Hey! It's the Frahm's!

Loves basketball and all things sports! Works at New Horizons Computer Learning in Sales. He is a money lover, he is always trying to find ways to save money or get a deal on something. He has the cutest little quirks ever. Has the kindest heart you will ever find. Is almost 30 but still is a man child. Loves Breaking Bad, and enjoying all types of food. He is making me laugh on the daily, he doesn't even try. Adores being a father and Ashton is his greatest joy. Jake is very family oriented. He always jokes that he had a vision we need to have 6 kids! He is my rock and best friend!

I am a crazy, loud, and happy gal! I love doing all sorts of crafts and being a mom! I am mostly a Stay at home mom, but I still work at Utah Valley Specialty Hospital twice a month as a CNA. I was going to school to become a RN but have taken a break to focus on family. I am almost 22. I love Greys Anatomy and Vampire Diaries. I am a Diet Pepsi addict. I enjoy reading when I get a chance to do it. I love to be around people but also am a homebody. I am a wear your heart on your sleeve kinda gal. So what you see is what you get. I am very real on my blog! I adore being a mom to Ashton and hope to have more kids someday. It's a work in progress! Love the life I am living. It's truly a dream!

Cutest human being alive! Brings the most joy into our lives. Is almost 2 and is keeping us all busy. Loves the TV show Yo Gabba Gabba. Loves eggs, fruit snacks, french fries, and guzzles water. Says a ton of words, my favorites; Momma, Thank You, and Dadda. Is obsessed with phones and is so sneaky about getting them! He is a shy person normally but once he warms up to you he is the funniest kid around. Loves kids and babies and will follow all of them around. Hates being changed and being restricted (i.e. carseat, highchair). Loves music and all types of balls. He will be our well rounded child. We adore this little boy too much and we're so grateful he is ours!

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