Friday, April 29, 2011

It's my Party I can cry If I want to!

On Monday April 25, 2011 19 years ago I was born. Yes I know, I know. It's very exciting. My husband couldn't wait for me to start saying that I was 19 and married rather than 18 (like it made a difference). I could tell Jake was stressing out because he was trying to make it the best birthday ever. Well he definitely succeded!

He gave me a present the night before. With the last two seasons of Friends I needed. Also, my favorite Easter treat! The next morning I woke up at 8:30 and we laid in bed for awhile. My stomach started growling so I suggested we go down and eat some cereal. But Mr. Frahm had different plans. He suggested we play card games in our bed instead...weird?? So I played along with his little plan to keep me in bed. Well 20 minutes later my best girl friends burst through the door! They had come to take me to breakfast. A tradition from many years past. We went to magleby's fresh when in walked this random chick. She came up to me and said "Happy Birthday From your Husband. He really wants to make this birthday special and loves you" It was so sweet and I was so surprised!

I hung out with my friends for a little than my hubbie picked me up to take me to one of my favorites: Happy Sumo. Delish! After lunch we walked down the street to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get my favorite carmeled apple! Then it was time for our activity. Now every time we have passed Color Me Mine I always tell Jake I want to go but he claims its dumb and he is not creative enough to go in. But since he loves me he took me there! It was so much fun! I could go there once a week! I maid a cute chip dip bowl because we didn't have one. Jake made a really cute basketball piggy bank. He even put them in Jazz Colors. He may not think he is creative but he did a fantastic job!

Look at how cute that b-ball is!!

We ended the night with my whole family at Milagros. I opened adorable clothes from my parents. Than I walked out to my sister's car to find they had each given me barstools! I was stoked! I kept asking Jake where his presents where and he wouldn't say. So we ended up driving to my parents house. I walked down the stairs and there was a beautiful coffee table that was from Jake I loved it! He sure did out due himself. I can't wait for next years birthday to spend with my love!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Life as we all know gets a little crazy and gets ahold of us. Time flies so fast especially this month. I ultimately failed at doing "the days" post. There were a couple days that I just couldn't find the time or energy to do it. So let's just forget that and move on.

Anyways... on April 4, 2011 my 5th neice was born making 8 grandchildren. I was so excited to welcome this beautiful dark haired beauty into the world. Her name is Reese Lyn Blackwell and she came into this world weighing a whopping 6'6" and 19 inches. In my words she is "BEENSY". I truly want to eat her up!

Than two days later it was my baby's birthday. The old fart turned 27 which makes us officially 8 years and 3 weeks apart. We started off the week with a lovely dinner at his parents eating his favorite Hawaiin Haystacks. Jake got a card table, shirt, candy, and gift cards from his family. He woke to a poster of the 27 reasons I love him with a special gift attached.

Than on his actual birthday he unfortunately had to work. But I wanted to make this the best birthday ever so I picked him at 9 am (his shift is 5 am to 2 pm) and we went for some delightful breakfast @ Paradise Bakery. After that Jake got to do his favorite and play basketball all day! That night we met up with my family to eat at Red Lobster....mmmm.

We ended his spectacular day with presents and by request ice cream cake at my parents. Overall he said it was the best day and couldn't ask for a better birthday. We topped off our week with a special dinner just us two at Cheescake Factory. Got to love birthdays!

I just got to say how happy of a girl I am to have this amazing man in my life. This was the first of many birthdays to come and I cant wait. He is my everything and is the most patient man I know. Anyone who meets him thinks he is so nice and I must say that I agree. He balances me and makes me stronger. I know with all my heart that we were meant to be together and endure this life and the next with each other. I love you Jacob!