Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baseball Season

This year was an incredible year for Baseball! It was so fun! My brother and his high school baseball team, The Timpanogos Timberwolves went to State Tournament up in Kearn's this year! Family, friends, and I all got to be apart of this amazing experience!

We first didn't make it into the tournament with a loss, so we ended up having to do a play-in game against Cyprus. With winning that and actually getting to be in the tournament, the boys shaped up and played hard!

Our next game was against Maple Mtn. We battled hard but lost to them and ended up having to be in the loser's bracket.

Than it was up to Kearn's to battle through the loser's bracket we had 8 games to conquer in order to win the State Championship. We were on a roll, we kept winning and winning and kept getting more and more fans. It was awesome!

We finally got to the end and we had to win two games against Skyline, they had been undefeated. We played the first 5 innings with 12 to 1 and beat them. It felt so good! We were so excited to kill them in the second game and couldn't believe it was one last game till we were champions!

My sister and I even made shirts and pins for the occasion. It was so exciting. We got to the last game and for 6 of the 7 innings we were ahead by one run or more, than came the 7th inning and unfortunately Skyline was the home team so they were up to bat last. They tied it with one run so the score was 7-7 we played 3 more innings and unfortunately Skyline won by one point. It was so upsetting. But, we battled so hard. I was so proud of all the boys. The disappointment on their faces were heart wrenching. I have never been more proud of my brother and the team. It was sad to lose to a team like Skyline. But such an amazing game. Luckily my brother was chosen as one of eight in the whole tournament as a All-Star Player. Plus 3 colleges were already asking him about him and he is only a Junior! I can't wait to see what Colin's life has in store for him! He is such an incredible kid!

{You can read a great article and w/ full details about the game Here)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I'm mostly writing about this, for myself. I don't care how you view it, cause it's good for US. Not the United States of America, but Jake and I. And it's my blog and I can say what I want, YO!

When Jake and I got married, obviously the happiest day of my life. Than we got home and reality set in. I wasn't hating life, I just didn't know how to cook or clean or do anything really domestic. So we got over that hurtle and over time, I was happy. Than the longer we were married, a few more things came up that we disagreed upon. Obviously this is our first year of marriage, definitely some getting used to! After about 6 months I noticed there were some problems, but I thought this is marriage and this is life. But I did in a sense feel kinda trapped and unhappy. But I was so scared and worried. I was scared cause I didn't want to feel this way. Even though a lot of people told me I was too young and too naive and I was going into this too fast, I didn't want to prove them right! We also hadn't dated that long and I didn't want to tell people this guy I married was slightly different from the one I married. But I pushed on. It wasn't until my sister pulled me aside and told me that I wasn't being the same old Jenessa she knew and that I didn't look happy. I just let it all out. I knew I wasn't happy and there was a significant problem.

There was a lot going on in my life, and I finally went and told Jake how I felt. For some time we worked on things and it got better for some time. Than it would go back. Well, as time has gone on, it's been a bumpy road, but it was getting better. We had approached our one year anniversary, and I knew a lot of the problems we had were because of our first year. But deep down there were still a few minor problems that wouldn't resolve themselves. One night in February I was talking to my mom and sisters and expressed to them what I was feeling. But, it was hard, cause I was there sister and daughter and they couldn't not be in a biased situation. A few of them suggested Therapy. I instantly thought, that sounds silly. We have only been married one year and our problems weren't that crucial.

A couple months passed and I found myself in the same situation, only worse. This time whenever we would bring up the topics of our major/minor problems, it would lead to tears and no understanding or communication. I finally on a whim suggested Therapy. Jake wasn't having it. He of course thought of it in the negative sense. Therapy is such a taboo thing and it's only for people that are in deep doo-doo. A couple weeks passed, and I would bring it up even when we were in good moods instead of bad. I think by this point he knew I was serious. He asked why? I just told him I want a way to get over these things and communicate them to you so that we each can understand. He was sold.

On Tuesday, it will be our 4th session. I must say this has been such a HUGE blessing on our lives. Even after walking away from our first session we were already taking things that we needed to apply to our marriages right than! We have grown so much, in our marriage, and can actually talk like adults now. I feel like our marriage is so healthy and so happy. I have grown personally, and I have fixed some broken relationships I have outside of marriage. I almost have a testimony basically on Therapy. I think honestly any marriage can benefit. Even if you don't have serious issues. I love it! If you still think of it as a silly thing, your missing out!

