Friday, September 14, 2012

Annual Girl's Trip

Every August my group of Bunco girl's make a point to go up to Park City for a girl's trip. This year only a few could come but we made the best of it. Us 6 out 12 girls that could make it, all piled into one mini van and caravaned up to Park City. We made our first stop on main street, in search for a restaurant. We found Bandit's. Oh my gosh! Can you say heaven on earth? I got a triple meat platter and split it with Kim, holy heaven. I was filled to the brim.

After we went to my favorite place ever, Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory and got my favorite Carameled Apples. We went to our hotel and dropped our luggage off. Than headed to another gas station for some late night treats and drinks! Once we got to the hotel the party really started. We were laughing and talking, when we got a phone call from the front desk. We instantly knew we were in trouble. So Jamie went to the peep hole and watched to see if anyone would come by. Two of the front desk ladies were pounding on our door. We didn't answer. Than they stood at our door and put their ears by it to listen for conversations. It was so funny. We ended up whispering for the next hour and finally tried to go to sleep. 

We woke up the next morning grabbed some breakfast and went shopping. Unfortunately the outlets didn't have a ton to shop for so I didn't come home with much! But it still was an awesome gal's getaway!

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