Thursday, June 11, 2015

Boston Thomas Frahm

He is here!
Boston Thomas Frahm
May 29, 2015
8 lbs 2 oz
20.5 inches long
5:15 pm

It's been a little over a week since our little miracle was born! And I just can't imagine my life without him. He is the most perfect little thing and is the missing piece to our family. I want to write down his birth story on here for journaling purposes, so if you don't want to hear about gross TMI details, and about Vagina's, and the miracle of life just look at the pics. This is also SUPER LONG so if you do decide to read it, better grab yourself a light snack and drink. :)

It was Thursday May 28. I was 38 weeks and 1 day. I was feeling like he would never be here and this was the longest pregnancy ever. That week I had scrubbed my entire house down, finished painting my bedroom, gotten a pedicure, grocery shopped, all in preparation for this babe. That afternoon Ashton and I had just gotten back from a play date, I put him down for a nap and I was feeling kinda crappy. So I laid on the couch and started watching my show. I had to pee, so naturally I got up to pee. (this has a point i promise) When less then 10 minutes later I had to pee again, which is normal for a third trimester prego chick, but this urge to pee was as if my bladder was filled to the brim and I was about to burst. So I went into the bathroom and peed. After I peed I felt this "gush" of pee again, and thought "that was weird, either my water broke or I REALLY needed to pee and just didn't know it." (This is where it gets a little TMI.) So I wiped and there was a clear mucus. I thought it was weird, and wondered if maybe I was losing my mucus plug. So then I finally stood up and another "gush" happened. At this point I was leaning more towards my water breaking, but I was shocked if it did. So I called my mom and said "I think my water broke" she gasped and asked me if I was sure. Just then another "gush" happened. And I said "Mom I'm pretty sure it broke cause I keep gushing water." She suggested I call the Dr's office and see what they had to say. I had an appt that night so if all else failed I would just go in and figure it out. I called the nurses at my OBGYN and told her I thought my water broke. She asked me to explain why I thought that. So I told her the whole story and her response was "Uhm ya I would go into Labor and Delivery and I will tell the office your not planning on coming in tonight." So I knew at that point this was real. I called Jake and told him he better come home cause it was BABY TIME! So at 4:15 my water officially broke. That's when things got crazy. My phone started ringing off the hook with my sisters calling and my mom calling. I stood there over a towel for a good 15 minutes cause I just kept leaking. I finally went and started packing ashtons bag cause his bag I was saving for the last minute. Jake finally got home and it felt like FOREVER. He got home at 5, we quickly gathered our last few things and headed out to meet Jake's mom who was taking Ashton for us. It was such a crazy feeling knowing we we're headed to the hospital to officially have our baby!
Our last pic as a family of 3

we're having a baby FACE

I made a makeshift diaper out of a towel and slipped on a pair of basketball shorts over it. Super sexy. We finally got to the hospital at 5:45 between dropping Ashton off and traffic it took awhile. We arrived at UVRMC got checked into labor and Delivery at 6 and the party started.
The diaper and my big ol belly.

Unfortunately my family friend who I wanted to be my nurse was just getting off her shift, but she set up the nicest room and board for us. She did my IV checked me in and got me all settled. She made sure I had the best nurse and I was set. My nurse was Karen and she was fabulous. It was slow going at first, finally Dr Wolsey (the doc on call) came in and told the nurse since I wasn't dilated at all and I was only 50% effaced he wanted to get my cervix really soft before he started Pitocin (the drug that makes you dilate more and more). They started me on Cytotec, and the would check me every three hours when they could give me another dose or start Pitocin. Luckily because I wasn't on Pitocin yet, I got to eat Dinner, which is not common once your admitted. So I was happy. Jake and I basically hung out, ate dinner, and waited around for things to happen. 