This message is approved by: Jenessa!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The woman that birthed me {my mom}

Happy Mother's day to all you women out there! Mostly to the one's who have children. And of course my wonderful mother Jackie Ann. For without her, I would not be here (literally). So let's get down to the cliche and post a post all about her! Not only because it tis mother's day, but because her birthday is also this Thursday. She turns 28!

Where do I begin? This woman is incredible. She has raised 5 children, 4 of them being girls. All of us, raised and living in the gospel. All of us extremely close and tight knit. She also worked for 20 of those years and she managed to make our lives incredible. She is one of my best friends. My mom is my confidant, someone I would turn to and tell everything to. 

My mom is also such a determined person. I'm just like her in the fact once she has her thoughts set on something, there is nothing from stopping her. In the last couple years she has lost a ton of weight and runs like a mad woman! She is amazing! I hope to be as in shape as she is at her age. She looks dang good!

She is a fashionista. This woman has more style and grace than anybody I know. Anything she buys or gives to me can always be complimented on. People are always looking to her for fashion and decorating advice. She has a knack for it. It's pathetic when your mother looks cuter than you almost everyday. 

Jackie, is everyone's friend. Another incredible quality I look up to my mom for is her way to be kind and friendly to almost anybody. Sure she has some bite to her, but honestly people are always saying she is the most loyal and incredible friend. I know from experience. She has this way to see the good in almost anyone. I think she is very "Christ like" in that sense. Her sweet and quiet spirit is one that I have always been in a way jealous of. 

I have always said I would like to get my mom drunk, just to see what she would be like. Cause honestly I think she would be hilarious. My mom doesn't know this but she has these little quirks that make her comical. After, you get my mom giggling it is not too long that you are on the floor laughing for the funny things she does. She hides it, but every so often her "crazy" version comes out. 

My mom may or may not know this, but I look up to her SO much. She is everything I hope to be and more. I love her and cannot say enough how grateful I am for the woman she has made me. I am grateful for everyday I have her in my life, I honestly don't know what I would do without her. I may be biased, but I truly have the best mom in the world! I love you MOM!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Black Beauty

About a month or two ago, my ghetto car from high school started to make this ticking noise whenever we would drive it. So Jake took it in to get checked out, and after it was all said and done, with all the things that needed to be fixed it would be $1,000+. SO NOT WORTH IT! It's a 98 Toyota Corolla that has 140,000+ miles on it. So we decided back and forth on getting a car, and figured now is a better time than any.

After talking with Jake we decided it would be the smartest to get a small SUV, or crossover. I have wanted an SUV since I graduated high school and I want it for when we start a family. My dream car is the Jeep Commander's. I was trying to convince Jake that now we should buy it, but after some time to think logically it wasn't a good choice. I will be driving to and from SLCC every day or every other day, and most of the things we do are in Orem and living in Lehi, it would be a major gas hog. So we needed a gas efficient yet cute car. After going through all the cars and finding one that best fits our needs, we found her!

I present our Hyundai Santa Fe:

As you can see I am whole heartedly in LOVE! She is a 2009 with 34k on her. She is black with gray cloth interior. She has AWD and tons of cargo space. Also on her steering wheel is buttons for the radio, which I love. She has AM-FM radio along with XM. She has TWO sunglasses holders and lots of cup holders. She has a sports rack and pretty blue lights that light up at night. I love her and she is mine. 
Our friends Stephanie and Spencer own a car dealership and we had asked them to keep there eyes out for a car like this. Well after 3 weeks of nothing I got impatient and we went to a dealership in Lehi and found one that was great, but expensive and didn't have all the things we wanted. We were really close to buying it but decided to think it over for a day or two. Jake called our friends and they said to wait one more week so they could look at auction one more time. Well, they found her on Wednesday and everything about her was wonderful! Were so happy! 

