Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yup, I'm Crafty.

So a few weeks ago, there was like two days that I just did all these random crafts. Something came over me. When I usually craft, it's like this craving I get one day and I just go crazy. Than it goes away for a week or two. But it always comes back. I don't mind. I love it!

So as I showed earlier, I made this years Easter baskets. Which were so fun. They were SO easy too!

Than there was this headband holder, that I had seen on Pinterest that I was dying to make! You make it out of an Oat canister. Well, me and Jake don't use oats a whole lot, so it took us a couple months to finally go through the whole can. Well we finally did, and I set the can aside for the next day. I come down and I'm looking everywhere for it. I finally though to ask Jake. He had thrown it AWAY! Not even in like our little dumpster, in the big ol dumpster that could eat small children. I admit I was a little onery that day, so I yelled at him to go dumpster diving for it. I was just so mad, I has waited months to do this project and I finally was going to, but NO! Anyways, needless to say, I came home and there was a canister sitting on the counter, but it wasn't my original one. He had gone to the neighbors house, and asked her for one. She dumped all her oats out and had given it to him! I felt like such an idiot. Oh well I got my canister! :)

So all I did was add modge podge and paper. Than I stuffed all the flimsy "sportish" headbands and elastics on the inside, and on the outside the more dressy headbands. I LOVE IT! I am slightly obsessed with it. It also was kind of an organizing thing, cause in my drawer were all my hair stuff was, it was a disastrous. Now it's all clean and not a hassle!

I also wanted to try to make those "scarf-necklace" things. They looked so adorable on Pinterest. So there were a couple shirts that I had in my closet that I kept because they were cute, but I hated to wear them (weird?) So I chopped them up and made cute little scarf thingys. I would say 90% of the time, the things I find on Pinterest that I want to do usually turn out. This did not. 

As you can see they were cute, but they are small and like creep up my neck like a choker? Not attractive an not comfortable. I opt out.

For Bunco I made these adroable little cupcakes. Naturally one of the ideas came from Pinterest. The other came from the Sweet Tooth Fairy. For the month of March they had this cupcake called "Dirt" it looked heavenly, but I didn't end up buying it. Instead I made them. The white one was just yellow cake mix with white frosting, than chocolate shavings and cadbury eggs. The "Dirt" ones were chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, oreo bits, and gummy worms! So fun!

When I very first joined pinterest, I pinned a key holder. It was my very first pin and from the beginning of time I wanted to make it. It is a necessity at our home. J is always asking me where the keys are or I'm digging through my purse. We'll I finally did it, and I LOVE IT!

Last but of course, my wreath for Spring. I don't love it. But it will do. It took me ten and a half years. And it's not even THAT cute. Oh well, till next spring

Happy Pinning!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A friggin Christmas Miracle

Remember how in January I wrote a really depressing post about not getting into Provo College and how life sucked? Well, for awhile things weren't looking up, and I was so depressed and in a slump. Than another blow to the stomach ( I can't remember if I had mentioned this one yet) I was suspended, yes SUSPENDED from UVU. I find it a little funny now. But when I first found out I cried and cried and cried a little more. So long story short, it wasn't fun. They told me because I was suspended that I would not be able to get my transcripts and they could hold them for the time being. In order to get them I had to go through this whole process than UVU would take it to the board and they would rule if I could have them or even continue going there.

I didn't know what to do these last few months. I finally emailed the lady. I explained my situation and asked if there was anyway she could help me. Two days later (Monday) I received an email back. All it said was "I will temporarily put a hold on your suspension so you can access your transcripts" I was so utterly excited. I thought I would have to start all my classes from square one and that I would never be able to become a nurse, or it would take me ten+ years.

So as of today, I applied to Salt Lake Community College. Than after I hear from them I send my transcripts over and I start a new schooling career. I am really excited cause SLCC opens up two different doors for me to choose from for nursing school. When I was at UVU, I had one and it closed! So yes, it is April but it feels like a Christmas miracle!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our so called Easter

Easter was kind of a bust for us this year. I once again had to work on Easter Sunday. Which was a bummer. I had all these plans and ideas that I wanted to do for Easter this year but I never got a second to do it. I bought two Easter egg dying kits in 2011 but we only ended up using one, so I figured we would just save it for this year. But the week before I had Bunco at my house, than Jake's birthday, than I worked the weekend shift. There wasn't a second for us to do it, I am kind of bummed but oh well!

