Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas 2015

I swore to myself before I had children that I would NEVER neglect my blog. Then Ashton came along and I slowed down a bit I wasn't posting once a week like I had in the past but still kept up with it pretty consistenly. But now I had Boston and so many crazy things have happened since having two children. And guess what happened? My blog got neglected. Hence 3 posts in one night.

Anyways... Where in the world do I begin with Christmas? It was Phenomenal. We celebrated with Jake's family the Sunday before Christmas, his brother is a flight attendant and that's when he would be in town. We had our Christmas dinner tradition of Hawaiian Haystacks. Which are bomb. Then we all did our sibling gift exchange. Jake got from his brother this candy vending machine for Jake to have at work! Then my future brother in law to be gave me one of those White Willow figurines. Its a mother with two sons, yep I cried. Cause I am a boob baby like that.

Christmas Eve Day

On Christmas Eve, it was spent with my family. We did appetizers. So wings, Pulled pork nachos, desserts, chips and queso. Ya know, the works! My parents started the night out wuth a slide show. It started with saying we are taking you guys on a trip, the next said with beaches, and sunshine, and then they told us they booked, paid for our flights, and our trip to...MAUI, HAWAII! 

No kids. 7 FULL days. Our own condo. Our own rooms. Beach. Sun. Heaven on Earth. And at the beginning of February! SO soon!

Then the next best part...yes there is more. My parents when they have us over for Christmas Eve do Deal or no Deal. Well this year Jake and I picked the box with the most cash $500! It wasw the funniest Deal or No Deal game ever. Jake was freaking out and wanted to take the deal but I was CERTAIN we had the $500. Luckily he listened to me cause we won it!

That night just our little family spent the night at my parents so we could do Christmas morning with my parents and brother.We laid out cookies for Santa, poured Reindeer Food in the snow and went to bed in our new Christmas Jammies.

We woke up to our stockings and the boys got gifts from Santa. Ashton got a Car Mat with cars and Boston got his stuffed animal and a toy that crawls. Jake fixed my wedding ring that has needed some serious help and got me some new clothes, and some gym clothes. Jake got a new basketball hoop which has been his lifelong dream.

It was definitely a Christmas to remember and what made it even better was how much snow we got. The most perfect White Christmas.

Boston at 7 months

7 Months
16 lbs. 36 oz. 26.5 Inches

LOVES: He loves loves loves water. He always watches when we drink and opens his mouth. For Christmas he got this stuffed elephant and whenever I show it to him he gets the biggest grin. His favorite food right now is carrots and apples.

HATES: Getting dressed. Cries and wiggles everytime. Part of that is EVERY time we slip a shirt over his head it gets stuck cause he has a big ol head. hah. When i pick at his eye boogies or nose boogies.

FAVORITES: Every time I call out "biggity" he gets a smile from ear to ear. He loves hearing my voice. No matter who is holding him, if he hears my voice he will turn his head till he finds me. He recently learned how to jump in his exersaucer and he thinks its the greatest thing. He loves that thing and its been heaven sent for this momma.

MILESTONES: He officially learned how to roll back and forth. So his new form of transportation is rolling. I will lay him on the ground with a toy and come back to find him across the room...this is just the beginning. He sprouted two new teeth. Teething wasn't THAT awful with him. But once he got his teeth in it was like I got my happy baby back.

CLOTHES: 6-9 and 9-12. 

DIAPERS: Size 3 was a little big for awhile but we stopped having leaks. 

MOMMY LOVES: When I go to get him out of the crib from nap time he always greets me with the biggest smile. When I walk past a mirror and he sees himself he smiles. 

ALIASES: Bos, Biggity, and my father in law started calling him Frosty Bosty for whatever reason.

RANDOM: He got a cold, then pink eye, and then another cold. Which then lead to an ear infection and the worst three days we have ever had with Boston. He screamed this deep sad cry for practically three days AND nights. I felt awful for him cause I knew he was miserable. After 48 on his antibiotics we finally saw our baby back to normal!

Christmas Mini Sessions