Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And So It Begins...These are the Days of MY Life

Summer is officially coming to a close and now back to reality. (Whoop there goes gravity) I finished up my Summer Semester at UVU on the 12. I was so happy to be done! I was really proud of myself I received two B+ for my classes, which for me is a serious accomplishment. I had failed my Fall Semester in 2010 and was really worried I would never succeed again. But alas I did. I was actually expecting A's but I am just taking baby steps.

I start Fall semester on the 29 and than it's hard core time. I will be taking four classes from 8-3:45 Monday-Friday. Than on Tuesday's and Thursday's or the weekend I'm working. So my poor husband may never see me! I'm not stoked about going to back to school or work but that's life.

I also said Bonjour to two of my very best friends last night. Who will in fact be leaving me for 3-4 months on study abroad. It's sad but I'm so excited for them. I mean they are going to Vienna and Paris... you don't just pass that up.

My hubbie has been getting into little side jobs lately. He is making sales for Bamboo Hut and helping one of our neighbors start up a company. He also one day a week is working at a car lot. All that and still works his "day job" at Synergy from 5 am to 2 pm. He never seizes to amaze me. I'm really grateful for how hard he is trying to bring in a separate little income. Gotta love the man.

Well, that's all folks!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Summary

Since it is August, I decided to post all the pictures and activities The Frahm's did for the summer. So be prepared for the longest post...EVER!!!!

As sad as it is for Jake and I first summer together as a married couple we haven't done too much! Yet it still has been a great summer. The other sad part is, we haven't done much because of me. :( When I got married I took a semester off of school and decided I would make up for it this summer. Well, I started a fast paced math course on May 12. So the very beginning of my summer. I struggle with math and what is great about this class is that it shows you the easiest way to pass and takes your through math 950 to math 1010 in 16 weeks. Its a killer but I am surprisingly enjoyingit. Than I started taking two classes at UVU on June 27. I cannot wait for August 12 cause than I am done with school! For two...more...weeks... Oh well! My plan is to finish this semester than Fall semester and by January go to Provo College for Nursing School!

Since we weren't doing a lot of trips I figured we would fill our time with the little things. Jake in the past years had hiked the Y with his cousin Tony. Since I had never been, Jake couldn't wait for me to go with them this year. We finally found a Saturday where we could all go. It was Jake, me, Bubba, his sister Rebecca, his cousin Tony, his wife Riana, his younger cousin Tanner, and other younger cousin Ashley.

We got half way up when it started thunder and lightning. So we decided it would be best to turn back. As we started walking down the Y it was hailing and blowing. It was still a lot of fun. I still have yet to hike the WHOLE Y.

Shortly after that one of my friends Lisa (Flanagan) Walker got married to her boyfriend of 3+ years. I was lucky enough to be her bridesmaid along with my other 3 best friends. She got married at Somewhere Inn Time on June 11, 2011 and looked gorgeous. It was lovely.

The same week we hit up one of my favorite things to do all summer. Summer Fest. It's Orem's summer shindig. Jake and I met his mom, brother and sister there. I ate a Navajo Taco ( delicious) and got to watch some good entertainment. We also did some great shopping, surprisingly. As we were walking into summer fest Bubba was about to take a little dookie on this lawn, well we didn't realize till the lady of the house came out and yelled "You better have a bag for that." We didn't so Jake hurried and scooped him off this ladies lawn.
As this was happening a little turd fell from his bottom. Well it just so happens my sweet hubby was holding my purse
and Bubba's little turd fell right into my purse. Moral of the story is Jake bought me a new cute purse that night! :)

I also get really excited for strawberry days to have their strawberries and creme! They are literally to die for! I need to figure out how to make them! We grabbed a little lunch and
walked around to see the carnival, than decided we didn't care and just grabbed what we came for, the strawberries.

Jake's parents have a time share up in Park City. So Jake took a day off work, we got a dog sitter and we went overnight to stay in the hotel. We swam, ate some good grub, played games till we cried with laughter, watched Memoirs of a Geisha (my first time). Got up early to drive back to Orem for school. Drove back to Park city for Summer Market. As we got to summer market we got caught in the middle of a hail storm (I'm seeing a trend.) Had to pack up and leave. But over all it was still a great little getaway.

That same night my sisters and I planned a little GNO for the night. It was also greatly needed. We wanted to keep it cheap and fun! We did just that. My mom gave all my sisters who are mothers pedicure gift certificates and shoes for mothers day. So we all went to get our cute toesies done. We got some din din at good ole Costa in PG. Which P.S. has the most amazing beverage machine! Go check it out. And of course what would a girls night be without a chick flick. We went to Something Borrowed and peed our pants...a little. I ended the night with calling my sister who just happens to be my hair stylist and told her I wanted to chop my hair. So at 10:30 that night I did just that! Grand ole night indeed.

One of my favorite Holidays, the 4th of July! This was one of the funnest! I got to be with the man I love. We started the morning off bright and early and we ran a 5k! It was my first and I was pretty dang proud of myself! Majority of everyone in my family ran it. I ran along side my sister Jamie who pushed my butt and I was so grateful. We ended up eating breakfast at Magleby's Fresh eating all you can eat french toast. MM-MM! Went home took a nap and made my cute little 4Th of July treat. ( no pictures :( ) Than as a family we eat dinner at my sister Jamie's house. Followed up by my dads classic Illegal fireworks!

Two weeks after my sisters, mother and I took a long awaited trip down to St. George. Without kids, yes you heard me. The last time that happened was 5 years ago. We shopped, ate, laid out, laugh till we cried, swam, stayed up late, played cards, went to the Tuachan saw Grease, and talked! It was a blast! It definitely should happen more often.

Friday, July 30, 2010 I met Jake. So a year ago on Saturday was our first year together. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I was driving from my apartment to my parents house when my best friend LC text me and said you need to meet Jake. I asked who is Jake? She said it's Mauricio's friend. I didn't know what she was talking about so she said she would explain it all later. I met up with her at our apartment and had forgotten all about our conversation. She told me again I needed to meet Jake. I asked to tell me about him. He was a family friend that she had known for a year, he was really nice and cute. He walked in to her work that day and she noticed he had facial hair. She hadn't seen him with facial hair before. She remembered that I liked facial hair on a guy and thought to herself "Jake and Jenessa would really get along". She asked him what he thought about dating an 18 year old...he hadn't dated one in a LONG time. So she convinced him that I was different. So that night she told him to meet us at Cold Stone. The second I saw him he ran up to me and gave me a big hug and introduced himself. Instantly, I knew something was different. He bought me ice cream and we talked forever like we were the only ones in the room. We haven't been apart since.

We were going to go back to Cold Stone to celebrate our "anniversary" but we never got around to it. But Jake promised we would go soon, so maybe one day.

Since we have been married its been our tradition to make waffles with chocolate chips in them. When I say we make them, I mean I make them. But I enjoy it cause I make a mean chocolate chip waffle. Its fun cause that is usually the only day we have to relax without being somewhere at a certain time.

Another activity Jake and I have been trying to get in this summer is swimming. We honestly have been separately multiple times but not once together. On Saturday it was the first day we actually went swimming with each other. We went to Scera with his two younger cousins, Tanner and Ashley. It was a blast. We even got the best snow cones in the state right after. It was perfect.

Soooo over all I think its been a pretty great summer, and I owe it all to my huben! ;)