Sunday, February 26, 2012


When Jake and I first got married he told me he would someday soon want to change jobs. Well, we got married and he said some time after April. April came and went and than we said October, we wanted to be in a better job. Once again, another season passed. Nothing. But he said he wanted to get past the holidays with his job and than crack down in January. He went to interview after interview...nothing. We spruced up his resume with the help of a friend. But either we weren't what they were looking for or they had gone with someone else. I was starting to think nothing was working out. Cause as of late nothing had been working out! Every time he would go in for interview I would text my family to pray that Jake gets this job. Nothing. He even at one point applied within the company he had been working for and still couldn't find anything better.
 Well he talked with a friend in our ward, who just a month or two ago had been hired for a job in sales. Anyone that knows Jake, knows he LOVES sales. So he asked him about it, and the friend said he would put in his resume and a good word. Well in the mean time Jake put his resume on the website He got 5 calls within the hour. By the end of the week he had two interviews on the same day. One was with a random company, the other was from the guy in our ward.
 I was hesitant to get excited and even told Jake to stop talking about it, cause we kept getting so excited that the disappointment made it much worse. I didn't tell anyone he was even looking, just so I wouldn't jinx it. We said our own little prayers and hoped for the best. I was working that day, so I sat there and waited for a text. I looked down on my phone and saw that I had received a text, FINALLY. The first text from him said "Got me my first job offer" I didn't believe it. I asked him if he was serious? 
WELL it was true! We finally got an amazing job offer. For a company in West Valley called New Horizons. It's in Sales with a base pay plus commissions. The base is already enough for me not to have to work and still pay our bills. It seriously is such a blessing. I feel like its the sunshine I needed for my cloudy days we have been having. What makes me even happier is Jake keeps saying "I got a new job" "I'm so excited" "I got a new job babe!" "I'm so excited to start my new job" I'm happy he has found something that will help our family and makes us happy! :) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


On the 17th Jake and I finally went to the Jazz Game I bought him tickets for, for our anniversary. It was so much fun! I forgot my camera (Sad day) so I was only able to get one picture of us on my phone so it's el crappy! But I'm so glad I got us the tickets. We went in our adorable Jazz attire. I was in my Okur Jazz jersey. Which tells you the last time I went to an actual game. Jake wore his new Jazz hat and a green Nike shirt. So we weren't the best supporters of the team but oh well! We had pretty great seats and a lot of fun! The row we were on didn't have a single person in it or the row in front of us, so we decided to switch seats cause the people behind us had been slightly annoying! Well I didn't realize how many people come try and steal seats. After half time there were 20+ people trying to sit with us, by us. Anywhere to get a good seat. Without fail each one of them got booted out. It was hard to concentrate on the game!
Cuties Right??
Than the next day, we finally celebrated our V-day dinner. At an all you can eat Sushi Restaurant called Tokyo. I am always skeptical about Sushi restaurants cause they can be rather freaky. But this place was so good! We paid 12.99 each for all you can eat sushi, soup, and edemame! I was in love! I ate so much that I literally was dry heaving at the table. 

Well, I had found out the day before the Jazz Game, some bad news about school. And as I have mentioned before it's kind of a downer. I can't think about it for too long or I get really upset, but it turns out my plans for school are once again getting pushed back a little and my plans have taken another turn. Such is life! I was feeling awful about everything in life this past weekend. But than on Sunday my dad text Jake and said that he wanted to talk to us. Jake told him we would come over for dinner that night to talk. NOW, I'm going to get very personal, and this is more for me to write my feelings down for my benefit. Well as of late, Jake and I have been going through a stressful point in our marriage. So my dad pulled us aside and started telling us how that morning as he was kneeling down in morning prayer he was praying for all his children and their marriages. He got to Jake and I and prayed we would get through our tough times and that we would have all our righteous desires. At the end of the prayer he got up and instantly went to get on in the next instant he pulled up a talk that was given in 2005. He printed it out and encouraged us to read it. After reading I realized it was just want I needed to say to Jake and what I needed to hear to help. Which is why I feel blesses. Blessed that my father received inspiration for us. Blessed to have this gospel to help us DAILY! Blessed to have a husband that is trying his HARDEST to make me happy. Blessed to go through my little trials compared to some. Every time something happens at the time it feels like a huge burden. But in the end it is small when I look at the big picture! The church is true kids! AMEN!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St. Valentine's 2*14*12

