Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My FIRST Half Marathon!

I ran my first Half on August 16, 2014! It was one of the most physically hard thing I have EVER done! I was also so emotional! It was such a crazy experience!

It was the Hobble Creek Half Marathon. I had to meet at Mapleton City Park at 5:15 AM. We started the run at 7:20. We started running and I felt really good. I ran with my sister Jamie who I had trained with before hand. We just talked the whole time and kept each other running. We both felt good. I know people always say they catch the "running bug" I wouldn't say I caught that but I definitely caught the "race day bug". Everyone kept telling me how race day is so awesome and you get this special adrenaline I didn't believe them till that day. I struggled to run my entire time I trained! But that day I felt like a rockstar. I never felt really tired and I only hurt a little. It was awesome!

That was...up until mile 10 then I felt like my body was quitting on me. I kept pushing and pushing. Then by mile twelve I literally was going to fall over and die! Jamie was up a little bit further cause I had slowed down. Luckily my mom and sister Amy came up to meet us at this point and see how we we're doing. When Amy came up to me I almost burst into tears, I needed someone to get me to that finish line. I told her I was dying and couldn't do it, she then reassured me that my brain needed to tell my body to keep pushing and that it was tough. After a little bit more she was like "here listen to my ipod" it helped. But then the song "Sail" by Awolnation came on and it just jolted me. I could see the finish line and I wanted to be done! So I kicked it in full gear and pushed.

I was like two strides behind Jamie at this point. Then we got to where people were cheering and I saw Jake holding Ashton and I lost it, I started crying. Not like the "Oh look she is emotional about running cry" it was the "put a bag over her face, she looks like she is dying cry" SUPER unfortunate. ^^ Anyways...the finish line was in site and I said "Jamie pull me up to you hold my hand" I was completely joking and then she said "Should we hold hands across the finish line?" I thought that would be super cool because we had both started from the bottom and now here we were! So we did and it was the neatest thing ever!

We crossed the finish line at 2:25 which isn't amazing, but I was actually surprised! Once I crossed the finish line I was greeted again by family and I was walking to the water station when I started feeling sick and light headed. After I got some chocolate milk in me I was good to go! I was so glad I did and I plan on doing more. But I probably won't do more then 13.1 cause I am only half crazy ;)

 Also my cute mom bought Jamie and I this adorable necklace! I ADORE it!

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  1. I was teary-eyed the whole time reading this post. What the freak is wrong with me?! haha running really is a super emotional thing, though! So awesome that you were able to complete your half! Congrats again!