): I stopped taking the Chlomid yesterday so I am hoping I will fill less symptoms. Today thought I have been getting hot flashes, I couldn't even sleep last night I was so hot. Other than that nothing. Overall it's kinda of a B*tch. But I am happy that my chances are 80% and that I only had to take it for 5 days. Plus if I have to continue taking it, it would only be for two more months. Basically I felt like I was menopausal and pregnant at the same time! haha good things to look forward to.

Lastly: I went to SUGARLAND! Not even in the past week but a little over a month ago, and so much has been happening I just haven't had a chance to talk about it yet! My cute friend from work named Heidi and I decided since our husbands are lame-o's and don't go to concerts we would go together. So I suggested Sugarland and she suggested Carrie Underwood, can you say HOLY EXCITEMENT? First was Sugarland.

We grabbed some Subway than headed to the concert, once we got there it started to pour rain. So we waited in the car, and waited and waited and waited. Finally it let up so we got out and went inside. Once we were in it started to pour rain again. :( I was really worried they were going to cancel the show. Finally it let up again and the two starting artists came out to preform. The rest of the night it was a light rain but still consistant. Figures! Finally Sugarland came out and it was incredible. Jennifer Nettles (the lead singer) came out all cute and prego. They were amazing. Such fun personalities and even did some songs that weren't there's like "Pour Some Sugar On Me" so fun! Can't wait for Carrie!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Month

DON'T read if you hate when I post my real feelings on my blog. DON'T read if you don't want to hear me complain. DON'T read if you don't have a sympathy bone for my "infertility".

This month was good! Really good at first. I decided to not let the thoughts of baby take me over. I decided to focus on other things and stop acting so "obsessed" with becoming pregnant and having a baby. I was going to try real hard and I did. I stopped pinning ridiculous pins that raise question to if I am pregnant or not. I decided to stop talking about it all together. This month marked 15 months of not being able to conceive. Not that long no, but long enough.

I had made plans this month to go ahead with Chlomid. Chlomid is a fertility drug that you take 5 days of your cycle day 3 through 7. When you take it, it somehow gives out a signal to my body to release more eggs into my ovaries so we have a higher chance of conceiving. It's not that big of a deal its the first step in getting help in conceiving when neither of your two bodies are doing it on its own. Which has been the case. So this month I was set to have my period on the 19 of September (TMI? welp dont care) than two days later I would take my first dose of Chlomid. On September 20. September 19 came and went. I wasn't shocked last month I got my period on the 28th day like usual just at the end of the day. So that's what I expected. The next day nothing. The next day (the 20) nothing again. Now this was unusual! I have NEVER EVER EVER had a late period. I was either 28 days on the dot or one to two days early. NEVER late. So of course Jake got excited. I didn't I wasn't fooled by this brat of a period. Day 4 of being late comes and still no signs or feelings that a period is approaching. By this time I had taken 2 tests both saying negative.

This morning day 5, I got up felt good and decided I would take another pregnancy test. I had finally given in last night and thought this has to be real. I am never late and this is day 5 of missing my period. This has to be OUR month! I decided I would take one this morning because of two reasons A) Your HCG levels double each day and you have a higher hormone to read if your pregnant B) You also get a more accurate read in the mornings on your first pee. I got up out of bed and went straight to the bathroom, peed on a stick and keep in mind I am legally blind so I cant see much without my contacts in or glasses on. I had neither. Anyways I peed on the stick and THAN put my glasses on. Looked down and there she was....nope not a positive, but my period.

After being 5 days late I finally started my period. Yep she is a royal B!!! Needless to say its been a rough morning. I don't know why my period was 5 days late. I don't know why I have to feel like this. Today I'm frustrated and I am sorry I am putting this all on my blog but this is what's up! I just wanted to be like those normal girls who get pregnant really easy without any help. I just want to not well up inside every 28 days. So now, I am sure I will start Chlomid in 2 days. I know I haven't done this for that long and I know I am so young and have my whole life ahead of me and what not. But it doesn't make this ANY easier. It doesn't wear me out every month. Yes I know god has a plan for me, and yes I know its all in his timing, but I don't understand what I am learning here or why I have to go through this. But I do and all I want out there is for my readers to be sympathetic. Cause somedays I need someone to cry with. Anyways Im going on a tangent. Thanks for reading and dealing with me Jenessa! Love you all!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, GO COUGARS!

In July, Jake text me and asked if it was okay if he went with a friend to the first BYU Cougars game of the season. I said yes and forgot all about it, than two weeks before Jake came up to me really excited and told me his friend had an extra ticket and said I could come, cause everyone's wives were coming. I need to go to at least one game a season, to still call myself a "fan".

It was a WHITE OUT game, so we had to dress in our white attire. Here we are decked out in White on our way to the game.