This year for Valentine's Jake and I planned to do half of it on the 14th and the other half the weekend after. Which I was A-Okay with!
I started getting ready to go buy Jake's presents when my friend Natalie text me and told me to come trash our husbands cars together. I was sold instantly! We started out at my work where her husband's car was parked and the destruction began.
Natalie: The Culprit
Than we were off! We headed to Jake's work and all I wanted to do was embarrass him! That was my main goal for the day.
First we started off with red and pink latex balloons, tied one to each of the doors and to the rearview mirrors. Than we add a little car painting and put embarrassing, yet funny sayings. (yes we have price tag stickers on our car, no we are not selling it)
Than we slowly add hideous stickers with animals on them, add a few treats (just cause I'm extra nice) and top it all off with a banner that announces this beautiful day we are celebrating aka Valentines Day!

Than viola you have a sweet, beautiful, embarrassing, exciting car!
How could he resist this on V-day??
Well, I came home to these lovely little flowers and put Jake's other gift that I put together for him! I got the wonderful idea from here! It came with printable's and everything! LOVE IT! I put it on the bed with a cute little card!

Than to treat me real good, he took me to a bunch of clothes stores so I could pick out my V-day present. Well of course when he offers to pay and go with me I find NOTHING! 
Side Note: We were in one of the dressing rooms and I had been trying on clothes, finally I put on my shirt that I had originally came in and Jake who had been giving his opinion on each outfit said "I don't like that shirt its too boring!" I had to remind him it was my shirt that I came in. Good thing I thought it was funny rather than offended! 
Well, we decided to go somewhere really chill for dinner that night and than on Saturday we would go to a Sushi restaurant (my favorite) so we ended up at Costa Vida that night. It was actually perfect for what were going for and it was really good! 

We stopped at one last place, which happened to be a shoe store and we found me the CUTEST shoes. I can't wait to wear them. I love them. Jake really liked them too which made it all the more better! We ended the night with my two favorite movies, Our wedding video and Titanic! It was perfect! Even though it wasn't this extravagant day it was still great!
Look at these beauties!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My 3 {Children}

When I failed to make it into nursing school, I was so worried. I really didn't know what on earth I was going to do with my time. I remembered my good friend, Amie in the ward had said that she would be heading back to work in January and she needed a trustworthy, friendly, nanny. Well, as fate would have it... I was that girl!

I introduce you to OAKLEY:

This baby girl is the sweetest thing alive. She is so easy to nanny and I have enjoyed my time with her. I'm glad The Hale's have trusted me with this little gal, cause already I have made some mistakes. 
Seriously, she is the easiest baby and she sticks right to her schedule. She always gives me the biggest cheesers and I'm having so much fun! I love seeing Jake with her. Unfortunately it does make me a titch baby hungry. But for now we are holding off ;)


In addition, I nanny my sister, Kylie's two little girls at her home while she does hair! It's been so fun. I have honestly enjoyed playing doll house, dress ups, dollies, doing hair, and just about anything else girly with this little doll! The other day I only spent half the day with her, when normally I would drive her to preschool. She noticed I was packing up my things to leave and this was our conversation:
Irelyn: "Where are you going?"
Jenessa: "I have to go to work sweetie?"
I: "Well when will we get to play again?"
J: "I don't know...soon." 
I: "But I will miss you."
J: "I will miss you too but I promise I will come back another time."
(puts her head down and looks at the ground and in the saddest voice you can imagine) I: "But I will just miss you so much!"
Ah this little girl knows how to get to me! I love her to death. Come to find out she went down bawling to her mom that I had left and could NOT get over it! Lovin every second.


