Monday, February 18, 2013

Fertility Visit.

Last Thurs. (Valentines) I had an appt. with the Fertility Dr. We decided it was time again to get back in the swing of things and trying to get pregnant. I was kind of stressing over which fertility place we were supposed to go to. I had so many people suggest places they liked and what worked for them and I had narrowed it down to 2 places. The Reproductive Care Center and Utah Fertility Clinic. Their had been pro's and con's to both. But it wasn't until my friend had told me that she had been on the phone multiple times with just the receptionist and hung up crying with Utah Fertility Clinic that I knew that was NOT the place for me. 
I made my appointment and felt really excited and nervous to see what would happen. When I made my appointment the receptionist was OVERLY friendly. I was excited to see what would happen. When I also made the appointment we also started to look into adoption agencies. We feel like adopting and infertility can both take some time, so why not kill two birds with one stone and try both? We are still looking into adoption agencies and have been slightly discouraged with what we have found. So that is kind of on the back burner in our life.

Anyways... I went in that morning and I was slightly nervous. I had no idea what to expect. Everyone though was extremely nice, which to me is a HUGE deal. They called my name and walked me back into the nurses area. I thought for sure they were going to take me into an exam room. But I ended up being led to a THE Dr's actual office. I felt pretty important. Which i think is a really good thing. I met with Dr. Harry Hatasaka. Who is incredible. He asked me questions and talked to me like a friend rather than some little girl who is trying to get pregnant. We sat and just talked in his office for at least an hour. He told me all the steps we would take and explained everything into great detail. He made me very happy and hopeful. I honestly felt like in that hour I could trust this man with my life. He also wanted to make sure we tried all the simple, easy, inexpensive tests before we jump into anything crazy which I love. 
Overall it was such a great experience. In the next couple months Jake and I will be doing 3 tests that will help determine some underlying issues (if any).
1. Jake goes in for yet another Semen Analysis Test
After Jake takes his test and we see his results I go in for my testing.
2. I get blood work drawn and some inexpensive genetic testing
3. We ultrasound my uterus area and anything to do with fertility.

Ultimately I am not an any rush. We are happy to be at a place we love and trust. We feel really hopeful and excited about the future. In the mean time, I am nannying the cutest and sweetest little boy on my days off. and playing mom to him. Which is keeping my mind and days very busy. :)

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  1. That sounds wonderful! Glad you had a good experience I'm sure you needed it :) luvya