We did however go the night before Easter to a choir performance, about Christ and his resurrection which was really spiritual and a perfect way to kick off Easter. It was called The Lamb of God. Jake's sister Rebecca was lucky enough to preform in it for her 3rd year. It was all incredible!

One thing I did get around to doing, that I was so proud of, and so happy with was to make Easter baskets. I didn't do any baskets last year but than it wasn't a fun memorable Easter so I made sure we had some this year.  A lady in my ward showed me how, and I LOVE how they turned out!

This was mine, I loved the fabric! It's two different fabrics that go together. I loved how they correlated. I was pretty proud of myself. They really were so easy and fun to pick out.
This is Jakey's! Very fun! I love that these are something that could last forever, and they are way cuter than the plastic ones from the store. I will probably end up making some for our kiddo's!

Like I said earlier, I was working but a co-worker came up with the idea that we split our shift, so we could have half of Easter with our families. I was so happy! I woke up Easter morning and I went and filled our baskets than, I hid Jake's basket and he hid mine. 

These are our "where could it be" faces. REAL nice!

In case you were worried. We DID find them. Mine was under the coffee table ( I found it in like 10 seconds, as I did Jake says "yeah Im not very good at this") Than, Jake's was in the pantry on the second to last shelf! Clever, why yes I am.

These are our SO EXCITED IT'S EASTER faces! After, I cooked our favorite breakfast, Chocolate chip waffles with O.J. Jake having peanut butter and syrup. Sicko. I was happy to spend some of the day with my love. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Old Man

Jacob had a lovely little birthday April 6th. He turned 28. I keep saying to myself "I can't believe I have a 28 yr old husband." I knew the day would come that it would freak me out that he was older than me, but I didn't think this would be the year. Sometimes every so often I look at him and feel like such a little girl, than other times I look at him and say "stop acting like such a little girl". I guess in the end it evens out! :)

Anyways, I always stress out over holidays, and his birthdays. But every time he is always so happy even if I didn't do anything too extravagant. To me birthdays are such a big deal and it's so important for it to be good that I worry I am not doing enough. Luckily I married Jake who doesn't like to spend money or have a huge celebration! We started the morning off at 6 am. Jake was up getting ready to work, and I had set my alarm so I could cook breakfast for him. As I got up Jake told me to go back to bed cause he hardly eats breakfast, and wouldn't anything I made him! I felt bad, but was okay with catching more shut eye! Later that morning I had set a goal to make this cake I saw off of Pinterest (of course). It was a darling golf cake that looked fairly easy to make and he LOVES golf. So I couldn't wait. It wasn't too bad, it's just very tedious and I didn't have the right tools to make it professional. But it turned out pretty cute and he loved it!
So I ended up running out of frosting just at the end, pretty ghetto!
We than, headed over to his parents to eat Jake's favorite meal and open gifts. His choice was his mom's homemade lasagna! I unfortunately didn't try it, cause I hate lasagna but I heard it was amazing! After Jake got to open some pretty snazzy gifts. His sister, got him a $ 50 gas card, now that he is driving up to West Valley every day. His brother got him a tie, and a subway gift card. From me he got a new belt, socks, flip flops, and cash to go golfing this spring/summer. Than from his parents, he got a shirt and tie, his favorite treats, his favorite cereal (which is tradition) and some doggie stuff that Jake could appreciate. (?) Than his dad brought in this big box, as Jake was opening it, his mom was saying "Your dad really wanted to do something extra nice for you this year." Jake pulled out some grilling utensils. Jake started to say "Oh, how did you guys know we were going to buy a grill soon?" His dad replied "Oh you won't need to buy it, it's in the garage!" I wish I had my camera out for this point cause mine and Jake's faces were priceless. We were both so shocked that his parents had bought us a grill. Jake just got wide eyed and kept saying "oh my gosh!!" He looked at me and I had my eyes all wide and mouth dropped open and was covering my face! We were so excited! 

I have decided to make it a tradition that you have to take a picture every year by the Birthday Wreath on your birthday! So Jake was the first one this year! Doesn't he look cute?

We ended the night with his golf cake, ice cream, and some trick candles! Jake didn't catch on till he was blowing them out for this first time. It was funny, than it just got annoying!

Jake and I went home, and I gave his last birthday present (need I explain) he said it was a great day, and he loved everything! So I had done good! But we still got to celebrate with my family on Easter Sunday!
Unfortunately I had to work Easter Sunday, but I got there and we had a nice steak dinner with all the fixings. My sister made a cute peeps Easter/Birthday cake and we sang and opened presents. He got a t-shirt and tie and more cash, a restaurant gift card, and more cash. His favorite thing. I gave him two new shirts and a pair of new shorts. So basically Jake was very spoiled! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I hate homo sapien's...

