Monday, July 18, 2016

Frahm 4th of July

Our 4th was one for the books! Filled with new memories and a fun surprise! We decided to go watch the Hot Air Balloons take off since neither Jake nor I had ever seen them before. We got up at 5:30 and drove down with our friends the Greenwells. When we got there I noticed there were none in the sky and thought that was weird. Come to find out they hadn't taken off yet because they were worried about the weather. :( figures. I was so bummed.

we cut our losses and decided to go drive back to Saratoga Springs and hit up the Kneaders there. The benefit of being up so early is NO ONE was there. We got our food fast and there was no line. 

Jake took the boys on a walk and let me take a nap. Then we got all dolled up for a BBQ at his parents. 

We ate good food, and finished off with Ash swimming and the adults playing some games.

That night we did our Annual Gillman Park 4th of July BBQ. Its my favorite tradition. So much good food, Volleyball, and my favorite Wyoming Fireworks! 

Boston hated the fireworks, he looked at them with fear and sadness everytime. Ashton was the complete opposite. He thought they were amazing!

Last and most certainly not least, I got to take pics of my brother while he proposed to his now Fiance! Cj, and Casey got engaged on Timpanogos Baseball field and it was the perfect end to the 4th I can't wait to make her the last and final Schroeppel sister. So happy for them! Oh and PS her ring is AHMAZING! We all hate her for it ;)


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