Wednesday, July 29, 2015

St G Girl's Trip

I feel like my poor little blog has taken a back seat on my life. I have limited time for things so now I pick sleep, or cleaning, or me time. Unfortunately my blog is last on the list. But I was determined to get this post on here. Even though the clock struck midnight and I have to be up in four hours with my babe, I am getting this post on here DAMMIT!

My sister Amy was doing a fun girls trip with a bunch of her friends. Well then my sister Kylie was like "Uhm I am coming." So then Amy asked if I wanted to go to and I DESPERATELY needed a mom vaca. Of course I had to take the boob baby, but he is such an angel that it all worked out!

This was such a needed trip for me. Cause guys lets be real. Toddlers are hard. Three year olds are ESPECIALLY hard. So by the time I left I was ready. I packed up my car and my sister Kylie, Boston, and I headed down to my parents house.

Day 1 Highlights:
* Boston claiming the king size master suite
*SOOO many selfies
*Shopping without children (unfortunately my post partum body didn't agree with anything)
*Boston's gas that could clear a room (seriously SO AWFUL)
* Scouring the makeup isle at Target for at least 45 mins
*Finding a pretty nude/pink lipstick for $5
*Swig Obvs

Day 2 Highlights:
*Pool all day 
*Starting a new book
*More Selfies
*More Swig
*The cutest pool side buddy (who hated water)
*Finally eating sushi after preggers
*Seeing 'Trainwreck' (hilarious but naughty)
*Having nice nursing hooters that look awesome in swimsuits

Day 3 Highlights:
*More pool/laying out
*Breakfast at Bear Paw? Claw? I don't remember but AMAZING
*More shopping
*Finding these hilarious masks and crowns at Charming Charlies
*Mexican Food (my fav) at Poncho's and Lefty's mmmm
*Card Games and watching 'The Duff'

Day 4 was cleaning and driving home. But I was so glad I went. I got home and Ashton was SO excited to see me. When he saw us he screamed "BOSTON!" He missed us so much. I missed him too. It was so good for me to go away and recharge. I came home and was a much better mom and he was so happy to be with me again. We both needed it. I highly recommend it for all momma's! 
Till next time!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Frahm Fourth

I have said it before and I will say it again; Holidays with kids is the BEST thing ever. And I really love holidays. This 4th of July was no different. Family, Friends, Food, and Fireworks. My favorite F words ;)

Friday, Jake had the day off, so his family planned a shindig at their place that day since his brother and sister also had the day off. We did a yummy BBQ, played games, did water balloons and chilled. We brought Ashton's slip and slide but unfortunately it got a huge hole, so we ended up spraying down the slide with a hose and even though it was ghetto it was fun!

The next morning (the 4th) at the butt crack of dawn (6 am) the Lehi Museum decided to blast cannons. I kid you not, 6 am loud LOUD blasts we're happening and did not stop till 7 am. Of course I can hardly sleep through that do you think a 3 yr old and 1 month old can? Negative. So at 6 everyone was in our bed, and I was ornery and pissed. But decided it was a holiday and to make the best of it. Hit up Provo City Parade. It was actually a lot of fun and Ashton was entertained for a good hr and a half and Boston slept through the whole thing. So...I guess it was worth it.

We fed Ashton at 6 but Jake and I hadn't eaten and we we're starving. By the time we left the parade and I fed Boston it was 11. I wanted breakfast so we headed for Ernie's. Saddest news ever, they were closed. (Que Hangry sobs and attitude) Luckily I saw a Ranchirito's and suggested Breakfast Burritos. It saved the day. Although not as fabulous and american as a 'Champ' still fulfilling. We grabbed Ashton some nuggets and fries from Burger King and went to a park for a Picnic. 

We got home at 12:30 and as you can imagine we we're all exhausted. We put Ash down, fed the babe, and then all headed for a nap. Fast forward 3 hrs later. Such a great nap. Anyways...had a little photo shoot in the front yard. I have some DAMN cute boys.

Then we headed over to my sisters house for the annual 4th of July party. It's THE party of THE year. Its what I look forward to every year. Food+Illegal Fireworks+Volleyball+crude jokes= My kinda party.

As if the night couldn't get little brother who returned home from his mission almost a month ago has been all about watching movies that he missed out on while he was in the field for 2 years. Well he wanted all of us sisters to come over after we got the kids to bed and watch one with him. I just can't turn down a movie night with siblings. Even if we didn't get their till midnight, and start the movie till 1:30, and even if we stayed up talking till 3:45, and even if I didn't get home till 4. Actually I do regret that part a little. But it made for fabulous time, and we got to spoon my parents like old times. Yes, my family isn't normal and yes we are very creepy.

Happy Birthday Murica. I'm proud to be an American, and grateful for those who gave their lives for my freedom.