Monday, February 25, 2013

I Did Not..

This post is not your usual posts. This post is complete with some pictures of thoughts and things I did this past week that people would respond "You DID not REALLY do that" well guess what kids I did!

I did NOT sob my little eyes out watching the Adoption Special on 16 and Pregnant

I did NOT  teach my primary kids the wrong song at the beginning of the month and than ended up teaching them the right song at the END of the month.

I did NOT ask to watch Ashton for a whole day. From 10:30 till 10. Yep Basically 12 hours kids.
(but isn't he the cutest thing ever?)

I did NOT send this horrid picture of me waxing my upper lip to my husband. I'm a sexy beast what can I say?

I did NOT  spend 47.65+ on random jewelry, clothes, and shoes on myself in the past week. Uh oh.

I did NOT fail my fraction math test for the second time. And instead of getting 40% I got 35% AWESOME!

I did NOT spend all of Tuesday in the bathroom with the shi shi's. I love bum flu!

Well that's all the things I did NOT do the past week! Enjoy. 
Stay tuned for a secret that have for all ya'll! Its exciting!


  1. Shi shi's hahaha. Love that. Oooh secret!

  2. Oh man. I'm crackin up over here.

  3. Haha Drew walked in while I was reading this and said, "Ouch! Is she waxing her upper lip?" and I said "yep". I concur. How do you do that? I couldn't rip it off myself. I would chicken out.

  4. I can totally help you with your fractions if. You want.. I too am in that math class