We went early cause we were having a tailgate party with his friends. Now we definitely didn't do it like they do it in the South, but we did as good as us Utah folk could. But funny thing happened it started to rain. But we covered up and it went away, no big deal. Well after we got done eating and hanging out, we were just about ready to go get in our seats, when it started to pour! Rain+White Shirt+Colored Bra= No bueno! Luckily I had a jacket, but none the less. We looked like drowned rats once we sat in our seats!
Luckily it stopped right as the game was starting and we got to enjoy the first game of the season! It was a really fun game too! We left at the end of 3rd quarter because it was already 11:30 and we both had to get up early. As we were driving towards the freeway, Jake looked over at me and kinda got this gleam in his eye and said "Wanna get a Krispy Kreme doughnut?" (kids the answer is always YES) So we stopped and I got two doughnuts and Jake got one. I told him before I wanted to take a picture. By the time I had gotten my camera out and ready to take a picture Jake had one bite left of his freaking doughnut! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Annual Girl's Trip

Every August my group of Bunco girl's make a point to go up to Park City for a girl's trip. This year only a few could come but we made the best of it. Us 6 out 12 girls that could make it, all piled into one mini van and caravaned up to Park City. We made our first stop on main street, in search for a restaurant. We found Bandit's. Oh my gosh! Can you say heaven on earth? I got a triple meat platter and split it with Kim, holy heaven. I was filled to the brim.

After we went to my favorite place ever, Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory and got my favorite Carameled Apples. We went to our hotel and dropped our luggage off. Than headed to another gas station for some late night treats and drinks! Once we got to the hotel the party really started. We were laughing and talking, when we got a phone call from the front desk. We instantly knew we were in trouble. So Jamie went to the peep hole and watched to see if anyone would come by. Two of the front desk ladies were pounding on our door. We didn't answer. Than they stood at our door and put their ears by it to listen for conversations. It was so funny. We ended up whispering for the next hour and finally tried to go to sleep. 

We woke up the next morning grabbed some breakfast and went shopping. Unfortunately the outlets didn't have a ton to shop for so I didn't come home with much! But it still was an awesome gal's getaway!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The People in my life

I have felt very grateful for all the people in my life lately. I realized how loved I am and I also wanted to get the chance to give a shout out to the main people around me. Cause I love them all, and they deserve their very OWN post.

Jacob Thomas Frahm:

This man is my numero Uno! And I just love him to pieces. As we all know how marriage works, it is not easy. But I wouldn't trade a day without this man. I know some people thought I was crazy, A) to be getting married at 18 B) to someone 8 years older than me, and C) To someone who I never thought I would end up with. But Jake is literally my missing piece to the puzzle. He is all the lyrics to those corny love songs. We are opposites and yet the same. Some things about Jake you should know: He has ticks. Not like the bugs but like the random things he does. For instance when he talks on the phone he will take his pinky finger and tap the corner of his eye, weird...yes? He talks A LOT in his sleep. He is obsessed with our dog. He just really wants to be liked by everyone and just to please everyone. He is really good in the sack ;)

Bubba Gump Frahm:
This little cutie, is our child, basically. Jake would definitely wish that. We have Bubba for over a year now. It has definitely been a lot harder than I thought (as I am sure kids will be.) But also so good! I love coming home to a greeting with love. He loves to snuggle with me, and is seriously so friendly. Jake and Bubba are a lot alike in some senses ;)

Mark David Schroeppel:

This is my dad, he is cute huh? My dad is literally the best dad in the world. Growing up my dad was always the one I went to for ANY question. He knows everything, and even if he didn't he would make it up so I would believe him. He loves music like I do. He can make me laugh till I cry. He can help me in tough situations when I don't know who to turn to. Seriously I had a great childhood. This man would drive me to school and honk at me while I was walking to the doors...over and over again. He would play hide n' seek in the dark. One thing, I still get extremely emotional about is one of the most amazing things he ever did for me, when I was going through my darkest time in life, I asked for a getaway, and he picked up my whole family and moved...for me! I love him like crazy!

Jackie Ann Schroeppel:

This is my momma! My mom is one of my best friends. She is gorgeous! I hope to be like her when I grow up, no joke! She is such a confidant and strong woman! See is such a good friend and always does whats right. She is so fun to be around, and literally lights up the room when she walks in. She always made sure to provide the best life possible for each one of her kids, in all aspects. She still spoils me even after being married for two years. She is one of my biggest support systems in everything I do even if its schooling, having a baby, or buying a new house. She is such an amazing woman!

Amy Nicole Jensen:

Amy is my oldest sister. Which we laugh about cause she is always considered the second oldest. ;) Amy is my sister that I know I could have a crazy time with. With Amy there is always a party. She is one that I could ask any fashion question and she could tell me the answer. Another good quality about Amy is she is very honest and open. Although sometimes, her openess is scary I admire it, I love how she can talk to anyone about anything, and she is willing to share everything about herself. She is such a hardworker. She is also my second hand music woman. I love her, she is one of my best friends.