I love how happy we all are
I told Jake I could just drive and drive in this car for days and be happy. I have no complaints thus far. I was a teeny tiny bit sad to trade in "Little Blue". He was my very first car, and treated me real swell. I won't forget how sometimes I would have to give him a pep talk as we went up steep hills or how he just LOVED swerving into snow banks multiple times in the winter.I also love how in order to open my gas tank there was a nail I would use to open it. Or how I would have to put a piece of paper in the air vent to keep it from moving. Little Blue was loved by all my friends and he rode good. When we got married Jake took over little blue for me while I drove his Honda Accord. Even Jake was a little sad to get rid of him, but I won't ever forget "little blue".

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza!

Well, this little lady here turned 20 on the 25th of April. Now many of you say/think that it's not a big deal to turn twenty it's not even one of the "big years". But to me it was a big deal.

To me it was a chance to say I was no longer a teenager. To me it was to say I am 20 AND married. Not 19 AND married. To me I am now in my 20's and in the same "category" as 80% of the people I hang out with. But like I said people around me thought it wasn't a big deal. So at the beginning of April I would hint to Jake about having a surprise party. (cause let's be honest do you think he would ever come up with this brilliant idea on his own?) Than I dropped it and brought it up again two weeks before my birthday. But he quickly shot me down. I tried snooping through his phone to see, but he was too smart for me and deleted all his texts.

Anyways, a week before my birthday, my sister Jamie, text me and asked me to watch her kids Monday night so she could go up to SLC. I agreed and told Jake our plans. Well, as the week went on, I was so sad. I thought this was going to be the lamest birthday ever and we weren't going to be doing anything. Well Monday came and just as we were going to my sisters house I was going on and on about how depressed I was about this birthday. Well we get to my sisters house, and I notice he is being really fishy. He pulled up to the front door when we normally go in the back, he insisted we go in THROUGH the front door. As we walk in I see my nephew Hunter and I say "Hi Hunter!" he responds, "Oh everyone is in the backyard" hahaha instantly I knew something was up. So I walked out there to "SUPRISE." I was fooled up until we pulled up, but none the less, my husband (mostly my sisters) had pulled off a surprise party for me under my nose. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. I had my close friends and family there and it was SO FUN! Unfortunately I didn't think to bring my camera so all the pictures are on my sisters camera that I have yet to receive.

But I am happy to report my hubbie got me my CRICUT! I am one happy girl!

Well the next day Tuesday, I started to cry again...I was so upset that on my ACTUAL birthday, I had no plans, Zero! My husband didn't think this was a big deal. I however did. So I text my mom, my friends, and I knew my sisters were going out to lunch with me on Thursday. So I didn't want to bug them. So I was going to be all alone. Well we went to bed that night at 10:30, and I was in hysterics. (this is common for me)

The next morning (my actual birthday) Jake woke me up at 5 and was trying to comfort me from last night. He had to leave for work at 7 so he couldn't spend the day with me. When all the sudden a light bulb went off, and Jake suggested he take me out to breakfast. Right at that very moment. So we did just that, hopped in the car for Denny's and had a birthday breakfast.
Drive to there
Lookin good at 5:30 am

We were able to get our bill half off! It was amaz-ing! Naturally I went home and curled right back into bed. I woke up at 9 and had received a birthday text from my dad, asking me if he could take me to lunch! OF course he could take me to lunch! So we met up at 11:45 at my favorite place...HAPPY SUMO! It was delish, and I felt like the old times. When I came out of there, my friend Naomi and Kelly text me to meet them at BYU, we went to this cute little place called "The Awful Waffle", I didn't partake  but it looked AMAZING! Than, Naomi asked what my little heart desired to do, I suggested Color Me Mine. Love it! 

I decided to do a Chevron Cookie Jar, that after spending 6 hrs. on it already, STILL isn't done. Naomi brought in a tea pot, from 2 years ago. It was so fun, I could live at Color Me Mine. Or at least go there once a week.

I ended this fantastic day, with dinner at Milagros with my darling man, followed by a movie to "The Lucky One". (Incredible!!!!!) and than came home to a vase with gorgeous flowers in them. Hmm I would say I'm the lucky one! 

I want to say, I was surely a big spoiled brat, and I shouldn't have been. Cause every year my husband works REALLY hard to make me happy and he ALWAYS pulls it off. I really am one lucky girl, and want to say THANKS to all who made my day special!