Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tis' the Season for Spooks and Scares

Ah I love the month of October! It's when the leaves start changing and it gets colder. :) I love the cold!! Halloween comes and we get fatter. I really do love it.

It's tradition that me and my family get together and carve pumpkins. But sadly this year Amy, and Kylie's families could not join us. So this year Jake and I went to my sister Jamie's and carved pumpkins with her kids. It was still a total blast.



It seems though that I end up carving pumpkins by myself and Jake either helps the kids or eat the cookies...hmmm. This year we carved two ghosts. I thought I did pretty awesome. Last year we tried to do 1-11-11 Jake+Jen. It was
stupid and failed but my wedding
was the only thing on my mind so I wasn't as creative.

I cannot wait for Halloween! It's up there to being one of my favorite holidays. Since I have been married I haven't really dressed up but we still have fun. My sisters, kids, and brother in laws all gather at my parents. Together we eat pizza, soup bowls, candy, doughnuts, and dip caramel apples. Than we gather the kiddies and take them trick or treating in the neighborhood. This year Jake and I will be attending along with Bubba as a hot dog! Can't wait.

We also had the opportunity to take pictures with Bubba. I wanted to send out a Christmas card to our friends and family. It was so much fun and it felt like we were taking engagements again.

My wonderful cousin Ashlee de Baritault took them for us. She did amazing! Check out her blog at She is affordable and super nice! She also took my husbands side of the family pictures yesterday and I cannot wait to see them!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is there an END in sight??

Here I am, once again complaining.

Lately I feel like the world is on my shoulders. I am going to school Mon, Wed, and Fri from 8-4 than I come home cook dinner, spend any quality time with my husband that I can, than hit the hay. When it's Tuesday or Thursday I'm either working 5-5 coming home cooking dinner, doing homework and than heading to bed. If i'm not scheduled to work that day I'm trying to clean my neglected house, grocery shop, or have scheduled something I couldn't fit in any other time. On weekends (if I don't work) I also have some sort of plans.

I feel so overwhelmed a lot of the time that I cannot take it. I realize many have done this before, now, and will be doing it and probably don't complain, but I am. I just finally cracked today.

Last week I went to meet with the Nursing counselor at Provo College. I was very excited cause it felt like my future was starting right when I was at Provo College. I had decided awhile ago that Provo College was my main choice for Nursing school for many reasons. I have heard great reviews from friends who have gone there I also have seen many Nurses in other hospitals who had come from there. With Provo they have smaller classes so they would be more hands on with my learning. The counselors actually seem to care about you as a person. They can give me a nursing degree by the time I'm 21. They actually DO look at experience in the field. So basically I was stoked to be meeting with the counselor and to get officially signed on for my nursing classes.

Than, reality hit me. She went through the requirements and I realized I may come up short or already have. In order to get into the program you have to have a B- in all the pre-requisites in the field, which is fine, but this semester has been really rough for me and I am afraid that I may only pass some classes with a C. Than she goes on to ask about my math class. I took a faster math course through BYU Independent Study and have yet to finish. But she went on to tell me that BYU Independent Study is only a 3.00 credit class and Provo only accepts a 4.00 credit math class. But, I can take statistics and that would count.

I left there feeling extremely discouraged. I now feel like I'm not sure where my future will go Nursing wise and that I no longer have a plan. It scares me. Even if I did find a different program that met my needs It most likely will be a longer route and have issues of there own. I honestly don't see the end in sight. Sure everyone thinks just keep pushing. But how much more?

Ugh, such an Eeyore moment. Just needed to be shared.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I had mentioned in a post a long while ago that one of my all time favorite movies is
The Wizard of Oz. I loved it so much that even as a little girl I dressed up as Dorothy
6 times for Halloween. Well a week ago I was checking my email and Groupon had
the play Wizard of Oz for two tickets for only 24$, I got all giddy inside. I asked
my husband if this would be something he was interested in and he said that he
thought it would actually be a lot of fun. I was stoked out of my MIND!!

The play was going to be at the Grand Theater in SLC on Thursdsay at
7:30. That night I since Jake took me to my favorite play/movie I
would treat him to his favorite meal Chicken Enchiladas. It was
We got there and I had to go claim our tickets at the box office and
when we got there I gave the lady our two papers. She than said
okay so here are your four tickets (uhm we only need two, awkward?)
Apparently, I'm a handi and Groupon doesn't explain very well, so we were
out $24 dollars and two extra tickets. The people weren't very nice at
the box office and wouldn't help us in the slightest. So Jake, did what
he did best and started Scalping our tickets. Luckily, this nice old man
bought our two tickets for $20. (Don't worry he was with it...enough)

We obviously sat by him and his other buddy and he was
the nicest guy.
He was very cute and kept telling us jokes. Well, the play finally started
and it was INCREDIBLE! We both loved it and I had so much fun!
I am so glad my hubbie was able to take me and that we had a good

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rise and Shout, The Cougars are Out!

On Saturday, Jake and I were lucky enough to score some awesome tickets to the BYU vs. San Jose game. I hadn't been to a game since 2009 and when me and Jake had been dating he kept saying we needed to go to one. Well we never did. Till now. It was so much fun!

I worked that day and luckily the game didn't start till 8 that night. A few weeks earlier a good friend of ours, who is a member of the 'Cougar Club' invited us to a silent auction and dinner with fellow members. It was a lot of fun, but the coolest part was they gave us a athletic bag with a ton of BYU things in it. We received two hats, a bracelet, a football, a water bottle, and the bag. So we were excited to have the opportunity to sport our gear.

We picked up some In N' Out and headed towards Provo. We sat next to some good family friends whose daughter is a BYU cheerleader and we had such a blast. I'm glad we got to go out on a date. Jake was saying how it has been forever since we have had time to go out on one. Plus BYU won that night so it was wonderful!

Another note, my diet. :( As of today I have lost 8 lbs. which is fantastic. I fit into most of my jeans now and I feel better. But I do want to drop a titch more but I have platoed and cannot do anything to save my life. Oh and as of late all I want to do is eat chocolate, and sweets. HELP?!?!?! What do I do any suggestions?