Jamie Ann Gillman:
Jamie or Bugs as we would like to call her is my second mom. Not really, but basically. If I need to call and ask any type of question EVER, I call Jamie. She always has the right answer. Jamie is also someone who gives the best advice in times of need. She is always willing to listen. Jamie also would do anything to help anyone out. She is always the first to offer. Jamie is always one who can make you laugh, her humor is very sarcastic (just my type) always makes for a good time. Some of my fondest memories are with Jamie, from driving up the canyon listening to dashboard confessionals to dancing our hearts out in st george. Just like all my sisters Jamie is one of my best friends.

Kylie Lyn Blackwell:

Kylie is what I like to call #7. I can't explain it to others but to us it means a whole lot. She and I have this connection like were very in tune with each other. She is always one who can read me like a book and know s just how to help me. I always call Kylie, when I need someone  to talk to. Kylie is also one of the best hairstylists I know, I may be biased, but I would trust her to do absolutely anything to my hair and it always looks good. Kylie is such a go getter. When she has her mind set on something, watch out! She will push as hard as she can until its done! Also one my best friends

Colin Jackson Schroeppel:

This stud muffin is my little brother, as you can see he is not so little. CJ and I are only 2 years apart. So growing up we didn't get along. But I have always had a special place in my heart for this kid. I remember while in high school I wanted to do my absolute best so this kid could have a good example to look up to (not saying that my sisters weren't just saying if he were looking to me as one). But funny thing is I look up to CJ as an example. He is one of the nicest, most spiritual, most selfless person, I have ever met. We always say the girl he is going to marry is going to have a hard time dealing with us four sisters, and its true. Because CJ only deserves the absolute best! I love this kid, I hope my boys turn out just as stellar as him!

My Frahm Family:

This family has been such a great family for me to come into. These people are the nicest people ever. Dave: aka my father in law. Dave is someone you just can't help but love. He is the sweetest man. I tell Jake all the time how much I love his dad. He is always the first to give me a hug and always asking me about my life. He is such a funny character. Wendy: I can always rely on her to do anything for me and my little family. She is such a great MIL. Wendy is always someone I could sit and talk with for hours and I don't even realize it's been that long. It's funny cause Jake tells me all the time I have some traits like his mom. I know she will be such an amazing Grandma! Rebecca: I was always afraid to have a sister in law. But than I met Rebecca. Who is Christ Like in every way. She never speaks ill of anyone and is always so nice and accommodating. She is so beautiful and has this amazing voice. I can't wait to see her married with kids, she will be absolutely amazing. Mike: oh Mike! He is the one that always gets my jokes and sarcasm, and have no fear cause he gives it right back. He has got attitude like you wouldn't believe. It's fantastic, I truly believe he is the one that keeps this family down to earth and easy to be around. I love when he comes to town cause its never a dull moment.

My Foursome:

These girls have been my besties since High School or longer. Lisa: aka Loucifur She and I became instant friends when I moved in across the street. We always can pick each other up from rock bottom. She always is willing to talk even when her life is crazy, and always gives the best advice. She is always so complimentary and uplifting to everyone around her. She is now a mom to a little boy and is rocking it! She is amazing. Naomi: aka Shifty Jew. Naomi and I have known each other the longest. She has been there through all my good and bad. Naomi always knows the right thing to say to me just when I need it. Our friendship is one that will last forever. Naomi is just another sister in my life. Kelly: aka Komodo Kelly is someone I can always relate to and vice versa. I can tell Kelly anything and she would never judge me. We have literally gotten in 2 or 3 fights our whole friendship. I have known her since 7th grade and I can honestly say every time I am with her I laugh my guts out. Every time were together it's like we have never been apart. We can easily pick up from were we started. LC: aka fa choucie LC is my down to earth gal. LC is nothing but real. She is the easiest person to get along with, and cares about people above herself. I seriously owe her my life, after all she is the one that introduced me to Jake. LC is always one that makes me laugh, and she does it without trying. Something about LC that I adore is her way about life. Its easy come easy go, and I wish I could be like that. She is such an incredible girl! 

Bunco Chicks:

I love these girls Luckily I get to see them AT LEAST once a month if not more. These girls have become some of my very good friends. I always cry laughing with them. I can be my real self and these gals always accept me. I can tell them anything, from outrageous and embarrassing to sad and heartfelt. They always listen and give me there best advice. I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without some of these ladies in my life. I sure love them!

Now of course there are a TON of other people in my life. But these are the basics. I just wanted to give a shout out to all of them! You all make me who I am today, and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

Who are the people in your life?