This little gal will be one in April, and right now I get to watch her go through some fun stages. She just recently started crawling and she is definitely is keeping me on my toes. We also are going through the teething stage which is fun!  No but really I love playing mom to her. She is such a happy baby and is so smiley. She has these two front teeth that are spaced just ever so perfectly like sponge bob! I love my little square sponge. 
Honestly I have enjoyed just about every minute I get with these 3 girlies. Glad to be the one to nanny them. I am learning so much about children and the responsibilities they come with. It's definitely a better practice than reality!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

V-day Inspired

A few weeks ago some gal pals from work and I decided we wanted to make Valentine Day Wreaths. We found a really easy, cute one on pinterest. (Naturally where all my creativity comes from)

We decided to make a night of it, I had the girls over and we had pizza and gabbed about EVERYTHING! Well, we decided to get down to business and making this wreath. The cutting took me and my friend Natalie FOREVER. Everyone had started when we were still cutting! Once we finally had cut it out we all were laughing cause no one's wreath looked the same. I kept teasing my friend Brianna that she was doing her's wrong! We had so much fun that we decided we wanted to do this monthly, and do cute wreaths or crafts all together!

Well, after everyone left with finished wreaths Natalie and I were being extra perfectionists and were still making ours! I ended up staying up just so I could get it freaking done! Well needless to say I was able to get it done, and I LOVED the way it turned out! I was so happy! It wasn't that terrible!

Well with all this mushy, gushy holiday stuff in the air, I took it upon myself to make two more Valentine crafts. I made darling little XOXO lettering with paper, mod-podge, and ribbon. They were really cute and simple. 

Well when I first joined Pinterest one of my very first pins, was a sign that said "I love you because _______" and every day you would write down what and why. I HAD to make it so I figured what perfect time to hang it but now!! Unfortunately I think my background paper might be too dark, but I still think It's adorable and I will keep it hung in our bedroom! Maybe I can even find a marker bright enough?

Happy Love Month! xoxo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What happens in St. George... Goes on the blog

My beautiful, smart, wonderful sister Jamie had a birthday on the 21st. So for this fantastic birthday we went down to St. George, to P-A-R-T-Y! 9 girls went down including my 3 sisters and I!

Janalee and I went down in style in the MINI-VAN! Rockin! Weirdly enough it was just me and her in the 8 passenger van. Regardless we laughed hard and sang loud all the way down!
We stopped along the way at a cute little diner called Larry's. Everyone there kept asking if we were from a different town. Apparently we stand out like a soar thumb.
We finally arrived at the St. George house and got settled in. Instantly we whipped out treats and started gabbing and eating. My two favorite things!
The next morning was Jamie's actual birthday so we went out to breakfast at the good Ol' Cracker Barrel!
It's delicious.We were eating breakfast when Kim (one of the Bunco girls) came up to Jamie with a sparkly crown and wand to match! It was too cute.
Well as we were starting to pay our bills Jamie looked over at this man standing by his wife and leaned into my sister and said "Is that Elder Holland?" Well guess what kids? IT WAS!
So Jamie went up to him and asked for her birthday if she could take a picture. He was very nice and he and his wife took a picture with her. Than his wife said let's get a group picture! So we all jumped into a picture with him! I don't have that copy but it happened. I took a picture for Kim who didn't have her camera and this is my proof!
They were cute and his wife was just so adorable! One of the highlights of our trip for sure!
Well, naturally we had to go to Wally World to view the polyg's walking around, and naturally it's always an adventure, and naturally my outfit could go onto Always good times there!
We went home, cleaned up and got ready for some serious shopping at The Outlets. Each of us went away with at least one purchased item. It was refreshing for us ladies to go without husband and kids. 
For Jamie's birthday dinner she picked Chili's. We got all dressed up for a night on the town to eat some grub. It was delicious. We even got free molten lava cake (my favorite, I am salivating right now).
Well, since we had stocked up on sugar and caffeine we were all still extremely hyper. So we had a dance party in the family room with make up, dress-ups, Britney Spears, and Disney. Need I say more?
WARNING: these pictures may make you wet your panties.

I hope no one from this trip kills me for posting these pictures hehe! Overall we had such a blast and Jamie said it was one of her top 3 birthdays! You can probably see why! Anyways, I love you Jamie, your an amazing sister and best friend. Thanks for always being my "second mom", my advice giver, my cooking guru, and my workout/diet companion. I sure love you!