Monday, March 30, 2015

29 Weeks and LARGE

How far along? 29 weeks and 5 days

Weight gain? 23 lbs which I was kinda worried about. But I am actually fairly happy with that

Maternity Clothes? So grateful to have three older sisters who have stocked up on maternity clothes over the years so I can have some clothes to wear. 

Stretch marks? I got my first TWO like the day I turned 29 weeks, and I was actually excited about them

Sleep? If I go to bed exhausted, I can usually sleep fairly good. But most the time its rough

Best moment this week? Had a quick getaway with Ashton down to St. George, got to soak up some sun and pool time

Miss anything? Uhm, feeling comfortable. I am slowly getting to the point where I want my body back

Cravings? Back to Fries and Salad 

Any Aversions?I just avoid things that make me sick, like chick fil a, and cheese

Showing? I am feeling HUGE! But it is what it is. I am pregnant people!

Belly button in or out? Out, and I play with it cause its so weird to me

Wedding ring on or off? :( its coming time that its getting a little tight. But not just yet

Happy or Moody?Last thursday I was so emotional. But other then that  I have done good

Looking forward to? Conference Weekend, Hubbies Bday, and Easter

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Mini Session

I am one lucky momma, this boy is heaven on earth. And these pictures prove it.

28 Weeks

How far along? 28 weeks and 6 days

Weight gain? went to the Dr's today and officially 23. Better start cutting back on the sweets (not likely)

Maternity Clothes? Some of my pants I can wear the belly band and they work but shirts DEF maternity

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep? Its getting worse. Which I knew would come with third trimester. Its fun. hahaha 

Best moment this week? I officially hit the Third Trimester which is a place I never imagined I would be. I am so close!

Miss anything? There are lots of things. But being able to sleep and breath would be nice

Cravings? Fries, and Ice Cream. 

Any Aversions?Actually I don't think so this week.

Showing? YES I popped out BIG time

Belly button in or out? It FINALLY popped. Its so crazy I never thought it really would

Wedding ring on or off? Still rocking it

Happy or Moody?I did really GOOD. Like Jake and I got along. Didn't cry for random things. Win-Win 

Looking forward to? Easter and Jakes birthday

Monday, March 16, 2015

27 Weeks

How far along? 27 weeks and 5 days

Weight gain? 16 lbs.

Maternity Clothes? Yes. I have tried to still do some of my larger old clothes and my belly hangs out. Sexy right? 

Stretch marks? Not as far as I can see.

Sleep? Whats that

Best moment this week? FINALLY eating Cajun fries from Five Guys. Sounds lame, but I have craved them fpr WEEKS

Miss anything?Being comfortable. Things are slowly going down hill

Cravings? Fat kid food. Chocolate, Doughnuts, and ice cream

Any Aversions?Top Ramen, Mac and Cheese. Threw them up :(

Showing? Yes starting to feel very LARGE

Belly button in or out? It's moments away from popping out. I know the anticipation is killing you

Wedding ring on or off? Still rocking it

Happy or Moody?I have been way emotional and sensitive this week. Also everyone is bugging haha 

Looking forward to? That I am almost in the Third Trimester

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ash Man

I really try hard not to let this pregnancy consume my life. But I feel like it has consumed my blog and I wanted to talk about the other man in my life...Ashton.

He is just growing up so fast and becoming this little man. He is two and half will be three in a few months. He talks so much and is repeating EVERYTHING we say. He is putting all these sentences together. Him and I have full on conversations all the time and I love it and hate that he is this grown up already. 

Two weeks ago my in laws gave us a spare bed so we figured no time like the present to convert him into a "big boy" bed. He felt so proud. He does pretty good. We had to start to put him to bed earlier cause he was getting up at the butt crack of dawn! But now we have it all set and he does so good and loves it!

He is literally one of my best buddies. He is at a hard stage but also such a fun one. We go everywhere together and he loves to play swords and baseball but at the same time he loves to put on head bands and put on makeup because that's what mom does. I think its hilarious. When I start to get ready for the day he always walks in my bathroom and goes "Where we going mom?" and I tell him our plans for the day, and over the next couple hours he will talk about said plans. haha

When I talk about the bad this is what I mean...terrible twos. The tantrums are REAL and they are brutal. If he hasn't slept long enough, is bored, is hungry, is told no, is just hating life in general this happens. I have gotten better at handling it. It was rough at first. But I try to remember that this phase is short and he won't be little forever. And maybe...just maybe I might even miss the tantrums.

He loves BOTH Jake and I to put him to bed. He requires at least ONE bed time story and ONE song. He is obsessed with Goldilocks and with the Three pigs. And his favorite bedtime song is "Kitty in a Basket" he sings right along and its the cutest thing ever. The other day we we're saying goodnight prayers. Usually I coach him along then all the sudden he said "dant you cookies" (thank you for cookies) and "bess mawk and weswe" (bless mark and leslee). It was adorable. 

Still my snuggle bug. I get cuddles when I sit next to him during movies he snuggles and almost every Sunday during church I get him to snuggle. I enjoy it while I can.

I adore this boy with all my heart. He made me a mom and is my best friend. He is going to be such an incredible big brother. He is already so sweet about "Baby Boston". I love being a stay at home mom to him and am so lucky god placed this angel in our lives. I am blessed every day to call him mine. Love you SO much Ashton Mark

26 Weeks

How far along? 26 Weeks and 4 days

Weight gain? 16 lbs.

Maternity Clothes? Yes the only thing that's comfortable 

Stretch marks? Not as far as I can see.

Sleep? Craptastic. It takes me awhile to get comfortable.

Best moment this week? Finished painting B mans room and got most of it set up. We are so close just need a few decorations and we are done! Pics to follow.

Miss anything?Well, I started puking again this week. Its been never ending for me. 

Cravings? This week it has been fresh fruit, and 5 guys Cajun French fries haha.

Any Aversions? Hamburgers, and milk just makes me super sick

Showing? Oh how I am. I'm starting to feel really big haha 

Belly button in or out? It's creepin right along. The bigger I get the belly button comes out more and more.

Wedding ring on or off? Still rocking it strong

Happy or Moody? I will just tell it like it is. I am a complete little ornery gal. I don't mean to be really. I feel like I have resting bitch face/attitude.

Looking forward to? Getting his room completely done probably this next week.