Monday, September 26, 2011

Shut the _____ Up!!

But seriously!

Okay, so that was a little violent but some days that's how I feel towards certain people who won't be named on the blog.

These wonderful human being's think that it's okay to do really, REALLY dumb stuff. Since, I have been dealing with this for about 8 months now I think it is finally time I complain or vent.

January: The Frahm's move into their first cute town home excited as ever. They meet the neighbors on both sides happy to see they are great people. But as one of the neighbors points out that they are in their carport and have been for some time. The Frahm's wonder if this will be a problem?? This neighbor says "Let me know when your Frahm's will actually need your car port and we will let you use it" In my head I'm thinking "NOW! It's my freaking carport." Later that evening we have Mr. Frahm walk over and muster up the courage to politely ask them to move their car. No problems.

February: The Frahm's try pulling out of their carport but cannot. Why you ask?? They are blocked by such neighbors by there ginormous SUV. They also notice the neighbors play music, movies, and yell loud. REALLY LOUD.

March: Same such occasion

April: The Frahm's are almost positive they can hear a War Zone going on next door.

May: Mrs. Frahm is late for school and tries leaving, but yet again some neighbors are unloading groceries and say "Let me just finishing unloading. I will be just a minute" After neighbor is done unloading groceries, the neighbor opens Mrs. Frahm's car door gets inside and decides it is time to catch up on the latest gossip. No. It is not the time.

June: The Frahm's try to leave their garage this time and are once again blocked in by "the SUV" Mr. Frahm goes and politely knocks on the neighbors door to get them to move it. No answer. Knocks a couple more times. No answer. Finally we see there son walking around outside and we tell him to get his parents to move the car. The dad comes outside and says "Sorry about that" and moves the car.

July: I am used to the War Zone noises so I barely notice it anymore- good sign. But than said such neighbor complains that are dog is "quite the barker" Hmm, pretty sure we have had him for a short time but we put up with your "noises" for how many months now??

August: Same old same old

September: Neighbor is over at my house and notices we have the same shoes just in different colors Neighbor also figures we are the same size. Later that week neighbor texts me and asks if they could borrow my shoes?? (hmm no) I don't like people borrowing clothes and/or shoes of mine. Luckily I was wearing them that day. But than neighbor goes on to say that we can switch for that day (still a big fat NO)

Okay I know this is like really mean and what not. I also do realize that I live in a town home and your walls are right by each other so you hear everything, but honestly I barely hear anything from the other neighbors and they are so nice not to make a peep. Me and my husband try really hard to. But some days I have to complain or I might take it out on them and that could be scary. They really are great people. In fact they were for awhile there the only people that made me feel welcome in the ward. And we have fun with their kids sometimes, but I can't pretend that we LOVE all that they bring into our lives!

We all have "those neighbors" I'm just a little more vocal about it!


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Your neighbors make ME mad!
    Well Mrs. Frahm.... Good Luck with that one!

  2. ok, the car, the noise...thats bad enough. but she asked to borrow your SHOES!!!????? why doesn't she just ask to borrow your heart out of your chest???? :) that is crossing the line. :) I want to pull my hair out for you!!!

  3. Oh, I have some of that too. Don't worry, I think it's just a newly married apartment/town home living thing. :)

  4. Seriously?? They think they can run my life!! It kills me!!

  5. oh my goodness, i can't believe the nerve of some people. good luck my dear!