Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm blank because . . .

I have been having a blogging/life slump. I'm trying to get out of it. So here is my first attempt. I got it off a friend's blog that I follow and I just really liked the idea.

I'm weird because . . .
I sleep with a blanket from when I was a bebe
I feel worthless when I'm not reading a book
I put lots and lots of salt on everything
I hate the smell, look, and taste of eggs
I kinda struggle with homemade sandwiches
I hate sharing food
I have to sleep with my foot out of the bed
I eat one green apple daily
Once I get an idea in my head, it HAS to happen
I think Tom's (the shoes) are hideous
I'm very outgoing, but when I have to stand in front of the crowd I get serious anxiety

I'm a bad friend because . . .
I don't keep in contact
I shut out the world which would include them
I forget the day of their birth
I tend to gang up on one with another

I'm a good friend because . . .
I am very supportive no matter what
I can always have a good time
I expect the best out of them
I'm always wanting to be wanted

I'm sad because . . .

I don't have a plan for my futureI have never this scroog"ess" before
There are things my hubbie wants that I can't give
I'm sleep deprived
I can't please everyone
it hasn't snowed

I'm happy because . . .
tis the season to be jolly
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
I'm married to my best friend
I'm alive and healthy
Finals are over
I got a really good deal on Bath and Body Works!!

I'm excited for . . .
Christmas Day
actual snow to fall
the weekend
a break from school and time to breath
our 1st year anniversary
things to come in the new year

Thanks for listening! Now you do it! It's fun!!


  1. Ok so I beg to differ about sharing. You just shared your trail mix with me the other day and you were so nice about it. You even let me finish off the bag.
    You think Toms are ugly? Really?...That one surprised me.
    That was a cute idea. Glad to see you updated. I promise I will soon :)

  2. loved it jenessa!! and I totally agree about the Toms!!! luvya!

  3. @ Natalie, thats cause their was A LOT to share. Honestly ask my poor husband. I have snapped at him a time or two for trying to steal a bite!

    @ Meg, seriously? Aren't they hideous?