Maybe, it's because I'm a girl and I have period hormones that make me feel this way. Maybe it's because human being's are absolute idiots. Or maybe just maybe I want to vent to no one in particular.

Uhm, why are people so dumb that they speak actual words out of their mouths. For instance, just because I want to be a nurse, doesn't officially make me one. Just because I have a CNA license and know a teensy bit more than the average human being about medical ish STILL doesn't make me a nurse. Just because I work at a hospital with patients, doctors, and medical supplies, DOES NOT I repeat DOES NOT make me a damn nurse. So no, I can't tell you what this medication is and what it does, I can't tell you what your sick with, and I can't give you any medical supplies. So stop asking. Maybe when I become a nurse I will do one of these things, but for safety let's not count on it.

So your being a bitch? (oops) Well these days do happen, mostly to women, but sometimes to men. But, do you see me asking men if there on their periods and that's why their so onery? Hmm, sure don't. I don't want to EVER hear these  five words come out of anybodies mouth's if you reading this blog! ARE YOU ON YOUR PERIOD? Okay, so let's say I was? Do you think that makes the situation any better? What if I'm not? Prepare for the burning depths of hell to overcome you!

This coincides with point above ^^. Hi my name is Jenessa, I have been married a year and a couple months. Yep I sure have fluctuated in my weight since I got married. Nope it sure does not mean I am pregnant. So here is an idea. Let's not ask it, pretend to ask it, or think it! Unless you see a human being coming out of my vagina don't utter a word. Also, if I want to get knocked up tomorrow, 5 years from now, or never, don't tell me what your opinion is and how it will affect me UNLESS I Jenessa Rochele Frahm have asked you. (I have asked people already and there advice was taken in but that's because I ASKED for it)

Oh I'm sorry was the day I planned to do something with people really inconvient for you? Should we switch the whole day around for you alone? Alright yeah that works for me too!

Basically, people bug me, and this is why! This post is approved by Jenessa! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Girl's mixed with Conference

Last Christmas my dad gave all of his 4 daughters a gift card to get our toes or nails done! After so many years and so many daughters he knows how to treat us! This became more of a tradition in the last two years. He first did it for Christmas for my wedding which was 2 weeks later. Than he did it last year for mothers day. So every time we make a Girl's Night out of it. This year was no exception. There wasn't a weekend from December 25 till March 31 that worked for any of us till now. Which happened to be conference weekend and the night of Priesthood so it was kinda crazy. 

Than after some pedi's we went to dinner at Pizza Factory. I was really bummed cause Jamie's little girl threw up right before she had to leave and she couldn't come to dinner, than Kylie's babysitter didn't up working out so she brought her girl's to dinner. Which was fine, I love her girls, but not when you wait for food for OVER an hour. After, Amy and I went to the mall and bought ourselves some cute little items! For the most part it was a good night!

That night I got a call from my cousin's husband asking if Jake and I wanted to go the Sunday morning conference session. I had never been so we jumped at the opportunity. We all drove up together and it was so nice. We all talked and got along and everything was going well! We had seats on the balcony and the second I sat down I was amazed!

The view was incredible. They also, ask you to come an hour early because from 9:30 to 10 they have Music and the Spoken Word. Can I just tell you how amazing Motab is? To here there vocals in that setting just gave me chills! I was astonished! Than the talks came, and I couldn't get over how amazing all of the talks were in every session! Basically, my first conference was a hit, and I am so glad Mrs. Ashlee and her hubs took us! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hunger Games

I'm a little behind on posting. But on Thursday March 22nd my sister once again was amazing and rented out a theater for the movie Hunger Games. We had a theater for 200 people. She did a raffle and it was so fun!     It was fun this time, because we also brought husbands into the mix. I was lucky enough to sit next to my cute husband and my old friend Afton. My family sat down the row from me. AND THAN my besties Matt, Linsey, Jakobis, Naomi and Kelly all sat behind me! So very good night.

Thoughts on the movie: I liked it a lot. I didn't love it. But that's probably because I read the book. But overall I think they did a fairly decent job on putting the book into real life.
Pro's: Peeta and Gale were attractive
Great Acting
Cool effects
Very intense
Jake like it
picked good characters
Con's: They missed parts that I thought were vital
filming was shaky
film jumped into scenes really fast
it was really goorey?

But I think I will buy it and take people to see it. Approved by Jenessa