Thursday, December 17, 2015

Chalkboard Pantry Door

So life I feel has taken me and swallowed me whole. Between throwing a second kid into my life, having depression, and just life in general I have been struggling. But that is not the point of this post. My point was I haven't crafted in a really long time and I was craving it. So then when I thought of this idea to paint my Pantry door in chalkboard, my body was like "No, your too tired, you can't do that with two kids, blah, blah, blah.." but my brain said "SCREW you! We are doing this thing and we are going to push forward and do it." (I know this sounds crazy but this has been my life since I gave birth to Boston haha)

So I am so glad I did cause it was SO easy and turned out SO adorable!

Okay remember how my ENTIRE house was painted in this color? Well because #thestruggleisreal there are some doors in my house STILL painted like this. Just get over it. So the door started out like this. And the nice thing about Chalkboard paint is you dont need to sand or prep or anything just make sure the door is clean and GO! 
So I got my paint and brushes at Wally World, and thats literally all you need:
Chalkboard Paint
Roller Brush
Paint Brush
Maybe tape? ;)

I wasn't cool enough to take pictures of the project in between but I am sure you can picture it. So no matter what type of door you have you for sure need AT LEAST 2 coats. So I did two coats but they recommended three...well I am super impatient so I only did two. Now looking back I should have done three haha but I will go back someday soon and do one more coat.

After your paint is done and ALL dried you need to prep the chalkboard and this step is super important. If you dont prep it whatever you write on the paint for the very first time will stay forever. So you talk chalk and turn it on its side and rub top to bottom on the entire door, then same thing but this time going side to side. After that it reveals holes and parts that need more paint. Then you wipe off all the chalk and your good to go!

I love love love it. So the top half of the door will always be something either with holidays or say something cheesy like "Jenessa's Pantry"
and then the bottom half will be Ashtons domain or blank. Cause I'm a cool mom...or something!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Boston at 6 Months

6 Months
15 lbs. 3 oz. 26 Inches

LOVES: He has like his baby food alright. He isn't a huge eater, but when we feed him apples in baby food he POUNDS it. Jake's aunt just gave us her babies old exersaucer and its so nice. We put Boston in it and he got a big smile on his face and started playing with all the things around it. He loves when you clap his hands together so naturally he adores "Patty Cake"

HATES: When we try to clear out his nose. Our whole family has a little cold and he can't drink his bottle cause his nose is so stuffed so I am constantly clearing it. He hates when Jake kisses him with his beard. He always cries. STILL hates loud noises and growling haha, puckers up EVERY time.

FAVORITES: I think the thing I love the most is watching him and Ashton together. It makes my heart just swell. Ashton loves Boston so much and Boston thinks Ashton is the greatest thing. Ashton could just be jumping cause he is a crazy three year old and Boston will start giggling so hard. Still is obsessed with naps in his crib and being swaddled. The Dr told me to try to stop swaddling him for sleeping but this kid just wont have it. Sooo...we're just going to keep doing it

MILESTONES: He has been trying a lot more types of baby food. Its a lot of fun. He can't fully roll from his back to his belly but he arches so much that he is just about there. He is really good at grabbing things now and focusing real hard to get them in his mouth. Just about everything goes in his mouth.

CLOTHES: 3-6 still but we are moving on to 6-9 months. I have put him in some 9 month clothing that is smaller and its still a little big but it works.

DIAPERS: Size 2 is fine but in the next week or so we are moving him to size 3 just because he leaks all the time in 2

MOMMY LOVES: How big of a cuddle bug he is lately. He hasn't been feeling great so he will always lay his head on my shoulder while I rock him and pat his bum. Its a little bit of heaven. 

ALIASES: The names he has been called most lately is Bos, Biggity, and Bubbies

RANDOM: He holds his bottle pretty good just cause he wants it so bad. He knows the second I take it out its for him, and he will hold his hands out and start to like shake cause he wants that bottle. SO funny. He is getting so interested in the world around him. Sometimes we will be feeding him or trying to talk to him and he will turn his head as far as he can to catch whats going on.