Friday, May 23, 2014

We're Selling!

Our Townhome is officially listed and we're ready to sell!

We're asking $174,900
3 Beds, 3 Baths
1 car garage, and a reserved car space
Living room and family room
1,717 sq. Ft.
Cutest house ever, awesome people live in it now. Need I say more?

If you want more info the MLS #1232910

Friday, May 16, 2014

Life as of lately..

I feel like I have been off the grid for awhile. Life has gotten a hold of me, and it's been CRAZY. Lot's has been going on and lots is coming up in the future and I am excited!

First of all, we have been working are little tushes off getting our house ready to sell. We have been cleaning, organizing, and going through everything in our house. We have kinda started looking for new homes, but we don't want to actually look until our home is listed and we have started getting people looking at it. We will put our home up for sale probably of Wednesday next week. We want to for sure sell our home before we find the home we love or want to build. It would suck to have the dream home but not be able to buy it. So if it turns out we sell our town home before we have bought or build then we are moving in with Jake's parents temporarily. I hope it all works out and that's not the case.

Next, we have been dealing with fertility stuff. We took that expensive and thorough blood test at the very beginning of April. The Dr's office told me that we would get answers 3 weeks later, and the facility that we were sending the blood to told us that we would get answers 14 business days later. So 4 weeks later I called the Dr's office and they said they had all but one result and didn't want to give me answers till they had everything, I waited another week and still nothing, so I called again and they said that they were still unsure and would call me back. They didn't it wasn't until this last Monday that the Dr. finally called me. He had answers!! So it was confirmed that my body has natural killers that kill off my embryos and it would either cause miscarriages or failed pregnancies. Hence why IVF didn't work. So their is a form of treatment that SHOULD work. But nothing is definite. It's called IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobin). I got this from a website explaining what it is:

IVIG therapy is used by fertility patients who have recurrent implantation failures or recurrent pregnancy losses. IVIG therapy is thought to repress a woman’s immune system, which may be attacking the embryo or fetus, mistaking it for a foreign body. IVIG is made up of human antibodies, derived from washed and processed donor blood. It is not clear exactly how IVIG works, but studies suggest that it may reduce the amount of natural killer (NK) cells in the body, and/or may absorb or block a woman’s antibodies, which are causing the body to attack the pregnancy.
Women who have tested positive for natural killer cells and have experienced multiple miscarriages or implantation failures, may opt for the use of IVIG therapy to increase their chance of conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to term.
During a treatment session, IVIG is introduced to the body very slowly through an intravenous drip in the arm, possibly taking several hours. It is recommended that IVIG be administered prior to embryo transfer, and then two additional times following a positive pregnancy test.

So after talking about it with Jake, I just told him I don't feel like we should jump in and start doing this, when I first did IVF I felt it was the right timing and everything, and after hearing that I didn't feel at peace or ready. So we are going to wait till after the Summer, figure out our housing situation and hopefully by Fall/Winter we will be ready to try again.

Lastly, I am making big life changes for myself right now. I signed up to do the Hobble Creek Half Marathon with my sister Jamie in August. At first I thought I was crazy for letting her talk me into it, and I thought I would hate it. The first couple times running I did. And I didn't know how I was going to make it to 13+ miles. Then it got easier, and it went smoother for me. I am only up to a mile and a half and I start running two miles next week, and I know that's not even a lot. But I am so proud of myself. I wouldn't say I have "caught the running bug" yet, but I don't hate it nearly as much. I also am taking a change in my eating habits and really focusing on becoming healthier and getting down to a healthy weight. I have wanted to do this, but never had the drive, until I signed up for this half marathon, and now I am focused. It's been hard and I want to give up sometimes, but I have stuck to it and I am really excited to see where this journey takes me!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm Feelin 22!

On April 25th I turned twenty two! It was amazing, my poor husbands basically kills himself to make my day good enough. He always does amazing! I definitely was very spoiled!

The Tuesday before my birthday we celebrated with Jake's family. We went out to dinner and opened gifts and just had a lot of fun! They all gave me really thoughtful gifts and I appreciate them!

We then had a really awkward group of waiters sing 'Happy Birthday' to me. uhm ya...

