Friday, May 16, 2014

Life as of lately..

I feel like I have been off the grid for awhile. Life has gotten a hold of me, and it's been CRAZY. Lot's has been going on and lots is coming up in the future and I am excited!

First of all, we have been working are little tushes off getting our house ready to sell. We have been cleaning, organizing, and going through everything in our house. We have kinda started looking for new homes, but we don't want to actually look until our home is listed and we have started getting people looking at it. We will put our home up for sale probably of Wednesday next week. We want to for sure sell our home before we find the home we love or want to build. It would suck to have the dream home but not be able to buy it. So if it turns out we sell our town home before we have bought or build then we are moving in with Jake's parents temporarily. I hope it all works out and that's not the case.

Next, we have been dealing with fertility stuff. We took that expensive and thorough blood test at the very beginning of April. The Dr's office told me that we would get answers 3 weeks later, and the facility that we were sending the blood to told us that we would get answers 14 business days later. So 4 weeks later I called the Dr's office and they said they had all but one result and didn't want to give me answers till they had everything, I waited another week and still nothing, so I called again and they said that they were still unsure and would call me back. They didn't it wasn't until this last Monday that the Dr. finally called me. He had answers!! So it was confirmed that my body has natural killers that kill off my embryos and it would either cause miscarriages or failed pregnancies. Hence why IVF didn't work. So their is a form of treatment that SHOULD work. But nothing is definite. It's called IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobin). I got this from a website explaining what it is:

IVIG therapy is used by fertility patients who have recurrent implantation failures or recurrent pregnancy losses. IVIG therapy is thought to repress a woman’s immune system, which may be attacking the embryo or fetus, mistaking it for a foreign body. IVIG is made up of human antibodies, derived from washed and processed donor blood. It is not clear exactly how IVIG works, but studies suggest that it may reduce the amount of natural killer (NK) cells in the body, and/or may absorb or block a woman’s antibodies, which are causing the body to attack the pregnancy.
Women who have tested positive for natural killer cells and have experienced multiple miscarriages or implantation failures, may opt for the use of IVIG therapy to increase their chance of conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to term.
During a treatment session, IVIG is introduced to the body very slowly through an intravenous drip in the arm, possibly taking several hours. It is recommended that IVIG be administered prior to embryo transfer, and then two additional times following a positive pregnancy test.

So after talking about it with Jake, I just told him I don't feel like we should jump in and start doing this, when I first did IVF I felt it was the right timing and everything, and after hearing that I didn't feel at peace or ready. So we are going to wait till after the Summer, figure out our housing situation and hopefully by Fall/Winter we will be ready to try again.

Lastly, I am making big life changes for myself right now. I signed up to do the Hobble Creek Half Marathon with my sister Jamie in August. At first I thought I was crazy for letting her talk me into it, and I thought I would hate it. The first couple times running I did. And I didn't know how I was going to make it to 13+ miles. Then it got easier, and it went smoother for me. I am only up to a mile and a half and I start running two miles next week, and I know that's not even a lot. But I am so proud of myself. I wouldn't say I have "caught the running bug" yet, but I don't hate it nearly as much. I also am taking a change in my eating habits and really focusing on becoming healthier and getting down to a healthy weight. I have wanted to do this, but never had the drive, until I signed up for this half marathon, and now I am focused. It's been hard and I want to give up sometimes, but I have stuck to it and I am really excited to see where this journey takes me!

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  1. Lot's of changes! Glad you have some answers now.

    You will LOVE the half marathon! Especially if you're doing it with your sister!! Have fun!! :)