Friday, November 18, 2011

A Thousand Years

It was epic. I was great. It was Breaking Dawn!

Ah! I loved it! Such a fun night. My sister Kylie, got the opportunity to rent a theater for the new Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. We were in a theater with 94 seats and I was in the perfect row. All my Bunco friends, Mom, and mom's friends went out to eat at Terra Mia. We all ate delicious pizza, salad, or soup.

Than at 6:45 we could go in and sit in our seats!! The anticipation was terrible! So to save us, Kylie and Jamie put together a raffle with some awesome prizes! There was purses, perfume, giftcards, the soundtrack, and so much more. (Yet, I didn't win a dang thing!)

Than the lights dimmed... and it was time! I screamed, laughed, (almost) cried, and about peed my pants the whole time! It was so freaking good! I officially want to see it 8 more times. I would rate it 11 out of 10. I enjoyed it so much.

There was a song on the Soundtrack that my sister pointed out to me that I needed to hear. Well now, I'M OBSESSED!! It's so good! Title: A Thousand Years Artist: Christina Perri


  1. You and your sisters are so cute, Jenessa! And I love that song now!!

  2. Thanks Shallan! From the sisters I have met you all are pretty cute too! Oh I have listened to this song over and over again!