Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

This Easter was A-MAZING! Having a kid makes it that much better! Ashton was so fun this year, last year we did get him a little outfit and basket, but nothing too crazy. So this year we we're stoked about Easter.
On Friday we dyed eggs, and I was nervous that it would be so messy with a two year old. But we had so much fun! Jake kept saying "I never knew dying eggs could be this fun!"

We let Ashton put the first egg in, at first he thought it was great then...not so much. He didn't like getting messy! It was so fun though to watch him! This is definitely a tradition that we will keep up!

Easter Sunday we woke up to go find what the Easter bunny had left us. Ashton didn't really know what was going on, but the bunny had hid his basket on the bathroom toilet, so when we opened up the door, his eyes lit up! It was so cute! He went in and instantly grabbed the treats and started showing us each thing! 

The Easter Bunny brought dad some new summer clothes, and his favorite treats.
He brought mom some new shoes and her favorite treats.
Ashton got very spoiled! A new coloring book, and crayons, some play-doh, new flip flops, and the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"

We then got dressed for church in our Easter outfits and Ash, looked adorable. We took some pics before church but when we went to my parents, my dad took some cute pics! 

After church we all took a much needed nap! Hallelujah! Then headed over to my parents for an egg hunt and dinner! Ashton was so cute, he would have to set his entire basket down to pick up the egg! He loved the egg hunt. 

These are just the last few pics of the day! We had a fabulous Easter, and its all #becauseofhim I am grateful to our savior. He lives, and because he lives we can all live with him again and be an eternal family! I love this gospel and am grateful everyday I am a member of this true church!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I wanted Jake's 30th to be magical! I knew something he would really enjoy is a party, let alone a surprise party. I had told Jake a couple weeks before that for his birthday I wanted to take him out to dinner on Monday night to a surprise restaurant. He had no idea. I had sent out adorable invitations to all our friends and family.
That night after Jake got home from work, I told him to get ready and dress pretty nice, cause we were going somewhere really nice for dinner. I had even had Mark and Les play along by saying they would "babysit" Ashton while we were out to dinner, really they were going to meet us at the restaurant for the surprise! We dropped Ashton off then I tied a scarf around his eyes so he had no idea where we we're going. He was being so funny on the drive there. Trying to guess where and such.

When we got there, I finally took of the blindfold and he was really confused about why we we're at Pizza Factory of all places. I started leading him back to the room, and the door was closed, when we opened it everyone yelled SURPRISE! It was my immediate family, Mark and Les, Jake's immediate family, and a bunch of his friends from high school! He was so shocked! His reaction was priceless.

It was such a good night. We ate food and then had cake and sang Happy Birthday! He loved it so much and it made me so happy! Love this man! Glad he is mine!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jake's big 3-0!

On Sunday April 6, Jake turned 30! Jake had been dreading turning 30. He just didn't feel ready and wanted to have another year in his 20's! But I wanted to make sure that it was a fabulous birthday regardless! So it was also conference weekend so we woke up and had a very fatty and fabulous breakfast. I made Jake's favorite crepes, bacon, and orange juice. Then we listened to the first session of Conference and we got ready and headed to his parents.

We watched the second session at his parents house and then we had Jake's favorite dinner, which is Lasagna, which I never cook cause I hate! So his mom was nice enough to do it for him! Then we opened gifts and had a homemade ice cream cake by yours truly! And not to toot my own horn (toot toot) but it was pretty damn good!

We ended the night playing a game Jake got for his birthday and had a ton of fun! It was a fabulous night! But that wasn't all... stay tuned for his surprise party!