Althrougout the week Jake will give me different surprises. Some big some small. Monday it was a drink and doughnut (my favorite things in the whole world). Tuesday he gave me a gift card to get a massage, Wednesday it was my favorite flowers, Daisies. Thursday it was a boquet of balloons! He is amazing.
Friday (my actual birthday) Jake took the day off which he never has been able to do, and we all woke up together and snuggled in bed, then we headed out to breakfast at Kneaders. All you can eat French Toast, need I say more?

We got ready for the day, and headed to Orem where we going to spend the rest of the day. We have a couple traditions that we still uphold in the Frahm house. First is take a pic with the balloon wreath every year. Secondly (this one I started last year) buy cupcakes of different flavor and try a bite of each. 

(Cookies and Creme, Toasted Coconut, Strawberry Shortcake, VaNIEla, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel)

I met up with my mom, sisters, and Les for some lunch at Milagros. They all sure spoiled me! It was so fun! I got enough clothes to last me the next two weeks!

After lunch Jake put Ashton down for a nap and guess what I did? It might sound lame, but it was really fun. I went to Color Me Mine, by myself and painted a cookie jar that I started TWO YEARS AGO! So I was excited.
After I met up with Jake, and we grabbed Ashton to take him to my sisters so she could watch him. We got a cute picture as a family!
Jake and I went to one of my favs for dinner, Red lobster. Then after we went shopping at Kohl's! It was so nice to be on a date just us two! We hadn't done it in a while! 

I finished the most incredible birthday at a movie with my sisters, mom, and dad called The Other Woman. Hilarious!! I highly recommend!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Making: nothing. Which is rare for me. But I don't have any ideas or inspiration, ugh! It's okay, something will come to me.

Cooking: I hate cooking. But lately I have been trying to cook healthier meals, and for lunch I have been making this chicken, spinach, and avocado wrap. It's so good.

Drinking: Diet Pepsi. Yes its 11:00 pm. And yes I have an addiction. It's true. I will be there first to admit it! But its so damn good! I dream about it! I am not helping my case about the addiction am I?

Reading: The last book in the Divergent series. Allegiant. I am super nervous about the ending cause basically everyone hated...well I guess we will see.

Listening to: Ellie Goulding a ton! First of all there isn't a song of hers I hate. Second of all she came to SLC and I wanted to go SO SO SO bad! But had no idea who to go with, so alas, I didn't. So sad.

Wanting: Answers. I have been waiting almost 4 weeks for my test results from my blood work, and I called today and they STILL didn't have it. I have been super patient, but now I am getting annoyed.

Looking: for new homes to buy or build, starting next week! I am ecstatic! It's been a long time comin!

Playing: Medium in the background while I type. I must have ADD or something cause I cant just watch tv, or just be on the computer, I have to have both. Another issue I am working on.

Wishing: I wasn't such a stress case. I have noticed it a lot lately, and I am trying to chill out. Not easy

Missing: My girls from high school. I don't see them enough. Especially Naomi, she is in Bulgaria serving a mission, and her letters make me miss her so so much!

Enjoying: This weather. I am enjoying the rain, and the sun. I love spring. I love that its not too hot or too cold. Its perfect.

Looking Forward to: The future! Everything is very bright. Between Ashton turning 2, moving, Summer Vacations, and figuring out our family, its going to be a good year!

Liking: All this new hair product I recently bought. I realized about a month ago, my hair supplies was pathetic, so I asked my sister and $100 later (oops sorry babe) I now have all this amazing product, and tools, and my hair feels and looks incredible.

Excited about: Two things, Ashton's birthday, and decorating a new house and the exciting possibilities of a new home.

Needing: To really get determined about losing weight and working out. I have done pretty decent on eating, but working out has been pathetic.

Smelling: My house. It smells like dog poop. Not bad but a hint of it. I don't even know why? Is that bad? hahaha

Wearing: literally got so spoiled on my birthday that I have had a new outfit everyday for the past week! I love birthdays!

Noticing: My house is disgusting, and I really need to clean it, but I do other blogging.

Thinking: Of all that I have to do tomorrow, the next day, the next day, and the next day. Speaking of being stressed...

Feeling: Surprisingly happy, life has been good to us lately ( knock on wood). I am content and excited about everything!

P.S. this was inspired by adorable Shayli at A Tidbit of Love