Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Baby is TWO

We celebrated our favorite little man's bday on June 9. I am shocked Ash is two! Where did time go? I was taking his pictures and I realized he is like a little boy! It is so sad to me! It's exciting sure, but I wish they would stay little forever! Alright enough of my pathetic sob story! Let's move on.

We woke up and I made him a fun little birthday boy breakfast! He was unsure of the interesting things in the pancakes (sprinkles, obvs) but I went upstairs for a few mins came back down and the Pancakes we're gone! I thought it was pretty great. Boy takes after his momma!

We got ready for the day, because we had set up a play date at Carl's Jr for lunch. But obviously we had to have a photo session before we could leave. I tell you what, this boy is trained about how to work the 
camera, and I am not even ashamed. 

We met up with his cousins, my sisters, and friends for lunch. It wore him out enough to go right home and have a nap! We we're so happy to see his dad came home early from work to play with us! We set up for his party and then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We met up with Jake's parents, and sister for yummy food!

We finished the day with a party at our home. The theme was "Cookies and Milk". It turned out so adorable. The colors were turqoise, blue, with gold accents and polka dots.We had all kinds of cookies a different milks. Ashton was so incredibly spoiled and loved! It was a fabulous second birthday!

Ashton has brought so much joy into our lives. He is so incredibly smart and learning something new each day! He has become my best buddy and I count my blessings everyday he is mine!

Memorial Day

Our Memorial day was so busy! We we're going the entire day from when we woke up till we went to sleep. It was such a fabulous day.

We started the day off by heading to Ernie's Sports Deli, for their famous breakfast Sandwich "The Champ" its to die for and worth all the clogged arteries. It's a must try. The only thing is it comes with eggs, but it works out because Ash LOVES eggs, so I just hand it to him. After breakfast we headed to Jake's parents house, to help set up for the first BBQ. We we're going to have The whole Frahm extended family over at Jake's parents house. Its been a yearly tradition the last 3 years.

First off, there was a TON of food. Literally everything was delicious and you had to try it!

Throughout the whole day my brother in law Mike kept joking that we were going to have a water balloon fight and then someone was like "well why don't we?" So we started filling up balloons, and the kids were playing with them, then we got big ones and we had all the adults and kids line up and did a balloon toss. It actually turned out a lot of fun...and then of course people started attacking each other with them!

We ended the fabulous day at my sisters house with my side of the family for another BBQ! It was a long fun filled day, and ended up being perfect!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Liebster Award

As the Grinch would say "An award? You never mentioned an award!" This is an award that is going around the blogging world that people are giving out to other bloggers, so people can get to know new bloggers and such and such. And guess what guys "You like me, you really like me!" I had two beautiful ladies, Shayli and Melanie nominated me! I feel so happy inside! Yay!

The Rules:
*Provide a link back to the blogger that nominated you
*Post 11 Facts about you
*Answer 11 random questions set by the blogger that nominated you
*Nominate 5 bloggers with under 200 followers for the award
*Give them a set of 11 questions to answer
*Let them know you nominated them 

The Facts:

1. I recently lost 6 pounds, and am continuing this healthy lifestyle, exercise challenge thing, and I am so incredibly proud of myself. (6 may not seem like a lot but I haven't lost weight in 3 years)

2. I am freaking excited to go on not one but two big trips the next 9 months. First to Cali, taking Ashton on a plane and staying for a week. Second is on a cruise with my in laws side, and leaving Ashton for the first time for that long AHH

3. Don't hate me, I am about to admit something that might kill you BUT... I dislike summer, and I am not a huge fan of sugar cookies, I know, I know. I'm a freaking weirdy

4. I wanna have six kids. I don't if that dream will ever be a reality for many reasons, but hey a girl can try?

5. I have a guilty embarrasing pleasure, but I like to play the game Sims, I have all the expansion packs and when I ever get a free second I like to play it.

6. My dream car is a Jeep Commander, simple but so adorable

7. I have a disease called "Hair Schizophrenia", okay it's not real but it should be, I feel the need to change my hair EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I go get my hair done. That's not healthy.

8. The three things I would want to be besides a stay at home mom is; a nurse, a party planner, or an actress (not to be famous, but I think it would be so fun)

9. I really hate cooking, but do it because its a necessity. I however, adore baking and if I could eat cupcakes for dinner every night after baking them, I so would!

10. I'm still a child and am terrified of the dark. I literally try every single night to fall asleep with a night light on, but 90% of the time Jake makes me turn it off!

11. My hair is naturally a light brown, but I have tried that and I always feel so much better as a blonde.

The Questions:

Favorite Childhood Memory:
I have a lot... but the ones that stick out the most are the crazy things my friend Madison, her sister Ashley, and I would make up to do. For instance, we did dancing queen, and make scary home movies! Hahaha so great!

Favorite Hobby:
Oh baking is definitely up there. I do love to read when I get a chance. And as you know crafting/scrapbooking is my absolute fav. I feel so accomplished when I do crafts and they actually turn out cute!

When did you start blogging? And what is your most popular post?:
I started blogging two months after I got married, cause I thought that's what all the newlyweds we're supposed to do! hahaha but I actually ended up loving it. For whatever reason my most popular post was titled Satan's Diet it was about a diet called HCG, and I posted my stats, so maybe people just keep wanting to see how much I weighed back then? I don't know people are weird?

Favorite junk food:
Oh man the list could go on and on and on. First off diet soda, then cupcakes, then french fries, then I crave oreo cookie dough shakes all the time so thats definitely on there. Oh and doughnuts. Oh man, now I'm hungry!

Favorite Healthy food:
I actually really enjoy cottage cheese either, or peppers with hummus.

Where is the most amazing place you have ever been:
Went on a cruise to the Bahama's a year and a half ago. The cruise line had their own private island called Half Moon Cay, it was incredible. Literal paradise

How would you describe your style:
I hate this question. I never know how to answer. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I am all about comfort, and sometimes I am about whats in, and sometimes I don't care, but I need to look decent to the human eye so its jeans and a tee. So I'm eclectic?

Favorite TV Shows:
Vampire Diaries, Cupcake Wars, Teen Mom, Medium, Pretty Little Liars, Grey's Anatomy

Do you watch Youtube videos, and if so what are your favorite channels?
Nope. As in hardly ever. I mean sure I will look up music videos every so often, but not enough to count

What is the most rewarding part of blogging?
It's a tie. Between the fact that this is basically a journal and people can see whats going on in my life. Plus I love comments and seeing when I have new followers or that people actually care that I am writing or not.

I nominate
(apparently I know a lot of Ashley's)