Last belly pic

Around 10 pm my family and a couple people we're wondering if anything had happened. Pretty much only effaced to a 70%. We knew it was going to be a long night. Luckily Boston was doing great and we we're ready to do what we needed. My sister Jamie was there from 9:30 till 11 and after she left we tried falling asleep. Jake fell asleep instantly. I on the other hand had too much adrenaline and trying to sleep in the hospital is no beuno. At 1:30 she checked me again, by this point I had the medication a second time. I was finally to a 1 cm and 70%. The nurse and Dr both thought it best that we do the medication another time and they would check me in three hours. But for sure they would start Pitocin then. I at that point asked for the epidural. (a gift straight from heaven, kudos to all those that do it naturally but after getting that epidural I thought they were crazy, Its amazing!) I was starting to get impatient and worried. I made Jake get up and say a prayer that everything would work out. I was worried if I didn't progress fast enough they would be forced to take me by c-section. I also was so uncomfortable and in pain. But the nurse explained that its my first baby so that takes a lot longer to progress, plus normally people are dilated before there water breaks and my water broke before so It was going to take me much longer. She also told me that I had a very unique cervix. Were most cervix we're straight and short. Mine was long and curvy. Haha its hard to explain, but basically it was going to take more work to get me to where I needed to be then normal. They also started getting worried about my swelling and blood pressure. They think my body was starting to go into Toximia and was ready to be done being pregnant. I think thats why my water broke. My body just knew it was time to be done.

At 4 am she checked me and I was only 1.5cm and 80% effaced. But Pitocin was finally started. I still had hardly slept at this point. I could not fall for the life of me. So it was very slow for me, Jake had been asleep for most the time and I would try and sleep but no success. A new nurse came in named Jamie, and she checked me I was finally at a 2  and 90% effaced at 6:35 am. Then for whatever reason I got a whole new nurse. Her name was Linda and she was the BOMB! She checked me at 8 and I was a 3. I was still nervous at how slow I was going and by this point I made Jake say our second prayer of the day. I really wanted everything to go okay. At 9 I was checked once again and the nurse said I was still a 3 and then some. But not a four. My blood pressure was still high and my swelling was crazy. But Boston was doing great on the monitors and I wasn't having any other problems. Just really slow going. My mom was at the hospital at this point.

At 10 am she checked me and I was still the same. Did I mention I was REALLY slow to progress? Like snail like slow! It was hard not to get discouraged or impatient but I was just happy Boston was doing so well in there. She held off checking me for awhile at that point so I wouldn't get an infection. My sisters we're all waiting for me to at least get to a 4 before they came. Finally at noon I was at a 4! It was a small victory. We had a new Dr on call at this point named Dr. Drewes. My sister Kylie and Jamie had arrived at this point and Amy was soon to follow. 

Things we're going much faster now since my mom and sisters had arrived and we're keeping me company. At one point they we're talking to my belly and telling Boston to come out, He could definitely hear them and the monitor was freaking out. It was pretty funny. The next time she checked me I want to say 1 pm or 2 pm I had jumped to a 6cm dilated. I was thrilled by this point I felt good about it going my way for a vaginal. I called Leslee and told her it was time to come, baby would be here soon! I had Jake, my mom, my three sisters, Leslee, and my dad in the delivery. (More on that later). I started to get more and more uncomfortable as time went on. At 3 she checked my again and I was at a 8 so I had skipped 7. Things we're really starting to move much quicker now. She told me her shift would be ending soon and that a new nurse would be coming in. I was so bummed. She then came in with all the stuff the doctor would need to get the baby out. That's when things got real! 

The new nurse came in whose name was Niki. She ended up being the nurse who helped deliver the baby, she also was awesome. Being in labor 25 hours you see a lot of people. I had 4 different Dr's and 4 different nurses. I was lucky enough to love every single one of them! Sometime between 3-4 Niki came in to check me and I was at a 9 and 90% effaced. I needed to be a 10 and 100% effaced. There was also a problem with Boston being transverse. Transverse means baby's face is facing my tummy when it should be facing my spine. It makes for a complicated delivery and/or C-Section. Plus, once your water breaks you have twenty four hours to get that babe out or you risk infection and also the possibility of c-section. So she checked my temp and I was just starting to have a low grade fever, so she started me on antibiotics. Luckily I was far enough into labor that they we're still planning on a Vaginal delivery. To get me going faster she said she wanted to bring in a peanut ball. I had no idea what it was but when I pictured it in my head I pictured a ball a little bigger then a basketball shaped like a peanut. Boy was I surprised.

