Monday, March 31, 2014

The {Not} so perfect pair

So when I did my endometrium biopsy (the procedure from hell) I was told I would hear about results two weeks later. Well two weeks passed and I hadn't heard from them. I called them and they hadn't heard back from the place yet. So finally 3 weeks later they heard back, and we got some interesting news.

From what they could tell from the biopsy, something had implanted from our round of IVF which was so nice to hear. But it turns out my body has natural killers that tell my body that every time something implants its foreign and shouldn't be there so it kills it. YAY! So even if I was getting pregnant over these last 3 years, it wouldn't matter because my body is just killing them off (I doubt I was conceiving on my own considering Jake's sperm into the factor also).

So this is something that is fixable which is good. It's not uncommon for this to happen. However, usually there is a known reason for this. For instance, your blood type can be a factor, but mine isn't in this case. If your family has a history of heart attack or stroke can be a factor, but once again not for me. And lastly if you get rashes, or itchy eyes other then just for allergies can be a factor, and that's a no! So they have no idea why my body is killing off my sweet little embryo's.

So now they have to run an extensive blood test to figure out what is causing this, which is great, but we have to pay anywhere from $800-$1900 which is not so good. It's mother freaking annoying. Jake has jacked up sperm, and I kill our embryos so we aren't an ideal match to make babies together, but we will get over it. Cause we want a brother or sister for Ashton gosh dangit! And even though we aren't the best pair together for making babies, once we do (and we will) they will be so damn cute, almost as cute as Ash. So once again time will tell! But I am feeling good and our life isn't half bad. I am enjoying watching Ashton getting bigger, this whole trial has given me time to appreciate him that much more! :)

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