Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ashtons 3rd Bday

On June 9 Ashton turned 3. I was so glad I had Boston earlier because he was due the next day and Ashton gets his own birthday and month and doesn't have to share. But I was still a little past a week postpartum so we decided to keep it low key.

I woke Ashton up to his favorite thing ever which is Balloons. They were all over the floor and he loved it. Then I made his favorite-pancakes and I added the traditional sprinkles.

This kid kills me! I love his guts!

So Ashton wanted to go to chuck e cheese but I didn't want to take a brand new baby to that place. I am planning on taking him soon, but just not on his actual birthday. So to make up for it I took him to build a bear to get his own stuffed animal. He was so excited. He kept asking to go! He didn't even know what it was, just that he wanted to go there.

He ended up picking a monkey. He was excited to stuff him, but the girl forgot to turn off the machine so when he went to hand her the monkey he stepped on the pedal that turned it on and it started going and it scared her and him so then he was done. Haha he didn't want to stuff it or even interact with the girl. Oh well

Next we picked out an outfit. His favorite was the Jazz Basketball Uniform. I think he liked it cause it came with a basketball. It was cute so we went with it. There was a "washing station" and a "dressing station" where he took his monkey to get all dressed up. Next was going to the computer to fill out his birth certificate and pick out a name. Ashton picked...wait for it.,. Bear. A monkey named Bear. HAHA

It was so fun. And I think he really liked it. My next plan was to get Chick Fil A and go to the Tree at the mall and play. Well...the mall was a jerk and shut it down. So we just ate the chick fil a abd decided to grab a sucker at See's and call it a day.

That night we had family over for cake and presents. Ashton is also obsessed with Curious George. And normally I have a family friend that makes my cakes but she was out of town. So...I made it and I would say I didn't do that bad. We opened presents, Ashton got extremely spoiled and he had a fabulous Bday!

I can't believe my boy is three. He is so smart, and getting to be like a little adult. In the Fall he starts preschool! I can't believe I have a preschooler. Ashton is such a blessing in our lives. He loves to watch movies, and the show Curious George, he loves his baby brother so much. He is the biggest help to his momma, I usually only have to ask him to help me with something once. He has become a fighter when it comes to eating. It has to be his idea or it won't happen. He loves to be tickled and chased. His latest thing is he likes to spank bums and just laughs and laughs. He LOVES to read books, and HATES bedtime/naptime. This kid could go all day if you let him. He still is the biggest snuggler, and asks to be held or to hold hands. We love you to the moon and back Ashton Mark. I thank god every day, that you came into our lives and became our son. You have brought us more joy then you can imagine! Happy Birthday!