Everyone's mouths dropped when she brought this in. I started laughing hysterically. So what the ball does is help open your cervix and help you dilate. Once she placed the ball I started to feel a ton of pressure and my contractions got worse. My sister Amy told me I will know when I need to push cause it will feel like I need to poop really bad. Well shortly after I had that feeling. I also felt this huge, painful contraction along with many other contractions. Come to find out the ball helped Boston flip so he was in the right position for child birth. After about 10-15 minutes of the ball I said I know I am at a 10. Tell her to come back. They went out to get her and she told them I had to hold off. So I contracted and was so uncomfortable for another 15 mins when she finally came in and confirmed I was a 10 station 1. ( You need to be a 10 station 3 for the baby to officially come out). I felt the urge to push so bad so she told me to go for it and do some practice pushes. She told me most first time moms, it takes 2-3 hrs to push the baby out. I was not having that. Up to this point I hadn't slept in 36 hrs. I was exhausted and just wanted my baby here. So I was going to get him out.

I had Jake at my head on the left, and Kylie at my feet on the left. I had my mom at the head on my right, and Leslee at my feet on the right. Amy and Jamie we're both at the foot of the bed. When I first found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted my mom and sisters in the room with me. After asking Jake if he was cool with it, I asked them if they wanted to be in the delivery with me. They we're so excited, most of them had never seen a baby delivered before. I also wanted Les there cause she is like a MIL to me. I never was planning on my dad, but I am so glad he was there. He stayed behind the curtain as to not see anything, but he was so supportive and emotional it was really neat. He was the proudest Dad and Grandpa around. Each person had a job in my delivery. We we're all a team to get Boston here. Jake and Kylie held my left leg while I pushed. And then my mom and Les held my right leg. Amy was in charge of the video camera and Jamie was in charge of pictures. They each at different times of my labor and delivery helped get me through. Jake was in charge of ice chips. Kylie helped me with breathing. Amy was my labor coach and remind me to push the right way (bear down!). Les would count while I pushed. And my mom would rub and pat my head with a cold rag. I wouldn't change my labor and the people there for anything. It was perfect and I am so glad they all got to be part of such a spiritual and amazing thing.

After "practice pushing" for some time the nurse came in and was shocked how hard and fast I was pushing. She said it was almost time for the Dr to come. So she told me to stop while she went to grab the Dr. After some time she came back and said that they had 3 emergency c-sections and that no Dr was available. I was not hearing it, I was so done and wanted him out. So I asked if I could keep pushing. I could tell she was kinda worried, but let me anyway. After more pushing my sisters said they kept seeing more and more of his head. The nurse told me I had to stop and wait for the Dr at this point or I would tear. Luckily minutes later Dr. Reese came in to save the day. My mom said the first thing I said to him when he walked in was "GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME". haha anywars He said babies head was too big to fit so he would need to do an episiotomy. At that point I didn't even care. I continued to push and at 5:15 pm Boston was born.

I will let these pictures do the rest of the story but fair WARNING there isn't any nudity but there are some shots that some people might be uncomfortable with AND a lot of ugly cry face. You have been WARNED:

It was the one of the hardest things I have ever done, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And I would do it all again in a heartbeat, for that little boy. The whole experience was so spiritual and so amazing. The second he came out it was pure love for this little person I held for 9 months. It's crazy how they come out and you instantly feel like you have known them forever. I can't explain it, but it was like he came out and I thought "Oh yes! Of course this is you! Of course this is Boston, he's my little boy." It may not make sense, but he is mine. He has been worth all my heartache, pain, and tears. I have waited a long time for this little miracle and he is finally here and a million times better then I could imagine. We are so in love and I can't imagine our lives without him. I thank God every day for how lucky I am to have 3 amazing boys in my life. I am one blessed gal. 


  1. Congrats, he is beautiful!!! Dr. Rees delivered Duke, I absolutely loved him! I bet you're SO glad he is finally here! Looking at your pictures makes me want to have another baby ;)

  2. Cry cry CRY! I have been waiting for this post :) so amazing. . . He really is a perfect little miracle! So happy for you!

  3. Dr. Drews delivered my baby. I wanted rees so bad! He's awesome! Congrats!!! :)

  4. Love it!!! Congrats!!! You totally make me want to have another baby! Absolutely gorgeous pictures; what an amazing treasure! Love on that little guy because he will grow so much!