Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm Feelin 22!

On April 25th I turned twenty two! It was amazing, my poor husbands basically kills himself to make my day good enough. He always does amazing! I definitely was very spoiled!

The Tuesday before my birthday we celebrated with Jake's family. We went out to dinner and opened gifts and just had a lot of fun! They all gave me really thoughtful gifts and I appreciate them!

We then had a really awkward group of waiters sing 'Happy Birthday' to me. uhm ya...

Althrougout the week Jake will give me different surprises. Some big some small. Monday it was a drink and doughnut (my favorite things in the whole world). Tuesday he gave me a gift card to get a massage, Wednesday it was my favorite flowers, Daisies. Thursday it was a boquet of balloons! He is amazing.
Friday (my actual birthday) Jake took the day off which he never has been able to do, and we all woke up together and snuggled in bed, then we headed out to breakfast at Kneaders. All you can eat French Toast, need I say more?

We got ready for the day, and headed to Orem where we going to spend the rest of the day. We have a couple traditions that we still uphold in the Frahm house. First is take a pic with the balloon wreath every year. Secondly (this one I started last year) buy cupcakes of different flavor and try a bite of each. 

(Cookies and Creme, Toasted Coconut, Strawberry Shortcake, VaNIEla, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel)

I met up with my mom, sisters, and Les for some lunch at Milagros. They all sure spoiled me! It was so fun! I got enough clothes to last me the next two weeks!

After lunch Jake put Ashton down for a nap and guess what I did? It might sound lame, but it was really fun. I went to Color Me Mine, by myself and painted a cookie jar that I started TWO YEARS AGO! So I was excited.
After I met up with Jake, and we grabbed Ashton to take him to my sisters so she could watch him. We got a cute picture as a family!
Jake and I went to one of my favs for dinner, Red lobster. Then after we went shopping at Kohl's! It was so nice to be on a date just us two! We hadn't done it in a while! 

I finished the most incredible birthday at a movie with my sisters, mom, and dad called The Other Woman. Hilarious!! I highly recommend!

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