Thursday, October 30, 2014

8 Weeks

How far along?: 8 weeks and 1 day

Weight Gain?: 2 lbs. Which is fine, but with twins you have to gain 34 to 67 lbs. WOW!!! 

Maternity Clothes?: So...that pic right there that's a maternity shirt haha. I can still wear my regular clothes but they are getting more and more uncomfortable. Maternity clothes are so comfortable so I am just embracing them!

Stretch Marks: Not yet...time will tell

Sleep: People sleep fine usually till the end of their pregnancy, but I already am struggling. I am usually sick so it takes me awhile to fall asleep while being uncomfortable. PLUS I used to sleep through anything and now the tiniest noise wakes me and its hard to go to back to sleep. Its weird.

Best moment this week: Finding out its TWINS!!! Two bundles of joy!

Miss anything: Eating food without fear. haha and Pepsi. I cant have any the whole first trimester cause it caffeine can cause miscarriages. 

Food Cravings: Ice Cream, Popsicle, Slushies/Slurpees, and fruit. 

Any aversions?: Meat. The thought and taste make me heave. And sometimes Mexican food which normally is my absolute fav.

Showing?: I am definitely showing something. Its that awkward chubby phase. But I love it. It means there is something growing in there!

Belly Button in or out?: In

Wedding ring on or off?: On

Happy or Moody?: Both. But I would say moody cause my emotions go crazy so fast.

Looking forward to?: Halloween tomorrow!! Love love holidays!

I am enjoying every moment of this pregnancy I can. Even the days I am really sick which is a lot of the time. But to me its just a sure sign I have babies in there and they are okay!

Monday, October 27, 2014

{Double} the Blessings!

As of today we found out that we are EXPECTING IDENTICAL TWINS! It's been an incredible emotional journey but its all been worth it! Let's back it up a little bit...

The week of our Embryo transfer I stayed at my moms. Well the Friday we we're there she told me she ran into someone and has gotten a positive pregnancy test so my mom told me she thought I really should take one. Well I was slightly nervous because sometimes you can get a false positive with all the drugs from IVF. So I was nervous. But I was six days past and was so curious. So the next morning we we're going back home and I happened to have one pregnancy test. So I went for it. What could it hurt. Honestly though I was expecting a negative. In our 3 and a half years of trying to get pregnant I cannot tell you how many tests I have taken and not once has it been positive. I waited three minutes looked down and I saw a faint pink line...
If I look homeless thats cause I was... 

We were shocked. thrilled. Scared. Never had we seen a positive in our lives! We we're trying not to get too excited but it was hard. That night I told my mom and sisters, they were so excited.

The next morning however, I took a pregnancy test and after the 3 minutes there was nothing there. I started to stress. It appeared negative. I text my mom and sisters and they told me those test can be stupid. but after I went back to look at it and a even fainter had eventually appeared. I decided to wait till I went to the Dr's on Thursday cause it was just stressing me out.

Wednesday (the day before the blood test) came and my sister Jamie told me to just take one just to be prepared. So I decided to take one more. I didn't tell anyone. Once again expected a negative. This time it was a digital one...

It worked out so well because Jake didn't know for sure and neither did I. So he happened to come home that day and brought me the sweetest surprise. He got off work early, and got a bonus so he brought me home flowers and $100 to spend on whatever I want. If  you know Jake you know that in itself is a MIRACLE. I then told him I had a surprise of my own. I pulled out the stick and told him we really are having a baby! I was so glad we got our moment to celebrate together. 

That night I wanted to tell Mark and Les because I wouldn't be able to see them the next day. So we met her for dinner and surprised her, my parents, and Jakes parents with this:

The next morning I was so excited! I was 90% sure the doctor was going to tell me I was pregnant. But still scared. I went in and took my blood. The nurse asked if I had taken any pregnancy tests. I told her I took one at 6 days and two after that. Back then she said if you got a positive test at 6 days you could be having twins. muahaha. 
An hour and a half later the Dr called. "Congratulations. You're pregnant." I was OVER THE MOON! This was real life and it was finally happening for us! I called Jake and he was so happy. I was planning on meeting my mom and sisters at my moms house for "support group" so whatever answer I got I had my family. I wanted to walk in with a pink and blue balloon and have Ashton walk in with it. But he was being a normal two year old and ran away. So I did it and my mom and sisters started screaming. I of course started bawling. 

The weeks went by and I started to do weekly chalkboard pics! So yes you will start seeing these weekly on my blog and instagram #sorrynotsorry.

I started to feel slightly nauseated at week five and was like okay cool. Then literally the day I turned 6 weeks I started puking my little guts out! I have had mostly crappy days and some AWFUL days. But even on the days that we're the worst I was so incredibly grateful! It was definitely an answer that something was growing inside me. 

Today I am 7,5 weeks. I turn a new week every Wednesday. So this morning was our first ultrasound 10/27/2015 I was tossing and turning all night in anticipation, fear, and excitement. I woke up this morning and it felt like Christmas. This was the day. We were going to hear the heartbeat and we would find out if more then one implanted. 
Jake, my mom, and I all went to the Dr's office and they could all see the joy we had on our faces. 

The doctor and nurse came in and started the ultrasound. He first started measuring things to make sure it was all good and that it could still sustain throughout the pregnancy. Everything looked good. Then he showed us our baby. I started to get a little teary at this point cause really all your seeing is a black hole and grey blob. But I was so happy that our little baby was actually there. 
Then he got to the heartbeat and the second that noise came on I started sobbing. Everyone was getting choked up and we just couldn't be happier! Baby had a good strong heartbeat of 170 BPM. My legs started shaking from the adrenaline so bad that my mom had to hold my leg still. 

Then the dr got quite and kept looking at things on the ultrasound. At this point I had no idea what he was doing I was just enjoying watching my baby. Then I looked at the nurse and she made a face at me and I kinda started to get worried. Like maybe they weren't saying anything cause something was wrong. So I sat there and that's when he said "And here is the second heartbeat." I looked at him and said "WHAT?" He responded "You are having identical twins!" We all just started screaming and crying. It was the most incredible thing. We couldn't believe it. 

This whole day we have been on cloud nine! All I can think and say is "GOD is SO GOOD!" We are feeling so unbelievably blessed. This trial has been 3 and half years long and its been the hardest thing we have gone through and probably will continue to go through. But the joy we have felt the last 8 weeks has made it all WORTH it! I have never felt closer with my Heavenly Father then I do now. God knows who I am and has a specific plan for me and my family. I cannot wait to add two little bundles of joy this next spring/summer. Like I said God is good and we are incredibly blessed.
P.S. we think its girls :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On the Farm

Tonight we went to the local Family Farm. They we're a family in our old ward, and last year we thought we probably would only go there that one time because we would move. But when we stayed in Lehi we we're so excited to go again cause we ADORED it last year. And this did not disappoint.

Every year the older Ashton gets holidays get funner and funner! He loved every part of the farm this year! He kept going up to all the animals and feeding them but was too scared to pet them..haha go figure?!

One of his favorite things was the choo choo train. It is itty bitty and so darling. Seriously everyone should go to this farm. Way better then cornbellys!

We also went with some new friends in our ward. The Greenwell's they have a little girl that's a year younger then Ashton.

Then of course ended the night buy cutting our own pumpkins from the patch! Perfect night!