Our Love Story

So everyone and their dog always asks "How Did you Meet?" When I met Jake I had just turned 18, 4 months earlier, so I got married quite young. So the summer I after high school wanted to be an adult and have responsibility. I decided to move out into an apartment with 2 of my best girlfriends. Well late nights lead to deep conversations about....what you want in a man. So naturally I told my girlfriend LC that facial hair is oh so very sexy. Which takes us to Part II.

July 30, 2010 I was driving when I received a text from LC. "You have to meet Jake." "Who is Jake?" "He is my brothers friend." "Is he cute?" "I will show you later." Well, I completely forgot about what we had talked about till I got home that night and LC pulled up Jake's Facebook. Now their was a hottie!! I told her I would be willing to meet him, So she text him and we made plans to see each other sometime soon. When in reality it wasn't going to happen. We had plans that night and when those plans had fallen through at the last minute I told her we might as well meet him.She told Jake, we were free and to meet us at Cold Stone for ice cream and chit chat.

I love thinking about the night we first met. I was a little nervous, cause this was my first time meeting a guy much older then me and out of high school with the potential for marriage. (Cause every girl thinks like that right?) I remember pulling up and LC got out of the car and greeted him first and yelled "Jake!" and walked right up to him and hugged him! I decided to make things light too, so I yelled "Jake!" He came right up and hugged me too. Right at that moment, I knew he was different. He bought us all ice cream, and we ended up clicking right away. We laugh now, cause it was like we were on a date, and LC was just sitting at the same table watching. Poor girl! 

We hit it off very well and I was too nervous to say anything more, so LC invited him over to our apartment to play card games on Sunday night, two days later. He ended up grabbing my number and text me goodnight later that night. I remember driving back to our apartment thinking there is something about him that is so different from any other guy. That Sunday, he was totally adorable, and there was this energy between us the entire time. I just wanted to touch him, and look at him. (Cheesy right?) He asked me on a date with him for that Tuesday. 

Our first date we started out eating at LC's brothers restaurant Bamboo Hut followed by mini golf at Trafalga. When we first started playing we made a bet about a hole in one. He asked me what I wanted if I made it, and I wanted to say a kiss but I didn't want to be a skank, so I said ice cream. He said if he got a hole in one he wanted Ice Cream too. At that moment I think we both knew what the other REALLY wanted. Funny thing, neither of us did get a hole in one. But we both ended up getting ice cream cones at Macey's. We kept saying how good the ice cream was but being overly sarcastic. Later that night we got to my apartment, but he didn't want to leave just yet, so I suggested we take a walk. We talked for awhile then he finally had to go. He walked me to my door, and brought up the ice cream, and how delicious it was. I knew that he meant he wanted a kiss, so I said it was REALLY good ice cream. I leaned in and he laid one right on me. I had kissed many frogs before Jake, and he is still the best kisser! I knew I was in trouble from that moment on. I walked in my apartment and started screaming like a little school girl! I was smitten. He asked me on another date for that upcoming Saturday to his coworkers wedding. LC had warned me that he wanted to ask me to be his girlfriend, I was a little unsure because it all happened so fast. But then the moment he did ask me, I knew it was right and I said yes! On the drive home that night however, I told him I wasn;t interested in anything serious, cause I was so young he said that was fine. HAHA We spent every minute together, until the next Tuesday when he was leaving for a trip to Cali. I was saying goodbye to him when I got this overwhelming feeling that this was my husband and I was going to marry him. I freaked out! Naturally. I went in and told LC what I just felt and she just said "Ya, I knew this was going to happen." 

2 weeks later, we had gone to a family reunion and I was loving seeing him with all the kids and family. I knew I loved him. We went back to my apartment and were kinda talking about the future. When all the sudden out of my mouth I said "When are we going to get married? Cause I love you!" He got so excited that I said it first and was teasing me. Then after awhile he got real serious and told me he loved me too! 

We started talking marriage at this point. I told my mom from the beginning that I was going to marry this guy. It was my dad that I knew would be a tricky one to convince we had only been dating 4 weeks at this point so I didn't blame the guy! But I kept pushing for this relationship and eventually it paid off! Jake asked my dad for my hand in marriage and he agreed. After 2 months of dating on September 30, 2010, Jake got down on one knee and proposed. I was in school till 10 pm at the time and didn't have a chance to eat dinner so when I got home I instantly wanted a burrito from Del Taco, Jake asked if I wanted ice cream to go along with my burrito (since that was our "thing"). He was being super sketchy the entire night. He asked if I wanted to eat my burrito at the grocery store where we were buying ice cream. I was being a brat and refused and told him I wanted to go back home! He eventually gave in. When we got home, he said he wanted to go eat Ice Cream at the park we always went to. I thought it was super weird and said no. He kept pushing it, but I was also persistent. He eventually had to drag me out of the house. We got to the park and he started leading the way. As we were walking he said "I forgot to give you this present when I got home from Germany (he had gone the week before for work!)" When I turned and looked at him he was down on one knee, with this beautiful glass box, he proposed! I opened the box and the most beautiful ring was sitting there! After we kissed, my sister and brother ran out from the bushes! They had been there the whole time recording it! It was amazing!

After 3 and a half months we were married in The Draper Temple on January 11, 2011. It was one of the best days of my life! Jake is my better half and I am so glad he is mine!

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