Friday, June 24, 2016

Ashton's 4th Birthday

My last 4-5 Posts have been all about Boston. Geez kid! Stop being so selfish! Anyways its time to switch the spotlight onto our Ash man! His birthday was June 9th and he turned 4! FOUR can you believe it?

He had been talking about his birthday for MONTHS! What kind of cake he wanted. What he wanted to do. It changed every day. I was planning on doing his bday more low key this year cause for the past 3 years we have done a big shindig and we don't need to be cray cray every single year.

So that morning he woke up to a balloon barricade which he was afraid of :( (Pinterest FAIL)

But I managed to make him feel better by opening up one present (his bday outfit) and taking him to get donuts! Win win for EVERYONE!

So for the two weeks leading up to his Bday he kept saying he wanted noculars (binoculars) and a bike. So that morning I let him open his binoculars. Then he got all dressed in his cute little birthday outfit. Isn't he handsome?

We met up with all my sisters and cousins at Chik Fil A (his favorite play place) and stayed forever. He was such a happy boy and couldn't wait to get home to play with his binoculars some more.

That night we met up with my mom, Mark and Les for dinner of Ashton's choosing. He picked Wingers cause of the popcorn. He got a big truck and outfit from Mark and Les. My mom got him a REAL soccer ball and a couple outfits. 

I was so excited to get him home and have him see his new bike. We put it in the shed and told him we left something in there for him. True to Ashton fashion he was solemn about it. He smiled but was kinda nervous. We took it out front and in my brain I just assumed everyone knows how to use pedals. FALSE. This is a learning curve. So he was frustrated he couldn't do it, and we were losing patience cause he was also EXTREMELY tired and ornery by this point. But the next morning was much better. And a week and a half later he got it down!

We celebrated on Saturday with Jakes family. Where Ashton finally got the cake he picked out months ago at Macey's. He calls it the Green Dinosaur, (the Good Dinosaur) and loves it cause its his favorite color and he got to keep the toy. My in laws got him a miniature bike to have at there place.

Oh Ash man! Where do I begin? These past years have been some of the best and hardest of my life. I never knew a little boy could bring me so much joy and drive me so crazy. Even though your dad is your best friend we still are the best buddies. You love to make up stories and songs but don't like when you notice your dad or I are listening. You are such an incredible big brother and an excellent helper. You don't like if we are mad at you, it breaks your heart. You save your sweet and cute personality for only a select few, the really special people in your life. I love that about you, and I love that I am one of the lucky few. You love learning and reading and I know I am your mom but I think your pretty smart. You have the most handsome smile I have ever seen. You love to bite your nails, and when your nervous you play with your lips. You are fiesty and silly, but I wouldn't have you any other way. Your favorite color is green, you love to eat lettuce and most other veggies. You love to snuggle and watch movies DAILY. Your best friend is Zuri and Dad. And you make our world go round. Love you to the moon and back Ashton Mark.

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