Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On the Farm

Tonight we went to the local Family Farm. They we're a family in our old ward, and last year we thought we probably would only go there that one time because we would move. But when we stayed in Lehi we we're so excited to go again cause we ADORED it last year. And this year...it did not disappoint.

Every year the older Ashton gets holidays get funner and funner! He loved every part of the farm this year! He kept going up to all the animals and feeding them but was too scared to pet them..haha go figure?!

One of his favorite things was the choo choo train. It is itty bitty and so darling. Seriously everyone should go to this farm. Way better then cornbellys!

We also went with some new friends in our ward. The Greenwell's they have a little girl that's a year younger then Ashton.

Then of course ended the night buy cutting our own pumpkins from the patch! Perfect night!

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