Monday, November 7, 2011

Excuses. Excuses.

Isn't that what makes me feel better though??

Since I started my diet I was rocking it! Never ate treats, never really cheated (except on my one cheat day). I had lost 8 lbs. and just kinda platoed for about a LONG while. Than finally I broke through and lost Uno pound than another. "Down a size and a half! And this time I'll keep it off!" (The Grinch)

But than.... dun dun dun (here it comes, wait for it) my excuse #1. Halloween came to the world and as I stated earlier we had a candy feast and I unfortunately got on my sugar high! I knew it was bad, I knew I shouldn't have done it. But I didn't want to miss out on the traditions of Halloween.

The next day was bad!! I had the worst tummy ache all day, and kept needing to go to the bathroom (if ya know what I mean). The next day was the same thing. I had treated my body bad and it did not like it!

Excuse #2 I kinda have gotten sick of all the things I allow myself to eat. I felt SO bored with the same old same old. But I had seen results and its not like I need to get skinnier or lose more.

Moral of the story is:A) no more excuses
B) Keep sugar intake, low
C) Revamp my meal plan and start anew.


  1. Oh don't worry, we all have our moments... You're doing great! Keep it up, I'm seriously so proud of you, and you definitely are one of my inspirations. Look up some fun ways to spice up your meal plan to make it more exciting. Like freezing healthy yogurt, so it becomes more like a treat. That's always nice right?:)

  2. Well look at you giving me good ideas...and being awesome!

  3. We need to revamp together! Let's do it!!!!......after the holidays! ;-)
    P.S. Love your blog makeover but could hardly read what you wrote. Just sayin....