Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Girl's are a "Whoot"

A week ago I threw a shower for a cute little gal in my ward. I am the primary chorister and she is the pianist. We chat and chat and I had found out she was pregnant. I had asked her if she was ready and she said she didn't have a lot of stuff and she really needed it. I than asked if she was going to have a shower. She said no. I than of course offered. Because A) I love parties B) I love to plan parties and C) I love babies. She blew it off but I am stubborn and kinda forced it upon her. But I am glad I did it turned out so good!

The theme: "Look Whooo's having a girl"
Obviously owls was the main idea. I had my friend Amie help me out too. And I loved how everything turned out.
This was the darling invitation. I loved how it turned out.

Her bedroom colors are Lavender, Aqua, Pink, and Gray, so we did the shower theme in those cute colors. 
The food was so delicious. The cupcakes were my favorite part, they were SO easy and turned out SO cute!

Than I wanted to go with a cute foresty (is that even a word? Well it is now!) theme. But still keep it cute. So I did tree branches as the main decor and had the color coordinating pom poms hanging from it. Than on one tree I had a words of wisdom thing were you could also tie them to the branches. (since owls are wise eh?) 

And of course I had the chalkboard sitting there doing its thang. 
We ate this nummy fruity salad made by Amie. I made raspberry cheesecake bars, and the cupcakes. We had a bowl full of cadbury eggs, and fruit skewers with fruit dip. Than I made a delicious punch.

I am so glad I did it. The mom to be was so overjoyed and thankful! It made the entire night worth it. 

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  1. When I have a baby someday... You're throwing my shower!