Monday, October 10, 2011

Rise and Shout, The Cougars are Out!

On Saturday, Jake and I were lucky enough to score some awesome tickets to the BYU vs. San Jose game. I hadn't been to a game since 2009 and when me and Jake had been dating he kept saying we needed to go to one. Well we never did. Till now. It was so much fun!

I worked that day and luckily the game didn't start till 8 that night. A few weeks earlier a good friend of ours, who is a member of the 'Cougar Club' invited us to a silent auction and dinner with fellow members. It was a lot of fun, but the coolest part was they gave us a athletic bag with a ton of BYU things in it. We received two hats, a bracelet, a football, a water bottle, and the bag. So we were excited to have the opportunity to sport our gear.

We picked up some In N' Out and headed towards Provo. We sat next to some good family friends whose daughter is a BYU cheerleader and we had such a blast. I'm glad we got to go out on a date. Jake was saying how it has been forever since we have had time to go out on one. Plus BYU won that night so it was wonderful!

Another note, my diet. :( As of today I have lost 8 lbs. which is fantastic. I fit into most of my jeans now and I feel better. But I do want to drop a titch more but I have platoed and cannot do anything to save my life. Oh and as of late all I want to do is eat chocolate, and sweets. HELP?!?!?! What do I do any suggestions?

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  1. Awesome. I love the gear, its looks good!

    I didn't even know you were on a diet. Were those chocolate rice krispies on Sunday part of it? JK. I am proud of you. Diets are tough, tough, tough!