Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bed Rest and the dreaded TWW

Yesterday at 10:30 am they implanted my eggs! The cutest blastocysts you ever did see. After they implant the eggs you need to stay on bedrest for two full days. It hasn't been that bad really. A little boring but hey who can complain about sitting on there butt watching Gossip Girl and Scandal incessantly. Pinterest all day. And food being brought to you! Uhm hi! No one!

Right before we went to go put our little eggies in! In this pic I was so drugged! Perks of Valium. Then they took us back and showed us which eggs to implant. They showed us all three we have left and then said the bottom two are the best ones to implant! So those cuties at the bottom are what was implanted in me yesterday!
I got a blessing the night before and I felt so good about everything and how it was going to go down! So at this point I was just so excited and ready for this process!
They implanted my little cuties and then they leave you in the room for twenty minutes and let gravity do its job. Then you go straight home and rest for two days. They implant during this time! I had read in multiple studies that pinapple and Mcdonalds Fries are supposed to help to help with implantation. Weird? Right? I will do whatever I need to at this point!

Food of champions! Still continue with progesterone shots till I am eight weeks along. Now I have to wait the dreaded TWW (two week wait). Feels like forever but I am going to try not to think about it. Here we go!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Injections, Fears, and Other Ramblings

After IVIG it was just a waiting game. What's been nice about the FET route rather then IVF is I only have to do half the steps, half the waiting, half the work, and half the injections. I say its a plus all around! On day 11 of my cycle they wanted me to start tracking my Ovulation. Last time I had to go in for ultrasounds every other day and I saw a lot of this:
Did I mention they are Vaginal Ultrasounds?
But luckily this time I did it the easier way and just bought a $16 predictor kit and tracked it that way! So much easier, much more convenient, and less invasive. So this time around I saw a lot of this:

On Tuesday I was on day 14 of my cycle and they told me to come in for an ultrasound and blood work so they could see where my levels were. This would determine the exact time they implant my eggs. So the big day is going to be Monday the 22 at 10:30 am. I am going to implant two eggs and then I am on strict bed rest that day and the next. 
This is one of my embryo's from last time! Isn't it the cutest?
I also took a "trigger shot" that tells my body to ovulate and be ready at a very specific time. I also start taking shots of injections today. Injections you may think are the worst part, and yes they do suck a BIG one but it really isn't that bad! 
I will tell you what the worst part is. The emotions. I am a very emotional person already but then throw in some hormones and I get even worse. Yesterday is when my fears set in a little bit. I started to get really sick and scared about the day I get my beta test and find out if it worked. This is something I have to fight every single minute of every day. I have to fight stress cause its not good on a body trying to create a babe. I have to fight doubt, cause I have to have faith that it will work. I fight negative thoughts and try to put positive vibes. Its honestly the hardest part of this whole process for me. And it doesn't make it easier that so much is riding on it! But yesterday was really hard and my sweet friend Jensenne told me when I told I was doing this again that I should ask Jake for blessings EVERY chance I need them. So when he came home from work I instantly asked for one. I felt better again. I feel good today other then basic things in life that are hard or annoying but I am SO ready for monday! I feel like its happening so fast but I am so ready. 

Keep praying for the Frahms! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good Vibes and Good Luck!

Yesterday morning was my appointment for my treatment with IVIG. What happens is the IVIG will make it so my eggs won't get killed off YAY!!

So I started to take pictures while the IV was going on cause I just had to sit there for two hours. So I sent these two to my family:

 with the text "Send baby dust my way!!"

About an hour later I got this picture from my sister Kylie, with the text "Positive Vibes and well wishes from the gas station people"
and then this one "Irey and her class wish you well too!"

At this point I was like wait what is going on, why is she sending these to me? what is she telling these people? So I kept asking her what was going on and what she was telling these people.Then she sent me this:
"Love and good vibes from Laura's class"
"Mount Mahogany faculty wishes you well too LOL"

By this point she finally answered my question and said "I am telling them that you need to feel love and good vibes because you're trying to make a baby...again."
And that's when the tears started coming. I am sitting at the clinic, in a chair, with an IV in my arm, crying. Real cute. 

And guess what they just kept coming!! 

She asked me if I was seeing these at which point I could only respond with a simple picture. 
See tears? Ya I was sobbing.

And they just kept coming and didn't stop coming till late afternoon! Some of these people I don't even know, but they we're kind enough to show me some support and love.

I wish I could describe what these pictures did for me! It gave me SO much hope and SO much support that I really feel like THIS IS OUR MONTH! I can do this and I feel on top of the world! Seriously it was so simple but made my entire life and I won't ever forget it!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dear Blog Readers...

I want to write to all who read my blog... Cause I need your help! I need lots and lots of prayers and thoughts for the month of September.

Jake and I met with the fertility Dr. again two weeks ago. I just wanted to know what our game plan was and what we needed to do. Last time we went in for an appt it took us about two-three months once things FINALLY got started! So I assumed that would be the case again. But much to our surprised he said we could start as soon as my cycle started.
Well last Wednesday Aunt Flo came. And we took some blood tests to make sure everything was ready and doing what its supposed to. Everything came back clear so we are all set and ready to go to do another round of IVF for the month of September.

What's different this time? WELL...first of all I am not doing the full IVF I am doing FET (Frozen Egg Transfer) which means instead of going through tons of drugs and a procedure to retrieve my eggs, we have already done that step from our last treatment. So we are just implanting them. I had five eggs that they retrieved in February. We used two of them in the failed February treatment. So we now have three that have been frozen since then. So now we will transfer two of the frozen eggs. So half the treatment, half the money, and half the hormones! YAY
Also, last time we did IVF I told NO ONE. Now I am being less secretive. I need lots of prayers right now, so I am telling people close to me.

Jake and I also made the decision that if this doesn't work again, we are done trying to concieve a baby and using my body as a home. haha what that means is if this doesn't work, we will move on to adoption or surrogacy. Which is a great thing...but that is DOUBLE the amount of IVF and will take us a long time to get to that point. So we are just praying praying praying this works! Thanks everyone for understanding and being so supportive! We are excited, scared, nervous, and hopeful! But I will keep you updated EVERY step of the way this time! Thanks!