Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Park City x2

At the beginning of August Jake, Ashton, and I all went up to Park City to for a small Vaca with his family. The same one we do every year. This year was different. It was our first time taking Ash and our first trip with our new little family. So we had a lot to look forward to!

It was a perfect little drive up. It is so pretty and nice in August. Ashton fell asleep so Jake and I got to talk and sing to Celine Dion the whole way up! Perfect right?

Right when we pulled up, Ashton woke up. We checked in and then went to go load our stuff in the room. Along the way Ashton rode on the luggage carrier and thought that was pretty neat. Side story: We grabbed food at Arby's cause we were STARVING. We were all happily eating when all the sudden Ashton started sobbing. I thought he just wanted to get out of his high chair, but upon further investigation every time he looked at this man there that had a really long beard he got scared and started crying hysterically it was too funny!
We went grocery shopping for treats and other things, plus we went to the library to check out some movies.

After all that we went back to the hotel and put Ashton down. Much to my dismay, he fought me so hard on going to sleep. When normally at home he is out fast. It was a rough time each night and for every nap. :( Once he finally went down we got a chance to play some games just us adults. We started playing a game called "Upwards" we were all laughing and having a good time when half way through the game we realized we had been playing wrong the entire time! We called it a night after that hehe

Next morning we started our day with cuddling since neither Ashton or his parents slept that well. We went down to the indoor pool cause it was raining and had fun splashing around while we waited for Jake's brother to come up.

Once his brother came we went out to dinner to my favorite PC restaurant; Bandits! Its a BBQ joint that is phenominal! We celebrated Mike's birthday and stuffed ourselves. After we went on a walk and attempted to get Ashton to sleep. Then we watched a movie and went to sleep.

Next morning was rough. Ashton didn't sleep and that meant neither did we. We had to get up early to go to Sacrament. By the time we got ready and to church Ashton was already exhausted. So Jake, Ashton, and I left went back to the hotel and we all slept for 2 hours. HEAVEN! Then we ate a lovely lunch and headed back home! It was short and sweet.

NOW for my second Park City trip last weekend. About a month ago some of my good friends from work and I were talking about doing a trip together since we get together once a month for lunches anyway. We booked a hotel for PARK CITY!
We all met up at work and all got to carpool together up to the Hotel. There was Heidi who is 8 months prego, Jensenne who is 10 weeks prego with TWINS, Jenna who is also ten weeks prego with just one hehe, Summer, and me! Lots of hormones in one car!

We got up there checked in and went to dinner to Baja Cantina. Its a mexican restaurant and its so good! I got a Chimi and it was heaven! Then of course after we went for dessert to Rock Mtn Chocolate Factory. We all got the Apple Pie Caramel apple! 

After we went got more treats, headed back to the hotel in our comfies and do what all girls do in sleepovers, pillowfight talk until we cry and pee our pants of course! We laughed and laughed. Finally we all were exhausted and went to bed, surprisingly! 

We woke up got ready, grabbed a bagel at Einsteins, then headed out to shop till we drop! We all found fabulous deals on clothes, and it was definitely a success! After we headed to Bandits (again, of course) for some lunch, and sadly again to Rocky Mtn. then we headed home.

What we thought would be the last of our trip was NOT! We pulled into the hospital where all our cars were parked. We all got out of the car and in the mix of doing that someone locked the doors and we locked the keys in the car with ALL of our stuff. haha we thought it was funny but then this CRAZY CRAZY storm came in and we ended up sitting there for two hours waiting for the storm to pass, and for the lock smith to help us get our keys. It was quite the ending for our adventure.


  1. Looks like fun! Cute pictures jenessa!

  2. I think I need to take some of these short weekend vacations with you! I'm fun to go out to eat with...shopping - not so much, but I'll bring my book! ;)