Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Boston 1 Month

1 Month
7 lbs. 14 oz. 20.5 inches

LOVES: Boobie Time, Being swaddled, Bath Time

HATES: Being cold, when your hungry and we give you a binkie to hold you over

FAVORITES: His momma, Being held, Skin to Skin

MILESTONES: Starting to respond to voices, starting to smile lots more

CLOTHES: Newborn, he wasn't gaining weight fast enough so now we're supplementing and hopefully can fatten him up

DIAPERS: Size Newborn

MOMMY LOVES: How he instantly knows when I am holding him, his little button nose, him smiling at me every morning, watching Daddy and Ashton be so adorable with you, and connecting with you through nursing.

ALIASES: Bos Man, BLT, Boston Baked Beans, Little B, Bostonian, Biggity Boston

RANDOM: Spits up a lot we think he has Acid Reflux but it doesn't seem to bug him, He usually likes the car and only gets mad if we stop for too long, He is such a sweet happy baby is usually pretty content we are so lucky to have a sweet little man

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