Friday, January 27, 2017

CU #4 Thanksgiving 2016

We celebrated Thanksgiving the Sunday before with the Frahm Clan. I hosted them all at my house and the food was AH-mazing!

Then actual Thanksgiving day it was at the Schroeppels
 and this is literally all I took that day  

CU #3 My Bestie Got Married

My cutie best friend Naomi got married in November. I have known Naomi since 5th grade and we have been best friends since 9th grade. I love this girl like she is my sister so when she was getting married the least I could do was throw her a shower!

And then a really dirty Bachelorette Party ;)

She looked beautiful and so so happy! Spencer freaking adores her and I love how good he is to her! I am so happy for her!

C.U. #2 Frahm Family Pics

We got Family pics taken with Jakes family back in October, they turned out so cute I used them as my own family pics!

Catch up #1 Halloween 2016

Oh hey!! Its me Jenessa... remember me? I haven't blogged in MONTHS! Cause I am a LOSER! :( so now Im playing catch up and hope to never do this again... a girl can dream right?

Halloween was amazing if I remember right ;) We went to Hee Haw farms TWICE (once with preschool, once with my cousin and her little family) and Cornbelly's once with my family, but it was freezing so we didn't stay long.

We had our annual Halloween Dinner, with Candy Corn Veggie Tray, Spider Cake, Garlic Bread (to ward off Vampires), Worms and Eyeballs (spaghetti and olives), and a witchs Black Brew beverage.

The boys got the cutest pictures done of them in their Halloween Costumes (Cop and Robber)

We celebrated Halloween with the Schroeppel clan earlier this year so we wouldn't have to stress on actual Halloween. Complete with pumpkin carving, costume contest, and BINGO!

On actual Halloween it was very relaxing and nice. Ashton went to preschool, we stopped by the Frahm clan for pics and then went back and trick or treated for the first time in our own neighborhood.