Sunday, February 14, 2016

Maui, Hawaii

Well since my last post was such a downer, here is a MUCH happier post.

We have been back almost a week and its such a sad reality to come back to. I have to focus on real life now, and who wants that?! There is so much I could post about Hawaii but I am going to try to break it down into a few pics from the day with Highlights and Lowlights

Day 1- Tuesday, February 2

This was pretty much a day of travel and eating haha

The anticipation of Hawaii
Our first Shave Ice in Hawaii
Getting upgraded to First Class
We ate at "Da Kitchen" which was authentic Hawaiian food

Waking up at 4 am for our plane
Our tickets were lost and our reservation for the plane was gone

Day 2- February 3

We went on a boat tour at Sunrise and got to go to a Private Beach. Where we could snorkle, lay out, and play beach Volleyball. They fed us delightful food and then took us whale/dolphin watching. We finished the day at Cheeseburgers in Paradise which was average. haha

The weather
Snorkeling for the first time
Seeing over 100 Dolphins
Beautiful Private Beach

Getting sea sick and losing my lunch over the back of the boat
Drinking Ginger Root
Pictures of me in a bathing Suit?
Burning and not tanning

Day 3- Thursday

Today was relaxing day, all the guys (except Jake) went scuba diving. Us girls worked out by the pool. Then we all went and beach bummed it all day. Ate dinner at Hula Grill.

A day at the beach all day
My hoots in that swimsuit
First taste of the drink Lava Flow (pina coloda with fresh strawberry mix)
First taste of Hula Pie mmm

Family drama that night
(too much hormones)
Having to hash out said family drama haha

Day 4- Friday (My parent's anniversary)

We hiked to blowhole, which was incredible. Went home and got all glam to take family pics on the beach. Followed by celebrating my parents 33rd anniversary at Leilani's.

family making "blowhole" jokes
Gorg family pics
Melt in your mouth steak from Leilanis
Incredible dessert

Squatting to pee at Blowhole
Almost dying at Blowhole
the word blowhole
Fighting over what to wear at family pictures
hating my makeup that day

Day 5- Saturday

This was an all beach day. We had a friend tell us about this beach that only locals really go to.
We ate that night at Bubba Gump's.

Slaughterhouse beach
This was my fav swimsuit haha
Amy's swimsuit top coming off LMAO
Breakfast at Gazebo (HOLY BALLS)

Dinner at Bubba Gumps (worst food of whole trip)
I never got any dessert that night wahh
Getting sunburned

Day 6- Superbowl Sunday

Today was all about Rest, Relax, and FOOTBALL.

Attending Church in Hawaii
Gorgeous Rainbow
Broncos Winning

Not doing anything cause Jake was sick
Taking 3 diff trips to grocery stores for food

Day 7- Monday

One of the longest days ever. But the sights were PHENOMENAL.
We drove the Road to Hana. Lunch at Bruddah's BBQ and Dinner at Cool Cats

Driving back country
Breathtaking sights
Dinner at Cool Cats (amaze ball burgers)

Long ASS drive
Driving in a mother *%#@#$! Mini Van
Black Sand Beach was not a chill beach
Went an hour in to only turn around get gas and do the same drive again
Not stopping at more sights

Day 8- Tuesday (last day)

We packed up and dropped our stuff in storage. Then headed to breakfast at Plantation.
First went to Napili Beach, then back to our regular beach. Had our "Last Supper" at Hula Grill, 
flew out at 10:50 that night.

Plantation Banana Bread
Our Regular Beach
Getting to read 2 different books on my trip
More Hula Pie
Hula Grill Fish and Chips

Jake not buying me a Towel :(
Saying goodbye to our gorgeous house
Last day on the Beach
Napili Beach
The Bitchy couple behind us on the beach
Saying goodbye to Hawaii

There was definitely some low moments, but in all honesty it wasn't bad. We were in Paradise for 8 days and not worrying about diets or how many drinks we consumed. It was a trip of a lifetime and I won't ever forget it! Mahalo, Hawaii. Thanks mom and dad! 

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