Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everybody is Doing it

Since I'm trying to start a new blog and trying to get people interested in looking at it I should post things right? Well for me a lot of the time it's very hard for me to come up with Ideas. So I noticed on other peoples Blogs (such as my sister) and Facebooks that they had like days they would post certain things. Hence, Everybody is Doing it. So, this is a little taste of what to look forward to:

Day 1- A Picture of Yourself w/ 15 Facts

1) I'm allergic to cats

2) I'm legally blind (not blonde)

3) My 3 favorite treats are Bread, Snickers, & Doughnuts

4) My favorite singer is Celine Dion

5) I have never been to the Zoo

6) I want a dog more than anything in the world

7) My Husband hates them

8) I hate shopping

9) I have been Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

for Halloween 6 times.

10) I'm obssessed with painting my nails

11) My Dream Car is a Truck or a Jeep

12) I eat a green apple on average every other day

13) I want 5 children

14) Adopt one

15) I can watch the movie Titanic over and over again


  1. Celine Dion rules the HOUSE! i love her! and i think it's hilarious that you've been dorothy so many times :)

  2. #7 isn't about YOU! It's about Jake... and lets me honest the fact he doesn't like dogs is his biggest flaw. But I still love that man! Your blog is darling. Your awesome and I had the best day with you! LOVE YA JEN

  3. hey, i learned some new things about you!! :) your blog is freakin cute, keep postin!!
    ps. how can you hate shopping?? you always look so freakin hot!

  4. I think I even learned a few new things about you too. You should do a post with pics of your new town home. People love virtual tours like that! ;)

  5. you know celine has a new show in vegas?!?!