Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Did You Meet?

So for my first post ever I wanted to just share a little bit about me and my hubbie. Because honestly the most recent and exciting news in my life is that I got married.

So everyone and their dog always asks "How Did you Meet?" As we all know I am the ripe old age of 18 (19 next month) so I got married quite young. So last summer I wanted to be an adult and have responsibility. I decided to move out into an apartment with 2 of my best girlfriends. Well late nights lead to deep conversations about....what you want in a man. So naturally I told me girlfriend LC that facial hair is oh so very sexy. Which takes us to Part II.

July 30, 2010 I was driving when I received a text from LC. "You have to meet Jake. Who is Jake? He is my brothers friend. Is he cute? I will show you later." Well, I completely forgot about till I got home that night and LC pulled up Jake's Facebook. Now their was a hottie!! So she text him and we made plans to see each other sometime soon. Luckily for LC and I our plans for the night fell through so she invited Jake to meet us for Ice Cream that night. Than it began, we text each other and he came over to the apartment for game night that Sunday. Came back over on Tuesday. Asked me out on a date Wednesday. Our first date was at Trafalga and we made a bet that whoever got a hole in one would get "Ice Cream". Neither of us did. But we both ended up getting ice cream cones at Macey's than later that night we kissed. I knew I was in trouble from that moment on. One week after we met he asked me to be his girlfriend. So the next Tuesday we were saying goodnight to each other and as I was hugging him I got this overwhelming feeling that this was my husband. I freaked out! Naturally. 2 weeks later I knew I loved him. After 2 months of dating on September 30, 2010. Jake got down on one knee and proposed.

After 3 and a half months we were married in The Draper Temple on January 11, 2011. Now I have been married for 2 months and its wonderful!


  1. I feel honored to be the first person to comment on your blog. Congrats!!
    Love you and Jake very much. You're a well-matched couple! ;-)

  2. You guys are my favourite couple ;) I remember that 30th July i got text message from Jake (actually it was 31st of July on my side of the Globe) saying "Oh my God Alli I've met her! finally I met the women of my life, she is amazing. I'll tell you all on Monday. I'm so excited" that was the sweetest message and since that day i keep fingers crossed for you guys! Jake is so happy with you Jenessa! this blog it's a great idea!