Monday, February 25, 2013

I Did Not..

This post is not your usual posts. This post is complete with some pictures of thoughts and things I did this past week that people would respond "You DID not REALLY do that" well guess what kids I did!

I did NOT sob my little eyes out watching the Adoption Special on 16 and Pregnant

I did NOT  teach my primary kids the wrong song at the beginning of the month and than ended up teaching them the right song at the END of the month.

I did NOT ask to watch Ashton for a whole day. From 10:30 till 10. Yep Basically 12 hours kids.
(but isn't he the cutest thing ever?)

I did NOT send this horrid picture of me waxing my upper lip to my husband. I'm a sexy beast what can I say?

I did NOT  spend 47.65+ on random jewelry, clothes, and shoes on myself in the past week. Uh oh.

I did NOT fail my fraction math test for the second time. And instead of getting 40% I got 35% AWESOME!

I did NOT spend all of Tuesday in the bathroom with the shi shi's. I love bum flu!

Well that's all the things I did NOT do the past week! Enjoy. 
Stay tuned for a secret that have for all ya'll! Its exciting!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fertility Visit.

Last Thurs. (Valentines) I had an appt. with the Fertility Dr. We decided it was time again to get back in the swing of things and trying to get pregnant. I was kind of stressing over which fertility place we were supposed to go to. I had so many people suggest places they liked and what worked for them and I had narrowed it down to 2 places. The Reproductive Care Center and Utah Fertility Clinic. Their had been pro's and con's to both. But it wasn't until my friend had told me that she had been on the phone multiple times with just the receptionist and hung up crying with Utah Fertility Clinic that I knew that was NOT the place for me. 
I made my appointment and felt really excited and nervous to see what would happen. When I made my appointment the receptionist was OVERLY friendly. I was excited to see what would happen. When I also made the appointment we also started to look into adoption agencies. We feel like adopting and infertility can both take some time, so why not kill two birds with one stone and try both? We are still looking into adoption agencies and have been slightly discouraged with what we have found. So that is kind of on the back burner in our life.

Anyways... I went in that morning and I was slightly nervous. I had no idea what to expect. Everyone though was extremely nice, which to me is a HUGE deal. They called my name and walked me back into the nurses area. I thought for sure they were going to take me into an exam room. But I ended up being led to a THE Dr's actual office. I felt pretty important. Which i think is a really good thing. I met with Dr. Harry Hatasaka. Who is incredible. He asked me questions and talked to me like a friend rather than some little girl who is trying to get pregnant. We sat and just talked in his office for at least an hour. He told me all the steps we would take and explained everything into great detail. He made me very happy and hopeful. I honestly felt like in that hour I could trust this man with my life. He also wanted to make sure we tried all the simple, easy, inexpensive tests before we jump into anything crazy which I love. 
Overall it was such a great experience. In the next couple months Jake and I will be doing 3 tests that will help determine some underlying issues (if any).
1. Jake goes in for yet another Semen Analysis Test
After Jake takes his test and we see his results I go in for my testing.
2. I get blood work drawn and some inexpensive genetic testing
3. We ultrasound my uterus area and anything to do with fertility.

Ultimately I am not an any rush. We are happy to be at a place we love and trust. We feel really hopeful and excited about the future. In the mean time, I am nannying the cutest and sweetest little boy on my days off. and playing mom to him. Which is keeping my mind and days very busy. :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Best V-day EVER

This year was an exceptionally great Valentines. It was cause Jake spoiled me, or I did 14 days of Valentines. It was the events that happened and the meanings behind them all! But let me start with yes, I did do the 14 days of Valentines. It was very fun, and he loved it.
Day 1: Honey Comb your hair, because we got a date tonight.

Day 2: Life would be unbearable without you!

Day 3: Trying to score "brownie points" from you (plus his favorite treat)

Day 4: Thank you for your "ade" whenever I need it!

Day 5: You are one hot tamale
Day 6: You have "ofishally" stolen my heart. (this is the day I started making homemade cards that are slightly inappropriate :))

Day 7: I would be so "mixed" up without you

Day 8 and 9: Thanks for "sticking" by my side. We make a great "combo"

Day 10: We were "mint" to be together

Day 11: I'm "nuts" about you! and "I Like You So Much Better When Your Naked"

Day 12: Your the "apple" of my eye. "You. Me. Naked. Now"

Day 13: I think you are "sodamazing" & "Your getting laid tonight. *Unless you forgot to get me flowers"

Day 14: Sent a box of heart attacks that said things I love about him so he could dump it out at work.

I also started watching the sweetest baby ever, named Ashton on Tues and Thurs after school. So I got to spend my V-day with him. 
Later that night we met up at my sister's house, for heart shaped pizza. We all went over there because she was also going to find out the gender of baby she was having. She had the ultrasound tech print off a picture and took it to a baker so we could cut open a cake to find out. It was so fun! Such a fun and clever way to find out!

The cut it open to find out they are having there 3rd girl! They are excited. They do really well with there 2 girls already. Unfortunately their oldest, Irelyn was sure it was a boy. She was so upset to find out that she was wrong and she was getting another little sister. hehe!

My sweet hubby got me the most beautfiul roses I have ever seen. He also got me one of my favorite things, a new purse. I was very spoiled and lucky this year to celebrate my day with the one I love!
We finally ended the night at my parents. Where we anticipated my brother opening his mission call. This was something we were all dreading and so excited for. We are sad cause he is are only brother and 2 years is a LONG time. But we are so incredibly happy that he wants to and is worthy enough to serve the lord. I couldn't look up to him more! We had a map where we all guessed where he was going. My parents invited all of CJ's friends. Family friends, and family to watch him open his call. There were over 40 people there to support CJ it was awesome!

He will be serving in Dallas, Texas spanish speaking. It was such a spiritual thing for the whole family. CJ started sobbing and that brought on the tears for everyone else. He wanted to badly to speak spanish, and he got it. Well come to find out his best friend got his call that same night, right after CJ opened his, his friend called to find out. This is how the convo went:
CJ: "Max I am going to Dallax, Texas, where are you going?"
Max: "I'm going to Dallas, Texas!"
CJ: "I'm spanish speaking"
Max: "CJ, I'm spanish speaking!"
CJ was sobbing at this point and his best friend was too on the other line. It s so crazy how the lord works in mysterious ways. Him and Max both leave the same day! 

It will be a V-day to remember. I loved every bit of it and am grateful for the people in my life, who I love and they love me!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back in the Game

The crafting game that is. I feel like its been a long while since I crafted or blogged about it! So after our cruise and Christmas I could NOT wait to decorate for Valentines and do some new crafts I had been dying to do.

This one had been on my craft "to do list" for quite some time. And I must say, I am completely smitten with it. Can you be smitten with a piece of paper that says your in love? I believe you can. Literally swoon worthy. I made it in like 5 mins and it was awesome. (PS a few people have asked me to make them one, if you would also like one just shoot me a comment and I would love to make you one!)

Second favorite from my crafts. I found this banner kit at hobby lobby, and it gave me lots of options and what not, but I didn't want to have three banners hanging around my house, than I remembered a door I had seen just like this on pinterest and I was sold. ADOORable right? ;)

These are the two other banners I have hanging around the house. The "love" one is also sitting with a valentines printable.

When I first made this chalkboard it was intended to be for when I was pregnant to take pictures by. But I decided it was too cute to just sit there and do nothing so since the week before Christmas I have been using it for holiday purposes. Fun right?

That is all, till the next Holiday! :)