Wednesday, July 29, 2015

St G Girl's Trip

I feel like my poor little blog has taken a back seat on my life. I have limited time for things so now I pick sleep, or cleaning, or me time. Unfortunately my blog is last on the list. But I was determined to get this post on here. Even though the clock struck midnight and I have to be up in four hours with my babe, I am getting this post on here DAMMIT!

My sister Amy was doing a fun girls trip with a bunch of her friends. Well then my sister Kylie was like "Uhm I am coming." So then Amy asked if I wanted to go to and I DESPERATELY needed a mom vaca. Of course I had to take the boob baby, but he is such an angel that it all worked out!

This was such a needed trip for me. Cause guys lets be real. Toddlers are hard. Three year olds are ESPECIALLY hard. So by the time I left I was ready. I packed up my car and my sister Kylie, Boston, and I headed down to my parents house.

Day 1 Highlights:
* Boston claiming the king size master suite
*SOOO many selfies
*Shopping without children (unfortunately my post partum body didn't agree with anything)
*Boston's gas that could clear a room (seriously SO AWFUL)
* Scouring the makeup isle at Target for at least 45 mins
*Finding a pretty nude/pink lipstick for $5
*Swig Obvs

Day 2 Highlights:
*Pool all day 
*Starting a new book
*More Selfies
*More Swig
*The cutest pool side buddy (who hated water)
*Finally eating sushi after preggers
*Seeing 'Trainwreck' (hilarious but naughty)
*Having nice nursing hooters that look awesome in swimsuits

Day 3 Highlights:
*More pool/laying out
*Breakfast at Bear Paw? Claw? I don't remember but AMAZING
*More shopping
*Finding these hilarious masks and crowns at Charming Charlies
*Mexican Food (my fav) at Poncho's and Lefty's mmmm
*Card Games and watching 'The Duff'

Day 4 was cleaning and driving home. But I was so glad I went. I got home and Ashton was SO excited to see me. When he saw us he screamed "BOSTON!" He missed us so much. I missed him too. It was so good for me to go away and recharge. I came home and was a much better mom and he was so happy to be with me again. We both needed it. I highly recommend it for all momma's! 
Till next time!

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