Sunday, November 1, 2015

Boston 5 Months

5 Months
14 lbs. 8 oz. 25 1/2 Inches

LOVES:Laying on the ground and just watching all that's going on. He would lay on the floor forever! His Peds Dr told me that babies usually stop snuggling at around 3 months, but this boy still loves it! He will lay his head on my shoulders ALL the time. And I love it! He still loves the tub. I don't know if its the water or the warmth. 

HATES: Not sleeping in his crib like hates naps unless there in his crib (high maintenance much?) Plus he is a huge Momma's boy! He will cry when he is tired until I hold him, if someone else tries to comfort him, he ain't having it!

FAVORITES: His bottle. Its his food, but especially his comfort. He won't take a binkie so if he needs to be soothed or to be put to sleep its the bottle. As I mentioned above he loves sleeping in his crib.

MILESTONES: He finally can roll! He did it twice when I wasn't looking (little stink) and then I kept trying to do it when Jake was there but he wouldn't. Well one night he did it for Jake when I wasn't there!! Then the next day I was determined. So I sat there with my phone out recording for I kid you not 8 minutes straight. I finally gave up and turned off my camera. Guess what? The second I did HE ROLLED over! I am telling you this kid is a stinker! He started rice cereal and Baby food. Loves rice cereal, hates sweet potatoes. Likes green beans, and loves carrots! He found his cute little voice and LOVES to scream to be heard. He will copy whatever noise you make and loves to talk.

CLOTHES: 3-6 fully. 6-9 is still way too big. He is just my little guy

DIAPERS: Officially size 2

MOMMY LOVES: That he has such a sweet demeanor. He loves to snuggle me and definitely knows when I am in the room or if I am the one holding him. Its going to cause me trouble one day but I just love how much he loves me! I am loving his dark hair. I thought it might change but the hair that is coming in is still dark.

ALIASES: Baby Button, Biggity, Bos, Bebe, and lately we have been calling him "Gerb" as an inside joke (short for Gerber Baby)

RANDOM: Whenever he goes to sleep for the night he will smack his lips together. And he has this sweet juicy lips so its pretty much the cutest thing ever. He is blowing raspberries like you wouldn't believe. He loves it, but his clothes are always soaked. He will suck on any finger or hand he can get. The second its in a close vicinity of his mouth he is ALL over that. I just can't get enough of this little boy!

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