Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yes! I sure can!

As of late I have been getting a lot of ideas and doing crafts. Since I have joined the famous website Pinterest, I have been getting my creative juices flowing. I honestly didn't know if I could do half of the things I pinned but the more I do, the more I feel confident.

When we first got married I was freaking out within the first week, that I would never be able to cook. But, now I mostly enjoy it and feel like the recipes I attempt I can usually succeed 95% of the time. Last night I made cake balls. It never looked easy but I tried and it was a piece of cake! (wink wink) I got a crispy cheddar chicken recipe off of Pinterest . . . tried it, its my new favorite recipe.
Seeing as how I adore Christmas, I was so excited to try new ideas. Well, the whole time I kept looking for ideas for a permanent Advent Calendar. I couldn't find one that I loved. Well on the very last day of November my sister Kylie called and said "Go get these supplies from Roberts were making an Advent Calendar!" I was stoked. We borrowed my sisters Cri-cut and we were up till 3 am cutting out cute little shapes. (Okay, so a little overboard!)  On each day it has activities to do on that day. So each year it's the same but you can mix it up! Such as: make hot chocolate, go see the lights, build a snowman etc. 
(this is my sisters off her blog, mine looks basically the same)
I had my mind set on making a Christmas wreath this season! Than I found this freaking cute idea that filled as a wreath. I was in pure heaven! I went and bought a frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Than spray painted it. I had extra ornaments from my tree so I tied string to it and tied a cute red ribbon and viola. An easy beautiful Christmas "Wreath". I have fallen in love all over again.

Also, being in the Christmas spirit I saw this idea on Pinterest and instantly knew I wanted to make it for my 12 Bunco girls. At first, I was super excited and it was fun, than I realized I had to make 11 more. Whoops. Well, they turned out cute and I made one for every girls favorite drink. But mine fell apart after 3 days. NOT worth it. But, in the end it was the thought... or something right?
Now I seriously feel like I can try things and feel confident that it will work out! I learn to appreciate it a lot more! I also feel pretty awesome! The end


  1. Cute crafts girl!! Great job! Isnt doing something like that so much fun? I seriously need to make a wreath like seeing it everywhere! Maybe next Christmas : ) I may need to steal that recipe from your pintrest board too! Cute Cute things!

  2. Thanks miss Mindee. That wreath was the easiest thing I have made by far! same with the recipe

  3. i totally love my ddp key ring. and I luv you for makin it for me. <3