Sunday, September 30, 2012

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I have 3 things I have wanting to post for awhile but its been a crazy week! So here goes:
First of all I want to thank EVERYONE! Who reads my blog and commented on my last post, it was a time when I needed people most and I sincerely felt the love from all of you so THANK YOU muchly! I am feeling much higher than I was that day.

But since I talked about Chlomid so much I want to explain what went down this past week having experienced Chlomid for the first time. I started my period Sunday and than took my first dose of Chlomid till Saturday (yesterday). Wowzers! It was definitely an interesting experience. I have heard from different people what they experienced, some didn't have any side effects some had a few, I on the other hand experienced every stinking one. Which I expected since, I even struggle with the hormones in birth control.
Anyways Tuesday was like any other day no symptoms.
Wednesday: Nausea and a pounding headache, this is when I started to question if I could already feel symptoms so soon, I looked it can. Than by 4 that night is when it got worse. I can't explain it, but I get high anxiety, hot flashes, and the only other way I could explain it to Jake was that I don't feel comfortable in my own skin. It felt like I was making these decisions in my head so slowly and than my body would go along with this decision 3 mins late. It was so weird. And I looked it up it is definitely a symptom. I shall call it the "out of body symptom".
Thurs: In the morning still a pounding headache that lasted through the day. Than at 4 o clock once again, "out of body symptom", ULTRA anxiety, and hot flashes.
Friday: In the morning anxiety and hot flashes, that night I was just dull and numb to living basically. Just didn't want to think about anything or do anything.
Saturday: Hot flashes throughout the entire day. Nausea every so often, no weirdness HURRAH!
Sunday (today): I stopped taking the Chlomid yesterday so I am hoping I will fill less symptoms. Today thought I have been getting hot flashes, I couldn't even sleep last night I was so hot. Other than that nothing. Overall it's kinda of a B*tch. But I am happy that my chances are 80% and that I only had to take it for 5 days. Plus if I have to continue taking it, it would only be for two more months. Basically I felt like I was menopausal and pregnant at the same time! haha good things to look forward to.

Lastly: I went to SUGARLAND! Not even in the past week but a little over a month ago, and so much has been happening I just haven't had a chance to talk about it yet! My cute friend from work named Heidi and I decided since our husbands are lame-o's and don't go to concerts we would go together. So I suggested Sugarland and she suggested Carrie Underwood, can you say HOLY EXCITEMENT? First was Sugarland.

We grabbed some Subway than headed to the concert, once we got there it started to pour rain. So we waited in the car, and waited and waited and waited. Finally it let up so we got out and went inside. Once we were in it started to pour rain again. :( I was really worried they were going to cancel the show. Finally it let up again and the two starting artists came out to preform. The rest of the night it was a light rain but still consistant. Figures! Finally Sugarland came out and it was incredible. Jennifer Nettles (the lead singer) came out all cute and prego. They were amazing. Such fun personalities and even did some songs that weren't there's like "Pour Some Sugar On Me" so fun! Can't wait for Carrie!

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  1. I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience with clomid. I know there are some other drugs that are similar to clomid that might work just as well, like femara. You could mention it to your doctor.

    Also thank you for opening my eyes to the symptons of clomid. I've been getting hot flashes around the same times I take clomid, but I never put the two together . . .

    sister K