Sunday, August 17, 2014

Crazy Lash Biz!!

About a month or so ago, I had a friend Shannon message me. She told me she wanted to come over and try this new mascara on my lashes. I was hesitant. I had heard of Younique 3D Fiber Lashes but I was a skeptic. I was fine with my cheapo mascara...or so I thought. She put the mascara on and I was amazed! It was like night and day difference. I INSTANTLY fell in love! This was the picture I took the very first time I tried it.

Can you say WOW-ZA!!!
I could go on and on about this mascara. It's hypo-allergenic, organic, all natural. PLUS its only $29 dollars so worth every penny. I will never go back to anything else! I kept trying to find the right mascara, and tricks to get them longer, and tricks to make them curl but NOTHING would work! Then I tried the 3D Fibers and it was a game changer.

So speaking how much I loved it, I decided to become a PRESENTER! I am now selling this mascara to all my friends and family cause I really do believe its the best thing out there and I want to share it! It has been such a benefit for my family and I love making people happy! Win-win?!

If any of you are interested contact me or just go to this link and check out ALL the amazing products they have to offer. 
This is me wearing all their products:
The pigments, and the lip gloss are so incredible! But you will just have to try it for yourself!

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