Friday, December 12, 2014

Gender Reveal at 14 Weeks.

I turned 14 weeks on Wednesday and I had scheduled an appt. with a close family friend who is an Ultrasound Tech. Her name is Heidi and she has been doing ultrasounds for 18 years and has only been wrong ONCE on the genders! So basically she is amazing and I completely trust her!

My "PLAN" was to go in have her do the ultrasound, and I brought in TWO boxes, one with a boy outfit and one with a girl outfit. She was going to wrap a ribbon around the one that was the correct gender. But I made the grave mistake of taking Jake and my mom who ganged up on me and told me we have to find out now and we cant wait and I needed to find out! I was under a lot of pressure!! So I told Heidi just to go down to the legs but don't tell us! 
She went down and I instantly could tell minus the words this is what I saw:

It was PLAIN as day that, that was a WIENER! haha I was completely shocked as you know we we're SURE it was a girl!! Although I had wanted a girl I was so excited and he is the sweetest baby already! I mean look at that profile:

So needless to say we kept it a secret till the Gender Reveal party the next night. I was so so excited for the party and to shock everyone!

We did a Candy Bar with all Pink and Blue and I got the cutest little decorations at Zurchers that said little man or little miss? This is more of the Decor:

This was TEAM BLUE:

This was TEAM PINK:

Finally it was TIME! I started to get nervous! Jake, Ashton, and I all opened it together.So we started to open it, but then I told the little secret that we had been keeping. That we all knew! haha and then we FINALLY revealed the surprise!


So freaking shocked!

This is my best friend Lisa and I. She has a little boy that is a month younger then Ashton and she is due with another little boy in March. We are pregnant together and having boys together! So fun!

We are having a little boy and we are so stinking excited! I was so completely shocked by it and it still is crazy to me! WE are so excited though because since I can remember I have wanted to name a little boy Boston and when Jake and I we're dating I told him and he actually liked it! So we officially get to use the name! Ashton says "Boston" so cute! I'm really excited to have two little boys together that will be best buddies!! And there birthdays will be so close! So in June of 2015 we will welcome Boston Thomas Frahm to the family! Can't wait!


  1. Yay yay yay! So excited for you guys. I was so sure it was a girl hahah I'm always wrong, though. Oh, and I love the pictures of you and Lisa! So fun. Can't wait for baby Boston!! :)

  2. Such cute decor! Everything looks perfect! Congrats on the little man! That is one lucky baby boy. :)

  3. Yay for boys! He and Ashton will be the best of friends! So fun, congratulations!!